36: Meeting Dispatch (Part I)

On this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett sits down with Kell Shenep and Austin Allen, dispatchers from the end-dump division. Kell and Austin are responsible for nearly 100 owner-operators and they share their behind the scenes stories of dispatching. 

Key points in the conversation:

  • Need to Know with Vickie Chastain: Staying healthy mentally and physically (1:22)
  • Austin’s background with Oakley (3:01)
  • Kell’s background with the company (7:54)
  • Their day-to-day work dispatching for nearly 100 combined owner-operators (12:42)
  • Juggling time for talking with all of their drivers (19:05)
  • Pre-planning and adjusting to changes in plans (24:30)
  • Tracking drivers’ miles and making trips worth the drivers’ time (28:13)
  • Bragging about their owner-operators (33:50)

Thank you, Kell and Austin for all of the work that you’ve done in the office to support our owner-operators.

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