34: Preventing Contaminations

Jeremy Kellett provides an important update on this additional episode of the Oakley Podcast and is joined by dispatchers Randy Caldwell and Clayton Smith and owner-operators David Carothers and Donnie Williams for the discussion. The announcement highlights the importance of preventing contamination to customer products.

Key points in the conversation:

  • Introducing this episode’s panel (1:32)
  • Examples of contamination (7:18)
  • Owner-operator feedback on the situation (12:08)
  • Washouts and keeping the trailers clean (16:03)
  • End dump issues with contamination (32:03)
  • Our responsibility to get the product to the customer the way they want it (38:40)

Thank you to this group of dispatchers and owner-operators to help shed light on how we can improve our customer service in this area.

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