22: Catching Up with the Hopper Division

Hopper dispatchers and coordinators Russell Vallance and Bryan Hill join host Jeremy Kellett, director of recruiting at Oakley Trucking, to discuss several topics regarding the hopper division. 

  • Need To Know with Vickie Chastain: Fuel Savings (1:23)
  • Important Announcements for Drivers (2:30)
  • Introducing Russell and Bryan (4:45)
  • Hopper Division Check-in (6:50)
  • Need guys willing to work weekends to account for increased freight to the east coast (9:44)
  • How much can a hopper owner/operator make in a year? (13:43)
  • Avoiding contaminations with shipments (20:48)
  • Oakley owner/operators are noticing a bounce back in their earnings (26:13)
  • States that we’re hoping to get drivers from (27:24)
  • Thanking owner/operators on the hopper side (28:36)
  • Check out our new office and come visit us in person (31:45)

Thank you Russell and Bryan for joining us on the show. The hopper division has made us more versatile for our customers and helps us haul more weight.

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