15: Safety Tips and Explanations with Roger Carson

In this episode, Jeremy Kellett, Director of Recruiting at Oakley Trucking, is joined by Roger Carson. Roger is the Head of Safety at Oakley Trucking and has been part of the family since 1994. They discuss:

  • Roger’s career path and how he got into Safety at Oakley (4:20)
  • Updates and scope of new driving rules (13:00) 
  • How to get in touch with the Safety team with any questions or concerns  (34:00)

Roger and the Safety team are an integral part of what we do at Oakley and they provide much-needed support for our drivers.  Thanks for joining the show and for all of your work. We appreciate you! 

Oakley Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information, check out our show website: podcast.bruceoakley.com