146: A Streak of Bad Luck: Scotty Smith’s Incredible Story

This week on the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett chats with Scotty Smith, one of our owner operators at Oakley Trucking. During the episode, Scotty shares his story of being involved in a serious accident, and the challenges he faced during the repair process. Despite the difficulties, Scotty remained grateful for the support he received from Oakley and his fellow drivers. Don’t miss this incredible story on this week’s episode.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Scotty’s background and experience at Oakley Trucking (2:37)
  • Accident involving Scotty’s truck and the long journey to repair (8:07)
  • Finding the truck that hit him (11:59)
  • Recovery and financial struggles (17:28)
  • Finding the trucking company responsible for the accident (19:27)
  • End dump trucking (21:53)
  • Lessons learned through the struggle (26:02)
  • Final thoughts and takeaways (30:44)

Oakley Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information, check out our show website: podcast.bruceoakley.com.


Scotty Smith  00:12

All those years I had my old truck, but I wasn’t driving very often. Not a lot of problems, man and just within three weeks, just the world comes crashing down on you feeling like it was the transmission and then gets run over. It really makes you step back and think and be thankful.

Jeremy Kellett  00:32

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business, and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley Trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner-operators and their families by giving them up-to-date information concerning Oakley Trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an inside to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family. Hi, this is Jeremy kellett director of recruiting here at Oakley trucking and I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. This is episode 146. I want today’s episode, we actually get to sit down with Scotty Smith, one of our owner operators and talk about his story now. And the reason I wanted to talk about his story is because it can relate to a lot of people in the trucking business. And actually, it may, you may come out of this feeling a lot better. I don’t know if Scotty will, but it’s a great story that he has had since he started with Oakley and we actually talk about some of the troubles he’s had. And then the end result and it is just, it’s a great one that I know you’re through. It’s gonna go oh my gosh, I can’t believe that happens to somebody else. I thought that’s definitely happened to me. But it does happen to other people too. So, great story. We’re going to talk to Scott here in just a second. But first let’s do an Oakley update sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales. Arrow Truck Sales has been in business for over 60 years and a longtime partner of Oakley trucking and the Oakley podcast, Tre Visor and Keith Wilson do a great job at putting you in the right truck to fit your needs and our needs here at Oakley. They carry all makes and models to choose from with on site financing through transport funding. So whether you’re a seasoned owner operator or a first time buyer, be sure to contact Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales at 573-216-6047. And tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast. All right, let’s get this thing started with Scott. He’s Miss Gary. How are you doing, man? Doing great. I appreciate you coming on the essence of short notice. And oh, miles just called you out of the blue and talked you into her

Scotty Smith  02:48

yesterday? I told him no a few times. Like five times but he was new. He wasn’t as good as the new producer Great. Made me feel like I had to. Well, grass like me, I really need to do this for

Jeremy Kellett  03:05

Oakley for you know, it’s definitely not about doing that. I think you’ve got a great, unique story that we were talking down there in the lobby before we came up here. And about some of the stuff that happened and, and I didn’t know all this, you know, the details that you were telling me downstairs. It’s happened since you’ve been at Oakley but I just think the more I hear it, the more interested I get and I can’t believe this has happened. You even said this is an unbelievable story. So it’s unbelievable. I’m anxious to hear but first let the listeners know who you are. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Maybe family hobbies. Okay?

Scotty Smith  03:44

Well I grew up in Elysian Fields. Texas, met my wife, we moved to hostel Texas, and we’ve been married I guess about 21 years. I don’t hold myself to that. But my daughter is 19. She’s in college, almost done with her associate’s where she’s at college in Carthage, Texas right now. She’s at home. She drives there for school proud of her. Super proud.

Jeremy Kellett  04:11

That’s pretty much how long have you been broken? Oh,

Scotty Smith  04:15

I was thinking earlier about 2001. So 2122 years, a long time. So a long time.

Jeremy Kellett  04:25

But what do you and your wife do when you’re not working? This

Scotty Smith  04:29

seasonal right now? We’re in the dirt watching dirt track racing. You know, it’s still nice weather right now but we’re Easter cones will be at the lake. So my wife and daughter do a lot of camping. Do you like being close to it? I like the ponds. Just north of us. That’s our favorite. Plus, it’s close to home trucking all week. I don’t want to drive too far.

Jeremy Kellett  04:51

Yeah, take the camper out there. If you get hurt taking it out there and having it set up for you when you come home.

Scotty Smith  04:56

No, I wish she said she’ll drive a motorhome but we’ll see Old our motorhome and we have a toy hauler. It’s pretty long and she’s like nope, a little too much yeah we go back to a motorhome shit. She’ll do that. But now we try to get home early enough on a Friday to get on out there but she has everything ready to go. I just got to drag it, you got a boat too? Oh yeah. Had a crowd alone. Love it. Yeah keep

Jeremy Kellett  05:20

it out there. Do you have a holiday?

Scotty Smith  05:21

Holly? She yells okay. She has no problem pulling the trailer. Just Not That camper.

Jeremy Kellett  05:27

So you are full fledged just like oh, yeah, we I love the lake.

Scotty Smith  05:32

They don’t really see much fishing. I mean, we like fishing but if we do fishing or just on the bank,

Jeremy Kellett  05:37

I don’t know it’s while the water is so addictive, you know, but it is to me I love being out there like a sunrise or sunset and just riding on the boat and just out on the water may do some about it.

Scotty Smith  05:49

Last year, sometime my wife and daughter came up here to Little Rock with me and Wesley. We started out there. We’re gonna have to water. Probably an hour. Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah, just watching the boats. Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  06:02

So let’s start into the well, you’re with Oakley and you’ve been with Oakley

Scotty Smith  06:06

since October of 20. October. So, yeah,

Jeremy Kellett  06:10

pull an end up. That’s right there. Right. Okay. That’s all he pulled over yours. And yes. Okay. So you come and get least on it Oakley. And just start with what was the initial problem you had? And we’ll go from there. Like we were talking downstairs.

Scotty Smith  06:28

When I was here. The first year was great. So I started on October 20. So I guess February.

Jeremy Kellett  06:35

You worked here a year before you ran into these trucks?

Scotty Smith  06:38

Yes, yes. I Yes. First year. It was good. But then it went bad. Well, the transmission went out. Once I went out, it was going out. And luckily I made it up here to the little rock yard. And after talk, Toby got me set up with Kenworth over here, and northward work and

Jeremy Kellett  07:00

Toby because you brought it back up here, and Toby Determined it was our fault. We had something happen. Yes, we caused a problem for you to try. She had had some gaskets changed something that was a leak that

Scotty Smith  07:12

It happened pretty quick. Okay, so he set me up and got set up with them over Kenworth. And so it went over there for two, two weeks or so. It was supposed to only be for five days. But at that time, nothing was easy. So it turned into when it was nearly so that February 14 is the actual day you put it in the show . 15th It went in the shop 14th It went, I was avoiding Muskogee everything happened but I was able to make it here. So on a 15 to one shot. Alright, so it probably started messing with it on the 16th and so a few weeks and

Jeremy Kellett  07:56

transmission. Toby was amazing during that whole ordeal. So hopefully people don’t know. Toby Bishop. He’s our shop foreman. Yeah. Great guy. Yeah.

Scotty Smith  08:07

Got my truck out of that. We were so relieved. I made it about an hour and a half from here, got down Arkadelphia, went out 67 and pulled up to a red light. And Cal holler coming from the other way made a left and just ran over my truck. Never stopped. Never stopped. Well, once he finally realized he hit me he slowed down a little bit and then masked on it and took off. The cops caught him in cattle Valley. I believe they carry Matt to the actual truckstop. I’m not certain of that. I just said cattle belly. And so your truck was disabled or Yes. Oh yeah. It tore it up pretty good. tore the hood. Alignment course my wheels were turning to the left. As far as you could go gearbox tire fans I mean mirror everything just destroy. So get towed.

Jeremy Kellett  09:01

Do you have a picture? By the way, you don’t have to pull it out now but oh yeah, we should definitely give it to you. Oh, safety does extra safety has got pictures miles we want to get pictures. Oh, my buddy Dustin Barnett down there Hill,

Scotty Smith  09:14

we throw it up on the screen. And it doesn’t look as bad as it was. What do you mean by that? Cosmetically, it didn’t look like it was the end of the world. We thought a few weeks, maybe a month at best. The more they got into it, the worse it got. And of course getting parts six months later,

Jeremy Kellett  09:33

six months to get cars. Well, so they told you got towed back up to

Scotty Smith  09:39

Okay. I got towed Caddo Valley,

Jeremy Kellett  09:41


Scotty Smith  09:42

to record across from I believe that’s the pilot. It sat there for two weeks as insurance for them figuring out where they were going to send it because I mediately right there and asked him to take it to a loan store in Texarkana because closer to my home wrecker service. said no gluten cross state line. So they decided to bring it here to dog in North Little Rock, which was fun. It’s right here. They sat there for four months. They did nothing more than take the hood off and set it on the ground as a never ordered to Singapore finally got with the general manager over there. He wrote us a check because the insurance company had given them 10,000 To get started. He was kind of out, he just gave us her money back right then said, because I said look, I got to take my truck out here for four months. I’m done. Dustin, ego, tried, he talked to them about everything we did, everybody talked to him. Nothing was open with them. They just weren’t gonna touch it for whatever reason. So I think it was just an eagle actually got a hold of Kenworth again. So I took it back to them. And from then Jamie he spearheaded it. And Jamie was genuinely amazed my good friend now about I’d say about two months I could be a little off on that he got it done it he jumped through hoops but got it taken care of so there’s whole time

Jeremy Kellett  11:17

you go how many weeks get the transmission fixed three three weeks then you get out of here roughly six months you go south you get run over that the trucks are at an intersection that and then that takes another four months you’re at this other place and they won’t fix nothing right then you move the truck over to you might see what Jamie why and they have it maybe tomorrow maybe two months and get it fixed and the only reason it took that long was just parts part white not part but go back to the story you were telling me so the guy hit you the boat look our heart he right and didn’t stop. did not stop. We’ll start there and tell me how what you were telling me downstairs about finding out Oh,

Scotty Smith  12:07

Everything’s an ordeal with this story. But so they gave him I didn’t know anything. I just knew they called him. They told me they called him that’s all. I got towed. Well, I was in my car in the yard. So the wrecker service paid them to drive me back up here to my car, so I could go home again. I got to Jefferson, Texas, and I happened to see that truck at a truck stop at the Ceph go. So I pulled in there and took some pictures of it because I hadn’t seen him since he ran over me. And this was later that night. I was probably around nine or 10 that night. i He was on fuel Island. And

Jeremy Kellett  12:48

do you just see it going down the

Scotty Smith  12:51

highway? Yeah, just look over and I went Oh, good. I was like, Man, this was a day cab cow holler with I’m not sure what you call that type of trailer, but it dropped it. I guess they could ground load it. It’s kind of a unique look to it. Anyway, so you pulled in and took pictures not too wild. Look at this. This guy. Where is he going? Because I had no idea what this truck was from. So I think it didn’t have any signage, no signage whatsoever. So I think it was about a week later I got the police report. He had received a ticket for leaving the scene, but also no proof of insurance. So I thought I was done for right then I really thought that was going to sink me. Well, I had friends in the business, to protect my wife’s cousin who used to work here. A good friend sent him the picture. He sent it to smothers and found that truck sitting down in Nacogdoches, Texas, just right out in front of God and everybody really. I went down there and took a video of where it was sitting with the insurance. They called down there were people who said they had no clue their truck had been in a wreck.

Jeremy Kellett  14:01

You got with your our insurance, our insurance

Scotty Smith  14:04

TrueNorth. So they were because this was going to be on me, right? I cannot remember her name, but she was wonderful. So she called them and just point blank said we got to have your insurance information. And their Secretary a few hours later, their secretary sent it to him so we had no idea. That truck was in an accident. France. I don’t know how he was found in that truck down there like a needle in a haystack. We had no idea where this truck was from and all the info on a police report was completely, I’m not gonna say false, but the addresses were no good. It was a brick building out in the middle of nowhere. And even the driver’s information was just some RV park with two or three old campers in it that he did not. He didn’t live there.

Jeremy Kellett  14:56

And they didn’t own the police report. They just said no insurance. See You’d let him go. You just wrote him a ticket. And then that was it.

Scotty Smith  15:06

Yeah. And he had been working. I don’t understand. He had already been working. His Facebook, it was all over his social media the guy had been, he’d been up for at least 24 hours at that point running. I mean, it was just unbelievable. Yeah, the police did not do anything. That is my ticket. And I didn’t go

Jeremy Kellett  15:25

lucky. You got good friends that found it and then the company, whatever company that was, at least they stepped up and said, hey, yeah, that was our truck and our driver and I

Scotty Smith  15:36

I can’t say enough about their insurance and they were aggressive and they stood behind it. 100% And it was a long battle. Not a battle lost alone. Six months of sitting around when Oh truck. Luckily their guy was local here to Little Rock and dealt with this daily with me. Own it, not getting done progressive guy. Yes, he lives right here just north of town. So he was back here a lot. So he knew it wasn’t just me. You know, give him a runaround and he was here to see it daily. He had other trucks in that same shop and he knew he had a relationship with Jamie just from working with Ben till this was I got very lucky.

Jeremy Kellett  16:19

Um, but you were thinking man just Honey Don’t touch anything don’t move don’t worry don’t need anything else acting

Scotty Smith  16:26

I’m still to this day. If anybody gets near my front left corner at PTSD last night you got to stop there just in their lane I’m like but they’re too close

Jeremy Kellett  16:39

yeah, I can only imagine so then you progressive stepped up Jamie stepped up with MHC got your truck done in a couple of months. This whole time was about six months or so. And we were checking on you know, we were a hot topic around the office you know, what’s it going to do, what’s going on with it and trying to check on things you stayed in touch with us pretty regularly.

Scotty Smith  17:03

Oh yeah. Man destined Barnett we’re definitely more of a friend aid is a friend now that just so happens to work in the safety department. We talk a lot, nice and great. I always thought he has held my hand through that whole ordeal because I’m just keeping posted and you know just talking really just went on to run things by he was there and one and you know what an obligated to do that. No investment in Eagle. Like another one. He called around constantly trying to help me. He drove over there to dog and a few times trying to see what was going on. Both of those guys were I have nothing but great things to say about those two Toby Oakley in general.

Jeremy Kellett  17:46

Goodbye. So now you’ve been back up and on your feet. How long? Oh, I guess I suppose it started in February, then that would probably be in September. So it was about September. I remember. You and your wife came up here to go back to work. And that was September October. Right. That sounds about right. So you’ve been at it ever since.

Scotty Smith  18:08

Going good. Doing good. Surprising. Like not? How did how

Jeremy Kellett  18:11

Did you travel? I mean, how did you get through that time with no work? No income.

Scotty Smith  18:17

We have always lived our life everyday like we’re broke. That sure paid off last year. We didn’t know how long we could make it now. Financially, we were fine. Mentally. Not so much as yet. We just did. We never saw an end. There’s just no end in sight. Every time we thought it was coming to an end. Another month. Wow. So we’re fine. We’re fine. As long as progressive do what they say. Sure enough the day I got my truck out and they said exactly what they said they would pay you to pay it up. You come and get it. Not a penny more. They just went by my statements with Oakley and reimbursed me. So

Jeremy Kellett  19:06

That’s a good story, man. Yeah,

Scotty Smith  19:09

I’m now talking about it. If you hear my voice limited.

Jeremy Kellett  19:15

Maybe this will help get it out. Get it out, get it off your chest because it’s behind you. Now

Scotty Smith  19:21

Does anybody want to know about that story? Like it’s not just a small part like this, a long story. That’s unbelievable.

Jeremy Kellett  19:28

It really is that you were able to find the trucking company that was responsible. And thank goodness they stepped up seeing him but we had video I guess. Yeah. Did we send Barnett to him? Did we have to send that to him? I guess it’s true. No,

Scotty Smith  19:43

I still have to this day. Never seen it. TrueNorth and progressive. Solid video. Okay, so, okay, I just had the picture I took myself to the truckstop right, which is how we found it so quickly. I am I was

Jeremy Kellett  19:58

lucky Film night and get that done that way. It wasn’t your insurance.

Scotty Smith  20:03

Yeah, this has been a whole different story. I’m not sure. But I survived. X the price, the cost of trucks at that point had gone crazy. So

Jeremy Kellett  20:18

well, you know, it’s, you hear things like that. And, you know, us sitting in this office, we hear things similar to this, maybe not that drag, but we hear Thanks, Mr. Lewis all the time when it comes to guys getting parts broken down for an extended period of time. And yeah, getting up and going. And I mean, right now, we were having this conversation down there earlier, because we have a guy that he’s going to be down six to eight weeks, getting his truck, fixed something wrong with it, and it’s gonna take that long, so he’s jumping in another one of our own round riders trucks. So he broke down because his back hurt. So he’s going to jump in and drive his truck, and I broke and have a little bit of income, you know, just for six to eight weeks. And I know those things happen. I’m just glad you survived it, and are thriving now. You know, doing great. Back doing good, busy. And I build in that emergency fund, in case it ever happens. Build it?

Scotty Smith  21:19

Yeah, even more so than it was for sure. But luckily, we’ve always got 10 years and all Phil, we learn real quick. Don’t. Don’t blow your money. Yeah, and that’s really paid off.

Jeremy Kellett  21:32

It’s gotta have it in there, because you never know what’s gonna happen, for sure. All right. Well, tell us just a little bit to wrap it up. Tell us a little bit about what you do at Oakley, some of the things that are interesting to you. If you’ve you know, I know you’re in the frack column and stuff before you came here. But you know, we pulled an end up what’s interesting about an endo

Scotty Smith  21:53

Everyday is interesting within every load, just making sure it’s safe. So I ended up failing. He just wants to love and end up well. Really, it’s okay, I say easy is easy as far as loading and getting to a customer no waiting. You just lift it up. On load and go. No sitting around waiting at a plant for hours. Typically, very short unload granules, I guess maybe our longest unload. And that’s nothing to that. But the excitement of it every time every day is every time you lift that trailer up, that heart gets to ditch and yeah, get your attention every time. So I love it. Brent brings me in to do barge loads, occasionally, I’d like to, I wouldn’t want to do that every day. But I do like to change the different trailers. Just the uniqueness of the product, different products. I love that part. My wife and daughter both are whether they’re interested or not, they act like they are. So I’m always looking at this and I’m a pitcher this or that. And it’s pretty cool.

Jeremy Kellett  23:08

We’ve talked about that before on this podcast about some of the different materials we haul to different places we go. It’s just really interesting that no thank you. It’s more of a specialty type of stuff that we do and it keeps you interested that you normally if you’re the if you’re the everyday public or you’re the everyday truck driver pulling a drive and a reefer flatbed, you don’t really realize that goes on in the trucking world until you start doing it by hand.

Scotty Smith  23:36

I definitely did not. Yeah, I got a call one day to go to Fort Hood. And of course, I was like what am I doing there? It was a USD 50 caliber shake really low to that going up to I believe that was St. Louis took it to a full trailer load with alternate load. Share. It was pretty neat. But that’s a story. Yeah, hold on to

Jeremy Kellett  23:58

get pictures of that one, didn’t I? Oh

Scotty Smith  24:00

yeah. of the load. Yeah, there’s a lot of stamps before they put them in your truck so they can’t be reused.

Jeremy Kellett  24:07

Oh, and Okay. Pretty cool. That is cool.

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Jeremy Kellett  24:59

You know, it’s refreshing to hear a story like that. And coming from more of our owner operators, it’s here and still here and doing good. And you know, somebody in that situation could get down real quick and quit real fast. I mean, you would have that tendency to, I’m just given up. I can’t take it anymore. I got it out of the shop. I’m an hour and a half down the road and God takes off the front of my truck. Man, you would just be like, What?

Scotty Smith  25:30

What is mentally it hit me pretty hard mentally. What

Jeremy Kellett  25:33

Am I doing something wrong? Honey? What? Good Lord, what am I doing wrong?

Scotty Smith  25:37

I don’t, I’ve said that. More than once. I just got to be me. Like, I kept looking at pictures and pictures and asking about the videos. I’m like, What? What is happening? But surely nothing. What do you say?

Jeremy Kellett  25:51

Yeah, it’s not a domain. You know, it’s just more of a test and your patience, and your trust and your faith and just, you know, we’re gonna get through this. Yeah, all those

Scotty Smith  26:03

years after I had my own truck. But I wasn’t driving very often. Oldfield, usually in other people’s, not a lot of problems. Man, and just within three weeks, just the world comes crashing down on you feel like it with the transmission and then get run over. It really makes you step back and think and be thankful. I am really thankful for my wife, my daughter. They were people like Dustin Barnett. Oh, my therapist. That’s all, that’s what they all are destined Eagle all I’m really fat as Dustin a few times, I might, what about coming back at work having a job, you know, and he’s like, You did nothing wrong here. And it’s good to hear. Because sometimes you start to really doubt everything.

Jeremy Kellett  26:51

Get a bunch of Honeydukes done around the house?

Scotty Smith  26:53

Well, as much as I could without spending too much money. We really,

Jeremy Kellett  26:59

really go to work anywhere else you get to any part time. gigs are enough. That

Scotty Smith  27:02

was a whole nother deal with the insurance battle.


Oh, yeah, let’s

Scotty Smith  27:06

try. Yeah, I was told that. They wanted me to go to work, of course, but they were only okay, they would pay me 100%. If I did nothing, this makes no sense to me. If I did nothing, they would reimburse me what I’m owed by my checks to my downtime that pay me 100%. But we want you to go to work as soon as your paycheck stub at the end of each week, so we can deduct that from your final. So you’re crazy. Yeah, one world. I said, then I got another truck. God forbid something happens because I’m not having the best of luck right now. And then what you know, then we’re gonna stand? Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, basically. And I like, well, I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna wait this out. Little did I know, it’d be six months.

Jeremy Kellett  27:59

But do they pay you weekly? Are they paid? After it was said and done?

Scotty Smith  28:05

It took about a week or two after it was said and done. Okay, for the actual check. But it was just one lump sum. If they wrote you a check. Wait, I tried to settle this. Three months in, we didn’t think it’d be this long. I said that it’s fine to check. But then that’s it. We’re done. So we can’t do that. So I think it’s their way of waiting me out. Just see how long I can make it without going to work.

Jeremy Kellett  28:33

They didn’t know. I don’t know your wife. Now, they don’t have a certain point.

Scotty Smith  28:38

I was like, You know what? No. Watch and see how long I can. And the lady actually said, Well, how long can you go? How long can you keep doing this? So I don’t know. We’ll see. Oh, my I don’t know, we’ll see. But I actually just talked to that lady the other day, and she’s very nice. But boy, let me tell you, they will try to, but that they were very nice. But at the same time, they will try to stick it to the best they can. And it wouldn’t happen that my year had been rough enough. Yeah. So

Jeremy Kellett  29:09

Thank goodness. I mean, they worked out and somebody gets what they deserve. You know when it comes to that it works out at the end.

Scotty Smith  29:15

Yeah, cuz I’m not a lawyer. thing. I wasn’t doing that. I simply just ran over my truck. Fix my truck. Yes. I didn’t know. I told them what? So they just took six snot on me.

Jeremy Kellett  29:33

Good stuff, man. It really is that they were able to tell their story. And I know you said you were nervous as a cat was still good. It’s still shaking. It’s a good story. And because you’re a good guy and you get to get a good family and I didn’t. You stuck it out and you get a lot of patients and you’re here now my full name. Yeah. You got to be in trucking. You got to have some patients for

Scotty Smith  29:59

sure. That’s true. I love it here. You have been great to me since day one.

Jeremy Kellett  30:05

Well we love having you man. And you know to see somebody come through that just makes it even tighter. So good to know. lease on with Oakley trucking America’s drop off call our owner operators are the top paid in the country and we will prove it to you. We offer steady year round freight as well as a yearly annual bonus and increase each year your lease to us. Oakley has multiple divisions and dumps Hopper bottoms and pneumatics so we are sure to have something that works for your schedule and hometown. Check us out on YouTube as well as our weekly podcast or give us a call today and see why Oakley Trucking is everything you have been looking for. All right, well, last year, appreciate you doing this and sharing your story. It’s always good to hear from our owner operators and our listeners, I think I enjoy that too. And to get real life stories that happened. While you’re least on Oakley trucking even but, you know, I appreciate you sharing it. And I appreciate everybody listening to the Oakley podcast. It’s, you know, I say this a lot. But man, you listeners if we need we love to hear from you. And that keeps us going in here. When we know that there’s words or to help somebody or you like listening to it. I mean, you do that by subscribing on a YouTube channel, or leaving a comment or hitting that like button. And I encourage you to go back and listen to some of the episodes that we put out if you’re not able to listen to him every week, you know, we put out one every Wednesday. Go back and listen to some of the old ones, man, we’ve got some good ones in there. We get some good testimony. We get just all kinds of good stuff. You can go back there and check. We appreciate y’all listening. We’ll talk to you next week. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Oakley podcast: trucking, business, and family. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to rate or review the show on the podcast platform of your choice and share it with a friend. We love hearing from our audience, so if you’ve got a question, comment, or just want to say hello, head over to our website, theoakleypodcast.com, and click the “leave a comment” button. We’ll get you a response soon and may even share some of the best ones here on the show. We’ll be back with a fresh episode very soon. Thanks for listening.