84: What’s it Like Riding with an Owner-Operator for a Week? PT. 2

This week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast is the second episode exploring life on the road with owner-operators from a dispatcher’s point of view. Host Jeremy Kellett is joined by dispatchers William Lewis and Sawyer Floyd to discuss their week in the truck. Owner-operator Bobby Taylor stopped by the show as well to tell of his experience driving Sawyer around.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: $150 bonus for referring a lead, owner-operator shout-out (4:08)
  • Sawyer’s background (7:44)
  • Bobby’s history with Oakley (9:36)
  • William’s background (10:45)
  • Working in the Oakley shop (11:30)
  • First impressions when finding out they’d be spending a week on the road (13:28)
  • Sawyer’s journey with Bobby through the Midwest (14:04)
  • Experiencing traffic from the passenger’s seat (19:41)
  • William’s trip and learning to sleep in the truck (22:07)
  • How the experience on the road changes the way the dispatchers handle their jobs (34:20)

Thank you William and Sawyer for being part of this experience to share your perspective on life on the road.

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