69: Where Are All the Trucks?

This week on the Oakley Podcast, Jeremy Kellett and Dustin Eagle get the low-down on the industry-wide truck and parts shortage from MHC Kenworth branch manager Todd Venable and salesman Adam Campbell.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Trucking update: Vaccination bonus, trailer parking, and driver profile (1:58)
  • Re-introducing Todd (7:05)
  • Adam’s background (8:21)
  • MHC’s relationship with Oakley Trucking over the years (9:29)
  • Buying a truck used to be a more simple process (14:46)
  • Browsing inventory on the website and placing a deposit (21:01)
  • Current lead time on getting a special order truck (24:05)
  • Trucks in MHC’s inventory and their warranties (27:07)
  • Part shortage delays (28:35)
  • Customizable truck builds available (35:43)
  • The fallout from a truck shortage (37:54)
  • The Oakley Podcast is asking for your feedback (42:11)

Thank you Todd and Adam for hopping on the show to discuss the state of purchasing trucks today.

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