38: Do you know how much money you are making at Oakley?

On this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett is joined by operations manager Nick Dulaney to discuss how much owner-operators can net after calculating base pay, expenses, and bonuses.

Key points in today’s conversation include:

  • Need to Know with Vickie Chastain: the driver lifestyle (1:39)
  • Hopper division pay breakdown (6:10)
  • Explaining the anniversary bonus (11:58)
  • End-dump division pay breakdown (15:01)
  • Pneumatics division pay breakdown (20:05)
  • Getting paid for deadhead miles (24:48)
  • Samples of settlement summaries (28:51)

Thank you Nick for coming on the show to help explain just how much our owner-operators can make each year.

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