64: Do you Believe in Miracles? A Must Listen

On this special episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett visits with Jeff and Lorita Bledsoe about Jeff’s 96-day stay in the hospital with Covid and his tough road to recovery. Jeff, a hopper-bottom owner-operator with Oakley, continues to recognize blessings in his life despite the incredible trial he went through. 

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Driver profile segment (2:30)
  • Introducing Jeff and Lorita (4:59)
  • Jeff’s fever kept climbing and led to seizures and required him to be put on a ventilator (8:37)
  • Trusting God to take care of them and how so many people reached out to meet their needs (16:29)
  • When Jeff finally came to, he experienced serious problems with his lungs (19:22)
  • The best and worst day was all in the same day for Jeff (26:01)
  • Having to learn to rely on someone else when you’re used to doing whatever you wanted to (34:35)
  • After all his treatments, Jeff had no good bacteria left to fight infection and got sick again (39:30)
  • Making a full comeback (44:10)
  • Jeff is currently having someone drive his truck until he’s completely recovered (48:05)
  • Jeff’s chances to preach after getting out of the hospital (51:15)
  • The importance of Lorita being there for Jeff (1:00:51)

Thank you Jeff and Lorita for sharing the story of this difficult ordeal and your family’s road to recovery.

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