49: How Can I Stay Healthy as a Truck Driver?

On this week’s edition of The Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett speaks with Jon Slaughter, CEO of Healthy Trucking of America. Healthy Trucking of America provides free health and wellness services for drivers. 

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Need to Know with Vickie Chastain: experiencing unsafe driving situations (1:48)
  • What Healthy Trucking of America does to address the unique health concerns for drivers (4:27)
  • How to start the process of living healthier (9:17)
  • Determining the “why” of why you want to make healthier choices (11:51)
  • Success stories of drivers that made small changes that turned into big results (21:02)
  • Plans for 2021 (28:52)

Thank you, Jon, for discussing the different ways Healthy Trucking of America can assist drivers in taking care of their wellness.

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