87: Old School vs New School

During this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, Host Jeremy Kellett is joined by Winston Guest (old school) and Brent Schneider (new school) to discuss how things have changed over their years at Oakley.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: years of service decals & featured photos (1:40)
  • Brent’s background (6:26)
  • Winston’s history (7:36)
  • Driving the interstate then & now (8:45)
  • How technology has changed the driving experience (14:30)
  • The evolution of trucks (19:28)
  • iPhones and trucking (24:04)
  • Capacity on roadways designed in the 70s (30:41)

Thank you Winston and Brent for being part of this experience, and for sharing how things have changed and stayed the same over the years!

Oakley Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information, check out our show website: podcast.bruceoakley.com