41: From Pre-Trip Inspections to Retirement with Randy Rymel

The Oakley Podcast is back for its first episode of 2021 as host Jeremy Kellett talks with Randy Rymel, safety manager at Oakley. Randy joins the show to talk about pre-trip inspections and about what’s next for him as he moves into retirement. 

Key points in today’s conversation include:

  • Need to Know with Vickie Chastain: taking advantage of Oakley fuel discounts (1:47)
  • Making sure equipment is road-ready in the pre-trip inspection (4:54)
  • Is there a list that drivers should go through? (10:00)
  • The three top things that a DOT officer will write you up for (18:37)
  • CSA score affects pay (21:09)
  • Randy’s plans for retirement (28:19)

Thank you Randy for coming on the show and for all your work over the past 12 years. We hope you enjoy retirement!

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