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The Oakley Podcast is a trucking industry podcast that educates and empowers owner-operators by providing relevant industry, market, and company news in a digestible audio format.

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36: Meeting Dispatch (Part I)

On this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett sits down with Kell Shenep and Austin Allen, dispatchers from the end-dump division. Kell and Austin are responsible for nearly 100 owner-operators and they share their behind the scenes stories of dispatching. 


35: Announcing Our Oakley Owner/Operators of the Year

On today’s special edition of the podcast, Jeremy and Corey host the Oakley Owner-Operators of the Year award show where dispatchers from each division announce their honorees. Each dispatcher has in the ballpark of 50-60 owner-operators and they have to choose an honoree who has excelled in on-time pickups and deliveries, customer service, safety, having a positive attitude, good communication, and keeping up with paperwork among other positive traits. As Owner-Operator of the Year, the winners receive a plaque and decal, free truck washes for a year, and lots of bragging rights.


34: Preventing Contaminations

Jeremy Kellett provides an important update on this additional episode of the Oakley Podcast and is joined by dispatchers Randy Caldwell and Clayton Smith and owner-operators David Carothers and Donnie Williams for the discussion. The announcement highlights the importance of preventing contamination to customer products.


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