65: Finding Success as an Owner-Operator with Ted Jansen

This week on the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett catches up with Ted Jansen who has been pulling an end dump for years. Ted, who used to serve aboard a US Navy submarine, feels right at home behind the wheel as an owner-operator for Oakley. Jeremy and Ted discuss how to find success while driving with Oakley.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Driver profile segment (2:30)
  • Introducing Ted (4:20)
  • Looking for the perfect truck (7:47)
  • The importance of the load (13:14)
  • Interacting with customers (15:59)
  • Asking questions about safety (19:34)
  • Learning about the industry (23:23)
  • Advice about taxes, planning for retirement, finding a hobby (28:18)

Thank you Ted for coming on the show to highlight your experiences and for offering important advice for current and future Oakley drivers.

Oakley Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information, check out our show website: podcast.bruceoakley.com.