31: Recruiting Roundtable

In this episode of the Oakley Podcast, Corey Huey fills in as host and leads a roundtable discussion with Kent Childers, Dustin Eagle and Jeremy Paul from the recruiting department. This team has decades of experience and has heard just about every question there is about working at Oakley. 

Highlights from the episode include:

  • Need to Know with Vickie Chastain: Anniversary Bonuses (2:02)
  • Discussing the commonly asked questions for recruiters like mileage vs. percentage (5:30)
  • Now is a great time to work in the pneumatics division (14:25)
  • How to refer potential new drivers to the recruiting department (19:53)
  • The ideal Oakley driver (26:21)

Thank you Kent, Dustin and JP for hopping on the podcast to help answer questions about driving for Oakley.

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