20: Important Safety Procedures to Follow if You Are in an Accident

In this episode, Jeremy Kellett, Director of Recruiting at Oakley Trucking, is joined by Roger Carson and Dustin Barnett from the Safety Department here at Oakley. 

  • “Need to Know” with Vickie Chastain: Accidents (2:32)
  • What to do first when you have an accident (5:00)
  • Ensuring your camera is functioning correctly (14:09)
  • How the Safety team deals with filing claims (23:43)
  • Distracted driving due to phones & lawsuits (38:30)
  • Do accidents mean you’ll be terminated? (49:00)

Roger and Dustin play an important role in protecting our owner operators and representing them in difficult accident-related situations. Thanks to you both for your work and for joining the show! 

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