171: Finding the Truck that Fits Your Needs

This week on the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett chats with Wayne Crotwell, one of our Owner-Operators at Oakley Trucking. During the episode, Wayne shares his personal journey in trucking. He talks about making the move from farming to being an owner-operator, how he and his wife work driving together on the road and handling their business, experience and tips for buying a new truck, balancing road and home time, and more.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: Getting the correct paperwork for physicals (2:46)
  • Wayne’s background and transition to truck driving (9:02)
  • From company driver to owner-operator at Oakley (10:21)
  • Making the husband-wife driving team work (11:15)
  • Truck driver assist features in trucks (20:12)
  • Safe driving equates to higher pay (21:18)
  • The process of buying a new truck (22:20)
  • Advice on finding the right truck and getting warranties for maintenance (25:36)
  • What’s next for Wayne in his career with Oakley? (32:06)

Oakley Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information, check out our show website: podcast.bruceoakley.com.


Wayne Crotwell  00:13

Well, I’d like to think about slowing down in the next five years, which, you know, I just turned 65 This past year but I’m not ready to hang it up. And, I know that Oakley is good to work with guys as they get older as long as they want to. In physical Ken and Lord willing, I’d like to fire this battery. He probably thinks I’m the slowest one on the team that Freddie puts up with. I’m thankful for that. But, and I might get slower as I get older, but it’s now said that Oakley works with this and when not needed home time y’all always give it to me. 

Jeremy Kellett  00:48

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business, and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley Trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner-operators and their families by giving them up-to-date information concerning Oakley Trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an inside to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family. Hi, this is Jeremy kellett director recruiting here at Oakley trucking and I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast about trucking business and family. We appreciate everybody listening to our new episodes. Every Wednesday we drop a new one so we appreciate all the feedback you give us every week. It really is much appreciated. We really appreciate it when you share it with other people and let them know about the Oakley podcast because we do our best here to try to give you some good information every week to help you be a successful owner operator. As always is geared towards Oakley owner operators and our families. You know just to have an open line of communication with you and help give you some resources that we come up with and hopefully it works for you. On today’s episode I got Mr. Wang cron to sit down with me. He’s owner operator with Oakley trucking and we’re gonna hear his story a little bit we meet him got to talk in a little bit out in the wash bay, actually this morning and we got to talk about a few things and and he had a lot of good input on on trucks and truck purchases and, and even ordering the truck and also how he runs a team with his wife and I just thought you know, what did I say? Stop? You’re out there, Mr. Wayne. And let’s get you up here and record some of this. So that’s what we’re doing. And let’s visit with him and hear his story. So let’s do the Oakley update sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales.

Arrow Truck Sales Commercial  02:45

Aero truck sales has been in business for over 60 years and a longtime partner of Oakley trucking and the Oakley podcast, tree visor and Keith Wilson do a great job at putting you in the right truck to fit your needs and our needs here at Oakley. They all make some models to choose from with on site financing through transport funding. So whether you’re a seasoned owner, operator or first time buyer, be sure to contact Keith Wilson Arrow Truck Sales at 573-216-6047. And tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast.

Jeremy Kellett  03:14

So on today’s update, we had actually from the psych department, email me on some concerns with physicals, guys getting physicals and not getting correct paperwork and not getting it in time not getting registered with the state. So I said, Well, actually, you just need to come up here and explain it because you can probably do it better than I can. So actually give us a little bit of what’s going on with the owner operators getting physicals and some of the problems you’re seeing every day.

Ashley Rabun  03:45

So the most important thing they can do is get it sent to us as soon as they get it done. Preferably, preferably before they leave the doctor’s office that way, if there’s something wrong there, right there, we can let him know that something’s not marked correctly. So we’re still missing something.

Jeremy Kellett  04:03

So you’re what you’re seeing. Do you want them to send that physical sent before they leave the doctor’s office? So you can make sure that doctor fills stuff out? Right? Yes.

Ashley Rabun  04:11

So because they don’t always spell everything out correctly. Everyone makes mistakes, we get that. But if you send it to us right before you leave, that’s gonna save you, Tom, from having to go back. We will have to shut you down because there’s a worry that you’re not updated correctly.

Jeremy Kellett  04:26

What’s an example of something that the unit on the way up or you said you had to shut down yesterday? What for?

Ashley Rabun  04:31

So his cord was actually marked for intrastate instead of Interstate? He took it to the state. But sometimes it’s not always called or if they think that he’s only running within that state. They’re gonna updating Well, if he is trying to run outside of that state, and his car is marked incorrectly be possibilities or the

Jeremy Kellett  04:52

Dr. Mark intrastate interstate. Yes.

Ashley Rabun  04:54

So then he went in, turned it into the state. Well, it’s not realizing not realizing, so his other physical was, you know, going to expire. I think today, so we gotta get this fixed ASAP so he can go back to work.

Jeremy Kellett  05:10

And now you got to, either he’s gotta go back to the doctor or you’re trying to communicate with them.

Ashley Rabun  05:15

So we call the doctor’s office or I call the doctor’s office and tell them, you know, kind of give them a heads up, he’s gonna have to come back in, because they’re gonna have to fill out a whole new card, these cards, they’re a federal document that can’t be altered. So in the event that your card is wrong, you’re gonna have to go back, get them to fill it into court, because you’re gonna have to sign it. So that’s time away from being on the road.

Jeremy Kellett  05:38

And I guess he waited to the last day to get it, get his physical,

Ashley Rabun  05:42

Some do wait till the last minute, but if you get it done, for example, I had some that were sent to me last week that were done last month, send it to me, as soon as you get it done. That way, when you do get ready to come back to work hard to be cleared up. Yeah, you know,

Jeremy Kellett  05:57

and some of the states that go when they get a physical, some of them, some of the drivers sent to me and I guess themselves are walking into the DMV, which they can do, but a lot of just send it to you. And then you handle that process of sending it to the state, which

Ashley Rabun  06:15

I don’t mind doing it, but I’ve got to have time to get it to the state to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it. And the state has to have time to process it. It’s not as quick and easy as just sending it to me and you’re outdated. We have a process we have to go through as well, by making sure that you’re, you’re compliant, you know, FMCSA to be able to to be out on the road.

Jeremy Kellett  06:34

Yeah, because some of the states now are delayed. Because you’re trying to email it or most of the time to the state and their their backlog of maybe what week or two week or

Ashley Rabun  06:46

In some states they have a standard 10 business days to process it. That’s their goal. And that’s what they legally, you know, they can, they got 10 days to get it processed. They don’t have to process it as soon as I get it sent in, but depending on, you know, how far behind they are, that two weeks can be delayed even longer.

Jeremy Kellett  07:09

All right, right. So I mean, I guess in a lot of scenarios, it is better to walk it in, if the driver is getting the physical at, say he’s off, he’s getting it at his doctor at the house. And he gets, you know, gets it done since you. You okay, it. And then if he can just walk it over to the DMV, man, it’s done instantly, then

Ashley Rabun  07:31

definitely a lot quicker. You’re looking at more of a 24 to 48 hour turnaround as opposed to a week or two, depending on how long it’s gonna take to show up on the MBR.

Jeremy Kellett  07:42

And remember this. Remember this owner operator out there you have to send the whole physical, not just the physical card. It’s four or five pages long.

Ashley Rabun  07:53

Yeah, four to six pages. The card is long form. Yeah, the whole thing. Yep, the whole thing.

Jeremy Kellett  08:00

Anything else we miss? I get serious stuff. You know, we’re trying to do our best to keep you guys on the road here. The last thing we want to do is actually say oh, you can’t drive anymore. That doesn’t help the situation. So, you know, be mindful of your physical appearance. Give yourself at least a couple of weeks if not a month. get it taken care of and get it sent to us before you leave the doctor’s office. And let us actually make sure everything’s filled out correctly. And then we’ll get it submitted to the state so it can be good to go. Alright, appreciate it. Thank you.

LubeZone Commercial  08:37

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Jeremy Kellett  09:24

Okay, Mr. Wayne, how are you doing today? I’m doing real good Jeremy. I appreciate you stopping me out there to wash by so we can visit some of this stuff. You know, it’s always refreshing to hear, see and talk to, you know, good people that are proud to be a truck driver. And it’s really good to do that. So give our listeners a little bit of who you are, where you’re from.

Wayne Crotwell  09:47

Okay, well my name is Wayne crop wall and I grew up in West Texas, just south of Lubbock, in a farming community. And my wife and I have farmed for almost 25 years. Before we farm it, cotton and grain and some peanuts last. But anyway, when our youngest went to college, we needed to do something different. And that’s when we looked into Robin.

Jeremy Kellett  10:15

And the whole year it was no nine, okay?

Wayne Crotwell  10:19

And we signed on with Conway truckload, and went through their schooling, went to driving school over a drummer at Oklahoma. And anyway, we drove there for them for about three and a half years. His company dropped out. And we decided that we wanted to try to be an owner operator. And we bought a secondhand truck. It was a Freightliner Cascadia. And we did another three and a half years with it. It was good. They dispatched us a lot of miles. But we were just wearing the truck out faster than we were paying for.

Jeremy Kellett  10:58

Right? Yeah, but you’ve covered a lot. Yeah, yes, we’re

Wayne Crotwell  11:01

covering a lot of ground. And in the fight, we’re still good. But when we started looking elsewhere, we looked at Oakley, and then I looked at XPO and really wanted to get over it okay at that time, but I had a minor ticket from an accident. That was not my fault. But it needed to drop off the record. Before I could come over and the childrens were really nasty. me buddy. He said, Why? Look at me for about three years.

Jeremy Kellett  11:33

Oh, no, it just happened. So you had to wait three years to

Wayne Crotwell  11:36

anyway. We went over to XPO and pulled there for them under a reefer. And it was all good, but the load was flat. But we couldn’t get home as often as we’d like. And anyway, it was coming up time. And I had a brother that had come over here to Oakley. And anyway, he was really lacking. And so we came over here three years ago, this past Labor Day.

Jeremy Kellett  12:06

And yup, came over pull in a dump didn’t

Wayne Crotwell  12:09

Yes. And I ordered a truck specifically to come to work over here. But that was during the COVID time. And so the truck showed up late and orientation got put off. So what ended up being Labor Day where we were supposed to come over about May.

Jeremy Kellett  12:28

So you bought a new truck yesterday to come to work. Okay, I want to get to that here in just a little bit on this on the truck purchases. Do you have a family?

Wayne Crotwell  12:37

Yes, sir. My wife and I have two boys. Our oldest one is starting out and youngest one is 33. And they’re both mechanics and live down in Beeville, Texas, which is about 500 miles from our house. So it’s a good way for us to get to go. They moved off. Well, they married sisters, and that tool girl for the day. That’s what put them down there. But it’s just so hot and humid. Yeah, I don’t know if my wife and I could adapt to that or not. We’d like to go see you. But it’s a long way.

Jeremy Kellett  13:11

Always. I’ll ask Elizabeth sometimes my wife, what do we do? You know, our kids grew up one shot off to New York City. The other one after Mississippi. I’m like, Man, I mean, they not only left us, they left the state. They got away from us. But we joked about that once. That’s good. You get what you and your wife do and when you’re off?

Wayne Crotwell  13:32

Well, we like to go see family. And we’re very active in our church when we can be there and my wife helps a lot in areas especially with Vacation Bible School and some of the decorating because she likes to decorate. But when we can go see family. My dad is 90 and lives in San Angelo. We’ll spend some time with him. But mostly when we’re not trucking, we’re going to see family or we’re involved in some church activity.

Jeremy Kellett  14:00

That’s good. So let’s touch on that just a little bit. I know that we wouldn’t really go and talk about that much beforehand. But this husband wife team so how often does she drive with you hear it Oakley? And now you’ve moved from DOT you bought that truck? Now you’re on a pneumatic tank to that and you know because a lot of times the team gets overlooked over here at Oakley you know just because of the nature of the boat business. A lot of times it’s not a lot. I was not on the team for eight but y’all have been doing it for three and a half years. What’s your perspective on team for eight it Oakley

Wayne Crotwell  14:37

It’s not bad. We definitely saw an improvement on the miles when we went to the pneumatic side and it seemed like the distance was a little better. But you know it was no problem and I told Oakley would come in here and said my wife wanted to get off the truck. So is that okay? As long as she keeps everything up to date and it has been This year, she probably hasn’t been out with me half the time most of the time about 80% of the time. Okay. And of course, the paycheck gets a little bigger. It does, but, but it’s been nice to let her come and go. So she can be involved in other activities.

Jeremy Kellett  15:23

But you guys on the team here, it’s been good. You ever have those dispatchers go, hey, when can your wife get in our way? Is she in there with you this week? They’d like to know.

Wayne Crotwell  15:33

Yes, they’d like to know where they’re probably wishing it right now because they get more mops when she’s out here. But anyway, we make it work. But you know, a lot of people have trouble getting along with a wife in the truck. But my wife and I, we’ve always worked together. So it’s not been a problem at all. And, Oakley has been really good at letting her come and go as we need to. And it takes a lot of work to get his home on takes a lot of

Jeremy Kellett  16:01

communication to live in a truck. Yes, it does for how long y’all stay out when you You and her go

Wayne Crotwell  16:07

together? Usually at least two and every now and then we’ll do a month. But it’s got to wear now two, three weeks is about what we like to do. Yeah, as we’re getting older.

Jeremy Kellett  16:16

Yeah, man being cooped up in that truck all day is gotta be a challenge. I would imagine. So I know it would be for me. But

Wayne Crotwell  16:22

but when you’re moving, basically, you know, one of you is sleeping. Yeah. And you know, occasionally Yeah, there’ll be times to do some short runs that your makes it hard for Warren to get enough sleep, but But generally speaking,

Jeremy Kellett  16:36

Usually, how do you sleep while the trucks are going down a row?

Wayne Crotwell  16:39

I had to learn to do that. I have to use earplugs. Yeah. And then I usually take melatonin or a sleeping pill. Because, yeah, the roughness sometimes would wake me up. I learned to just not bother her. She can just sleep just about anywhere.

Jeremy Kellett  16:56

You don’t have to strap in that thing. So you can’t get thrown out in a full board or balanced out.

Wayne Crotwell  17:04

We don’t use that thing. We probably should. But we’re both a little bit claustrophobic. And when you put that over, you just feel like you’re

Jeremy Kellett  17:11

Oh, I was just kidding. I didn’t know there was one budget. Well, they

Wayne Crotwell  17:13

might go on but that’s the first thing we take off the truck. We’ve just got this joke, you know? Well, if we’re in an accident, you can just slip back into slip proof. It’s a bad word. nerd out. But it’s different. Yes, it is.

Jeremy Kellett  17:29

Yeah, yeah, I can only imagine. You know what it’d be like. So let’s talk for a minute. I want to cover the truck deal, which I know you’re anxious about talking about. And then also want to talk a little bit about the safety part of it with the CSA violation. So you ordered a truck, you were confident enough to order the truck the first time you came over. I mean, when you came over here at first. So you ordered a truck. And let’s talk a little bit about that. And you just now got your second truck yesterday with us a brand new Rabo. So tell us a little bit about that process.

Wayne Crotwell  18:08

Well, it was the first one I ordered. He came in about three months for orientation. So I did go ahead and run it for, you know, about two three months with XPO. But I knew that as soon as orientation had come out because of the COVID stuff when we came over here. And we started out in the cars we weren’t qualified to do pneumatic and we had always wanted to do the pneumatic so you know it was not difficult to change but at the same time I think it was our first year anniversary with Oakley I tipped it over and we did this idea down in Waco, Texas and and it My wife wasn’t with me and I’m glad she wouldn’t because she would have probably panic but it just hurt my feelings morning thing because being a farmer and ran equipment all the life I’m supposed to be smarter than the US

Jeremy Kellett  19:06

but it can reach up and gray becomes Yes sir.

Wayne Crotwell  19:09

Did and no one was injured and didn’t hurt my truck. But we thought that was a good time to change. So yeah, no clue. They didn’t hold it against me other than like, he kept the escrow money which we knew that and anyway, we went to the pneumatic side and trucks worked real good there and my wife really likes you because you don’t have to go up in the air force.

Jeremy Kellett  19:34

Yeah. So what kind of truck did you get? Or what kind of what was your first truck?

Wayne Crotwell  19:39

My first truck it was a Biennial Volvo 64 t 740 model 740 Which it’s a Mid Roof it’s got an ordered it course with just like an owner operator would I got all the features that I could get inside the cabinets on the top and we got To the beta system, which is Volvo. Volvo was driver assist program,

Jeremy Kellett  20:07

like probably the one that made the Calvo lead colony.

Wayne Crotwell  20:12

It’s probably what it is, Volvo

Jeremy Kellett  20:16

electronic drivers is maybe

Wayne Crotwell  20:18

our brain broke down somewhere. But he works really well. And it works not only with the camera, but it’s got the radar, and it watches out front with the camera also, besides which is GPS oriented, besides just the camera down here on this is something you had to order. Yes. How to deal with the truck. Right?

Jeremy Kellett  20:39

And did you have it at your other job? No,

Wayne Crotwell  20:41

I didn’t. I didn’t. And we were a little skeptical. But we drove some trucks with it. And other than the fact that sometimes it will slow down gradually on you, when a vehicle in front of you slows down, it takes a little bit of getting used to that. Let’s say that truck up there slowed down five miles an hour. And I’m five seconds behind him. My truck will slow down with him to keep you vibrating. And you know, every now and then you have to watch that. But other than that, you know halakhic and you so you had that truck for three years. Yes, sir. And you ordered a second one. I ordered a second one which took nearly a year to come in. Wow. But anyway, I don’t think he’s different , just a little bit newer engine with more technology. But the order with the drivers is just and the way I look at it Oakley has got a great safety record. But y’all are giving us an incentive. That 25 cents a mile on every mile is something I’ve never heard of with any company. And so when I look at it, it keeps me responsible. And it also keeps me from being able to road rage, if you will, you know, somebody upsets me Will is going to keep the distance. You can’t do it. I can’t do it even if you want to. And of course I like that. Because we all know, go through moments of oh, I’m gonna get that guy. I’m ready to just run him over Get out of my way. You know, but, but that 25 cents tomorrow?

Jeremy Kellett  22:26

Yeah, you know that. That is something that I don’t think a lot of people realize every day that, you know, it’s a lot of money. And it is. It’s geared to you know, it’s for listeners that don’t know, we paid 25 cents a mile on all miles loaded and empty. To keep your CSA score at zero. Because when you come over to Oakley, it’s zero with Oakley, you don’t have any. Even if you had prior violations. They’re not with Oakley, because, you know, whatever company you were with gets dinged for those violations. So when you come to Oakley, you have a zero CSA score. And as long as you keep it like that it’s at 25 cents, as you know, every mile so and that’s, that’s, it sounds like that. That truck that you ordered? helps you keep that at zero.

Wayne Crotwell  23:17

I feel like it does my wife here. Yeah, yeah. But then all that in, then it gets good mileage to I mean, the old truck it was running 7.2 average. And this one I’ve only been out for about less than 5000 miles, but it’s already at seven one right now.

Jeremy Kellett  23:39

And I mean, no can Is that something you look at a wine when you go to order to drill? I mean, I

Wayne Crotwell  23:45

do. You know, and it’s you know, I don’t have the biggest motor. It’s only 455 horses, but Volvo has their truck set up with high torque. They get their power from the torque. And you know, it’s an 1850 torque and therefore you can get a lot more benefit on less horsepower because of that torque automatic. Yes, yes. Yes. And that was I think when we first went to automatic my wife said I’ll forget how to shift gears and I said okay, hon, it’d be alright. And it was just a few weeks he said oh, I don’t miss that. And you know we’re somewhere in stop and go traffic or accidents every day and you don’t you don’t you just drive it like you do your car. Yeah, or you pick up you don’t have to sit there and change the gears or ride the clutch or hold the clutch and it’s very mexborough more comfortable.

Jeremy Kellett  24:44

I noticed you of course we’re getting cleaned up this morning out there. And I noticed you had a bull bar on the front of it. What’s a part do you order it with that on air or do you get that after market

Wayne Crotwell  24:58

aftermarket but I ordered it to be put there at the shop. And same way with the minimizer fenders, they’re plastic, and they’re not as heavy as the metal, but they’re very durable.

Jeremy Kellett  25:10

What’s the purpose in that front bull bar?

Wayne Crotwell  25:15

Well, I had that Freightliner, I hit two deer. Ah, and they’ll do some damage after the second would cost me about nine grand. I decided I might ought to put something out there and I don’t have the big one. This is the light duty war next guard that we run, but it would help against the deer now, you hit a big ol horse or a moose is probably gonna go

Jeremy Kellett  25:40

I’m gonna help with all those eggs. But

Wayne Crotwell  25:42

That’s why I have it because of a couple of deer I hit when I had the Freightliner with the other company. Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  25:50

Well, you know ordering a truck is something that you really got to put some thought into this. And figuring out you know, if it’s if it’s right for that division that you’re in, yes or what seems just standards that you would say, if somebody’s thinking about buying a truck to come over here, just some basics that they would need. You know, I don’t know wheelbase or mid room for

Wayne Crotwell  26:19

We had a Cascadia before and it was so tall that it just wasn’t gonna work well over here, especially some of the elevators that have low clearance. So I went with a maid Ruth and Emma stacks are only 12 Six and so far had never been anywhere that I couldn’t go under good that we picked up for okie whether it was end up or here on this pneumatic side. The other thing is my wife didn’t want a real long trip because she thought it’d be hard to drive the SR distance but when you get into a tight place, with a shorter wheelbase, it just makes it easier to back into with that. What is your wheelbase is 231 Okay, and even with the guard on it, it works really well. And then also, we’ve got some scales that are short. There’s one particular down there in Georgia that I can fit on by just a couple of each. But I don’t have to, it’s nice and battle out here. They’re redoing that scale. I hadn’t been out to see if it’s done but you know you have some shorter scales so that helps and then turn radius with its shorter wheelbase it turns Sure.

Jeremy Kellett  27:38

Yeah. You mentioned earlier but I would like fuel mileage to be the one of the number one things to concentrate on when you’re purchasing a truck as an owner operator because that’s where the majority of your money goes.

Wayne Crotwell  27:51

Yes sir. Yes, sir. That’s for sure. But you know, before we decided to buy new, we kept the truck I mean in half and it got to where we were spending a lot of money. I mean close to 50,000 a year on maintenance. And we decided it was time to just get a new one. And we’ve been trying to stay in warranty and that’s why I ordered this one to stay in good condition. What is the warranty on? I bought extra warranty that takes it out to 600,000 Okay, and I think the transmission is good for like seven or 750 standard

Jeremy Kellett  28:28

but it helps ease the mind a little bit.

Wayne Crotwell  28:31

Oh it does. And you know when it doesn’t cover everything but it covers a lot of the after treatment stuff to spend very little money in the shop. That warranty didn’t cover since we went

Jeremy Kellett  28:42

this route. Makes a big difference. Sure.

Wayne Crotwell  28:45

Of course he’s still going to do tires and batteries as

Jeremy Kellett  28:51

Oakley Trucking is a 100% Owner Operator company we specialize in Hopper bottom in dump and pneumatic drivers. We provide the trailer free of charge and you provide the truck. We have a large customer base that reaches the whole United States as well as parts of Canada. Our owner operators live anywhere from Texas to North Carolina to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin and everywhere in between and we get them home weekends. We take it seriously when you join Oakley trucking because we need you to be successful. Oakley offers great benefits and a competitive knowledge base so you know that when your wheels are turning, you’re generating money no matter if you’re loaded or empty. We understand that you want to make a good living and that you make our living. We only take on independent contractors and to be honest with you we are very particular on who we lease on. You must have a good driving record, good work history and a clean dependable truck. So if you’re interested in Oakley trucking or just want some more information, you can go to Oakley trucking.com. Listen to our weekly podcast, the Oakley podcast and subscribe to our YouTube channel. What’s the future look like for wine crude oil? Well,

Wayne Crotwell  29:55

I’d like to think about slowing down in the next five years. You know, I just turned 65 This past year, but I’m not ready to hang it up. And, and I know that Oakley is good to work with guys as they get older as long as they want to, and physically can and Lord willing, I’d like to.

Jeremy Kellett  30:14

Yeah, we do. We do have quite a few guys because they have gotten older and still want to drive, you know, and maybe not work as hard as they used to. Because they don’t need to. But, you know, being able to get out and go a little bit keeps you from going and enjoying and laughing a little bit, you know?

Wayne Crotwell  30:32

Well, my dispatcher, he brought things out in this the slowest one on the team, but 30 puts up with good, I’m thankful for that. But, and I might get slower as I get older, but it’s nice that Oakley works with us and we’re not needed. hometime yeah, I’ve always given it to me. But, as far as you know, what do you need for the particular division you’re in? I guess that that can vary from person to person. But we have really enjoyed the Volvo. And it’s a pleasure to drive. And I’m not we’re out at the end of the day. Yeah, so we do.

Jeremy Kellett  31:10

I hear a lot of good things about Volvo. You know, it’s there, and they’re still hard to get you

Wayne Crotwell  31:15

Oh, yeah. It took nearly a year to get it from the time it was ordered.

Jeremy Kellett  31:20

They don’t seem to be easing up my team either. So no, I didn’t. Well, anything else you’d like to add? Talk about

Wayne Crotwell  31:30

Well, I wish my wife was here. She’s a whole lot better looking. And she probably would have some good things to say to but unfortunately she’s he’s on home time right wing

Jeremy Kellett  31:42

always get her back in here too. Sure. She’d be glad to meet and gladly love to have that’s what I was hoping she was here. We’d get both of you in here and visit until she probably tail on you. But not much wine. I appreciate you sitting down with me.

Wayne Crotwell  31:58

All right. Well, thanks to Jeremy and we look forward to getting a lot of miles out of this new truck.

Jeremy Kellett  32:04

I’m looking forward to seeing it but be sure before you leave out here. Let’s get Annabelle to get a good picture of it. Oh, my gosh. Shonda. Sure if we get going. All right. Well, I appreciate it man. Thanks everybody for listening to the Oakley podcast and you know it’s good success stories like Mr. Wayne and his wife here that that come over and you know, gist are able to hear their story and see it going from company driver to buying a truck and now buying a second brand new truck just recently and you know, it’s just their testimony that that Mike’s Mike’s Oakley, what it is, I mean, it’s people like them it really make this place. What it is today is to appreciate all our owner operators out there that help us be successful. Help our company be successful and tire and I hope we’re helping you be successful and we should appreciate it by listening to the podcast. And if you have any questions or feedback, please make sure you give it to me when you get a chance and we’ll talk to you next week. Thanks. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Oakley podcast: trucking, business, and family. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to rate or review the show on the podcast platform of your choice and share it with a friend. We love hearing from our audience, so if you’ve got a question, comment, or just want to say hello, head over to our website, theoakleypodcast.com, and click the “leave a comment” button. We’ll get you a response soon and may even share some of the best ones here on the show. We’ll be back with a fresh episode very soon. Thanks for listening.