140: Recruiting Update with Kent Childers and Dustin Eagle

This week on the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett chats with Kent Childers and Dustin Eagle, recruiters here at Oakley. During the episode, the group discusses what’s going on in the recruiting department including the availability of trailers, why owner-operators leave Oakley, swapping trailers, and what you need to know if you would like to switch divisions here at Oakley. All that and more on this week’s episode!

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update:  Wash tickets and Adding and Detaching Shipments (1:49)
  • Update on trailer availability (5:41)
  • Goals for adding drivers at Oakley in 2023 (9:35)
  • Update on the dump division (13:25)
  • Why do drivers swap to pneumatics and how to do it? (16:36)
  • Why do people leave Oakley trucking? (23:23)
  • Final thoughts and takeaways (27:24)

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Kent Childers  00:00

The number one reason I see guys leave Oakley is truck issues or health health issues with an owner operator or a family member.

Dustin Eagle  00:20

Another one I wrote down is, you know, let’s be honest, you know, some guys takes dollars.

Jeremy Kellett  00:25

Well, we lost some guys when the spot market shot up and people would say they want to go buy a trailer and do their own thing. You know, a lot of guys

Dustin Eagle  00:33

went to run on their own authority. Yep. Man, that’s a lot and guys are calling back.

Jeremy Kellett  00:39

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley trucking headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner operators and their families by giving them up to date information concerning Oakley trucking in the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an insight to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family. There’s Jeremy kellett director recruiting here at Oakley trucking. I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family and this is episode 140. So on today’s episode, we’re going to talk a little about recruiting 2023. We’re going to get a little more in detail of what’s going on in the recruiting department here at Oakley trucking. Talk a little bit about the viability of trailers that we have right now. Maybe a waiting list that we’re having to start right now. We might even throw in some swapping divisions. If you’re interested in doing that. We’ll tell you a little bit about how to do that. Also our turnover rate and why people leave Oakley trucking. We’re going to cover a little bit of that stuff with Kent Childers and Dustin Eagle with me here and here in just a little bit. But first we want to get an Oakley update sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales. And this time we’re gonna get the Oakley update from JP in the safety department. What’s going on JP Hey, Jimmy, how are you today? I’m doing well. Give us a little bit of idea of what the safety department needs to tell our owner operators.

Jeremy Paul  02:06

Yes, there are two quick things for owner operators. Just want to mention wash tickets, please owner operators be sure that you all are getting your wash tickets. Whenever you get washed out. Even if we have an accountant that plays like a blue beacon, please get those receipts, scan those into us and only label those wash. We’ve had a lot of labels being basically scan twice under wash ticket and also payables miscellaneous so be sure to send those wash tickets in and only label those wash and also owner operators try to remember to add and detach your shipments that’s putting your load information on your logbook. If you don’t know how to do that you can give anybody and safety a call. We can talk you through that or even on our YouTube channel. We’ve got a video on there that’s called adding and detaching shipments and I can show you how to

Jeremy Kellett  02:50

do so just some common mistakes that you get every week.

Jeremy Paul  02:53

Yes, it seems to be kind of week in week out mistakes and so we’re just gonna try and get those minimized.

Jeremy Kellett  02:58

Alright, that’s Oakley updates monitored by Earl truck sales. Thanks JP Thank you. Aero truck sales has been in business for over 60 years and a longtime partner of Oakley trucking and the Oakley podcast. Dre visor and Keith Wilson do a great job at putting you in the right truck to fit your needs and our needs here at Oakley. They carry all makes and models to choose from with on site financing through transport funding. So whether you are a seasoned owner operator or a first time buyer, be sure to contact Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales at 573-216-6047. And tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast. Okay, we’re here to talk a little bit about what’s going on in recruiting. This year since it’s kind of the beginning of the year, you know, we want to get to. I feel like it’s good to let all our listeners know what recruiting departments go on. We’ll kind of shoot for what we’re seeing and things like that. And to do that. You got Dustin Nagle with me today, been with me before on the podcast. It’s been a while since my new daddy. Yeah, two weeks. Interesting life for the last two weeks, but unblessed, got a healthy baby boy and a masher and also, my wife’s doing great. So it was a blessing. He put a crappy pole in his hand yet?

Dustin Eagle  04:22

Not yet. But it’s coming. It won’t be long. It won’t be long. I’m ready for that.

Jeremy Kellett  04:28

If you don’t have to sell your boat because it’s rusting out there, you know, not being used over here.

Dustin Eagle  04:33

Yeah, I might as well sell it now and get another one here in about four or five years.

Jeremy Kellett  04:38

Oh, man. That’s good stuff that’s out there. Yeah. And I got Mr. Kent Childers. Yes, sir. What did we call you last time as a senior recruiter? Yes. Do that in a good way. Yeah, I know. You’re saying your recruiter. I think I know Qlik trogons, you know these guys. I mean, these two guys are in the trenches every day dealing with, you know, taking phone calls, talking to recruits every day, lining up people for orientation, getting applications processed and trying to find the right fit for this company. And that takes a lot to do. I don’t think a lot of people realize what all you guys go through to find the right person to go work on here. But just to, you know, give a little rundown I think what we’ll do is, you know, we go all over the place here, but you know, just kind of an idea where recruiting is what we’re doing this year, what we’re doing right now, you know, what’s pressing right now, this pretty fresh. This is stuff that’s happening. Date is up to date? Yeah, let’s just talk about the number one thing that we’re facing around that tribal situation, pretty tough. I mean, we are officially not bringing any more Hopper if any hoppers

Dustin Eagle  05:53

are completely out. But, you know, it’s, we’ve been there before,

Jeremy Kellett  05:59

with the exception. We do have a commitment. Coming next week. We have one coming next week that we’ve already committed to. He bought a tow truck, he’s caught a truck. We’re trying to sell, we’re gonna figure that out for him. Yeah, that’s gonna be a tough one right there. Yeah, to figure out but but you know,

Dustin Eagle  06:15

what, he made a commitment. So we’re gonna stick to Yeah, yeah,

Jeremy Kellett  06:19

I mean, in the hopper, I mean, it’s just not noticed. We stretched it a little at the end. So there’s not any hoppers to hook up right now. So let’s go now.

Dustin Eagle  06:28

Yeah. And the hook Hopper division took off. You know, I think it’s a division that a lot of guys like, because it runs a little bit more regional than anything else we get and get you home on the weekend.

Kent Childers  06:39

Yeah, they’re not tied down to any special equipment. Yeah. Like you said,

Dustin Eagle  06:42

It’s a good division to start over a guy that’s never been in the drab industry, right. And I think that’s one reason why we’re gonna watch the trailers. And, but don’t let that stop you from the West Wing still talking about it, you know, we’re like you say, we’re gonna start a waiting list. We’re going to still want guys to be interested in pulling the hopper.

Jeremy Kellett  07:06

Well, you know, the time we got 20 gum, and 20 new hoppers come in here, hopefully in March. So that’s going to give me a little bit of relief. And, you know, it’s you constantly you’re gonna have something happen. I mean, we’re leaving whether it’s an accident. Unfortunately today’s truck prowl or trillia healthpro problem is going to be something like that, anyway. But so. So for everybody listening out there, right now, as we speak, we’re not leasing on any more hoppers, guest pool hoppers. We’re completely out and it’ll be March, April, before we crank that back up, which goes by fast, you know, we still want to have that conversation with any recruits that are listening and thinking about coming over. I mean, it’s, it’s not like we’re gonna quit. Yeah,

Dustin Eagle  07:50

and if anybody’s interested in still talking to us, let us work up an application to get you approved, because that makes the process a lot faster. The process

Kent Childers  07:58

Usually it takes a little time anyway, or even to fill us out. And you know, you got a truck to get normally or, you know, get one up to par or it just takes a it’s a process anyway to

Jeremy Kellett  08:11

and then when we start that list, mine, it’s good that you got all your stuff. dunkles can’t go i My guys, Ray I got doesn’t go no, my guys, Ray.

Dustin Eagle  08:21

And Jeremy, say we got three hoppers available. We’re getting three pretty quick. So if you’re already approved, there you go. We might call you tomorrow, you never know.

Jeremy Kellett  08:32

Yep, that’s where he’s gonna get to come for sure. You know, our, I was doing counting just to kind of let everybody know, I mean, we see it every week on truck count and where we’re at, but I thought, you know, our listeners might not know this on how many trucks we actually have. I talked to a guy for a day, and he asked, like, we I know y’all don’t have a lot of hoppers. So we got 200 owner, operators. And I said, Yeah, we got 200 Guys and our hopper division. So you know, we got 200 There, we got about actually, we got 240 Yeah, I was looking at that wrong. We got 240 owner operators on the hoppers, and we got 200 pneumatics, that’s what I was thinking about. We got 200 pneumatic owner operators. And we got a little over 400 baht for one and 10 Dump so they doubled. I know everybody does Yeah, and total about 850 owner operators, which is a great little comeback. Sure as you know from years ago, a few years ago when COVID went down and then we came back up at a steady pace. So 850 owner operators is good. And man, what do you guys want to do this year? I mean, what do you think is realistic to do this year?

Kent Childers  09:41

Keeping this trainer yard empty is key for me. That’s my goal. Keep it empty.

Dustin Eagle  09:50

Well, for people that don’t know, out there, you know, the all time high for Oakley, I believe was 874. I’d like to beat that up. For one, get above that. And we’ve always talked about hitting that 900. Mark. And I would love to see us hit that.

Jeremy Kellett  10:07

Yeah, I think that’s definitely feasible to do this year, because the equipment is available. And then the freight is available is the main thing. But it will be pretty small. It’s been a little slower January, but it’s no big deal.

Dustin Eagle  10:22

I mostly think we can do it. No. But that’s my goal. You know, it was awesome. When we hit 800. It’s gonna be even better when we hit 900.

Jeremy Kellett  10:33

You know, I had a call earlier, too, that said something about you guys are hiring. Still hiring people. We mean, it’s, it’s our job. That’s what we’re going to do. And even a little slow period is not going to happen, you’re not just going to grow the brakes on because I think sometimes people don’t realize it is a process to go through the recruiting process. To get least on I mean, there’s not a call you today, and I’ll be there next week, like people think,

Dustin Eagle  11:03

no, a lot of recruits, you talk to, you can tell I’ve been through a lot of companies like that. And when I call us, go manage a process. Yeah, we all want a lot of stuff. Well,

Kent Childers  11:19

Why are they asking us about that? Or they want to know that we’re pretty. We cover a lot of ground with them. We want to know what we’re getting in an owner operator just like me, well, they can talk to any of our owner operators out there. They know what we have. You know, we tell them what we offer and we just want to make sure we know we’re getting it so it takes a little while. We’re not looking for everybody.

Jeremy Kellett  11:42

Yeah, it’s not, it’s not a quick deal. But you know, to those people out there, listen, go. Why are you leasing too many trucks? Well, we’re not leasing on many trucks. I think that is just I know, we put them up on social media every week. But I mean, it is not, you know, five or six a week and you’re talking 850. Truck, you know, truck count driver count company. Exactly. And you’re doing five or six, and then they’re saying that word here disappointed. Yeah. You know, we’re

Dustin Eagle  12:12

one 810 away. Right. Right. So

Jeremy Kellett  12:14

it’s to be able to grow the fleet. Little by little, I mean, I think our goal has always been, you know, if we could gain this fleet, 50 trucks a year. You know, that is a lot of people like 50 a year, y’all. I’m telling you now, that’s a challenge to do 50 A year, because you I mean, that’s another dispatcher. That’s adding somebody probably to the safety department. That’s 60 more trailers, let’s fix drivers that mean it, it affects a lot of different stuff when you go ahead and the fleet, you know, gaining 50 trucks and years

Dustin Eagle  12:51

time, and you even break it down farther, and at one week, we want to gain one truck a week, sometimes. I mean, it don’t happen all the

Jeremy Kellett  13:01

way. We’ve been pretty fortunate as fast as we had here to be able to do that for sure. But it can be a challenge, you know, on it for sure. The other thing I was going to talk about was one of the reasons I think that we are getting full, something we didn’t touch up before I got to the turnover and why people quit Oakley was the dump situation. We talked about the hoppers and those trailers. What’s the dump situation we’re glad

Kent Childers  13:27

This week by week we talked with dump dispatch yesterday and we’re getting pretty tight on trailers, thinking we probably got another couple of weeks of, you know, average three to three guys and we’re gonna be getting full, full blown on the dump site. Also,

Dustin Eagle  13:44

they’re starting to holler at us, just like the hoppers are. So you know, once they start saying slow down a little bit, let’s check our trailer situation out. So you know, you know, they’re getting pretty thin. But

Jeremy Kellett  13:57

if you’re pulling a dump trailer right now,

Dustin Eagle  14:00

don’t drop it on your recruiting department. We’ll hook it up. If you’re at Oakley already, do not drop your trailer.

Kent Childers  14:07

So don’t delay or

Jeremy Kellett  14:10

they’ve got somebody ready to hook to hell. Yeah, that’s like we mic around out there everyday going on right now and try to

Dustin Eagle  14:16

like I’m thinking there’s gonna be some new ones show up any day out there, but it can happen.

Jeremy Kellett  14:20

But we should add some new dumps coming pretty soon. So we’ve actually already had one of them show up here on the yard, also, but Toby said there was a little glitch in the tailgate, he and that was going to have to be fixed because I don’t know, something changed there that he wasn’t aware of. It’s called a leaking problem where the torque builds over that change. So he was waiting to see the remedy on that and see if it’s gonna be an easy fix to keep those trailers coming and going. We can stop getting them in and yeah, that’d be great. Yeah, yeah, we need some. It’d be looking good short, and whose bread axle algo coming in. Ready to see oh, yeah, me too. Me too they’re gonna be good everybody will so spread axis pneumatics I think are tight at

Dustin Eagle  15:07

Yeah, I actually talked to Bradley Simpson yesterday the operations manager down there and I was searching for some you know bottom drop tanks to try to for our hopper situation he like we’re out of those route a dirt tanks pretty much and I got some back tanks but you know he’s getting they’re getting too into it.

Jeremy Kellett  15:30

So um we got two guys swapping over you got several on the leader I

Dustin Eagle  15:34

I think we’ve had Matt. We’re gonna have to next week by the end of next week we’ll have like six or seven I swapped over the last few weeks. Yep.

Jeremy Kellett  15:43

That’s great. And I’ll tell you something else I might not realize but and appreciate our owner operators doing this when we’re in a bind is those guys is it the Glenwood RV or Glenwood Little Rock Dangerfield of Glenwood Springs, the ones pulling the bottom drive, pulling those small tanks at bottom drop and suitable hopper to relieve the hopper have some relief on hopper. Big shout out to him because,

Dustin Eagle  16:08

you know, pull them one of those, it comes out a lot slower. You know, you have to have a little bit more patience and know what you’re doing. But a big shout out to him, because that shows your team player and we appreciate that. And we

Jeremy Kellett  16:19

sure do. That helped our alibi. Exactly. And hopefully when we get those new hoppers in, we can get those swapped out. And I don’t have any word of any pneumatics coming in yet. So Miles is asking, Why are gas swapping to pneumatic so we can talk about swapping divisions, you’re sure if you don’t do it? Well,

Dustin Eagle  16:42

I mean, I think they were a big family over here. They know a lot even though they’re pulling a dump or Hopper, they know a lot of pneumatic guys, and I know guys are staying busy making money. You know, generally our pneumatic division makes the most money, right? It’s not a secret to anybody. And I think ultimately go for it or owner operator, you know, to get the most Mario vacate and and you know, and a lot of them it’s a challenge, you know, they don’t, it’s, there’s a lot that goes into pulling a pneumatic. And that’s where we come in, we’re helping explain to him, you know why you should swap over what the process is? Well, it’s,

Jeremy Kellett  17:24

you know, for one part, two antropologia miles questions, we push that a little bit, we push it to get good guys on the match, because I typically how we’re gonna get a new mat again, rarely are we gonna find one that’s already got pneumatic experience and putting right over there. And, you know, we’ve had some situations where we put down pneumatics. But, you know, we started promoting that a little bit, a couple of months ago to try to get some guys to swap to create some availability, with the end ups or the hoppers.

Dustin Eagle  17:55

Because it’s very rare, we hire somebody to go straight on like that. It’s mostly SWAT guys are already

Jeremy Kellett  18:02

here. Yeah. So and, you know, you gotta be a pretty good owner operator to get recommended by your dispatcher. They talk and hey, you know, this guy does things right. And I mean, easy and pneumatic caliber guy, that one and I mean, there’s not just, Hey, I’m swapping, I’ll be in there tomorrow to change over with no, don’t go like that. So let’s talk about that a little bit more in detail, as is. If somebody wants to swap divisions, what is the process,

Kent Childers  18:32

I’ll start out on that. First thing you need to do would be to call your dispatcher, call us in recruiting, and let’s kick it around a little bit. Let’s go over, you know, why you want to swap what the difference is in the divisions. See, if that’s something you’re interested in, make sure your truck is, you know, equipped, transmission wise, you know, a lot of Hopper guys gotta have the dreaded dt 12, which is a great transmission, but it’s not going to work for for the PTOs you know, despite sure that this is what you want to get into, you know, because a blower is expensive, I mean, the money’s great over there, but it will make sure that’s what you want to do is normally out a little longer. For a lot of guys that you know, we have a lot of guys here who go home on weekends that are in the other two divisions. So it’s normally out another week or so. And, putting that blower on just wants to make sure everybody’s on the same page or on what you’re getting into.

Jeremy Kellett  19:26

So they call in and talk to their dispatcher or call recruiting or call pneumatic division.

Dustin Eagle  19:35

I think they should first call us and recruit honestly. Okay. You know, we can always bring them to the right people, and we can know what, you know what to tell them to. So, instead of getting the runaround, just calling the recruiting department will talk to you and then well we like to do is get you down there to Bradley Simpson or Randy card. What, you know, let the opera Operations Manager talk to you a little bit about where you live, what they think they can do for you at home? And kind of get an overview of what, what you’d be doing or pneumatic and see if that’s what you know some topic for you.

Jeremy Kellett  20:11

Yeah, because I mean one thing is why? Well I’m gonna ask and that’s what we all should ask if somebody calls want to swap divisions, no matter which one if you’re going from dumped a hopper, hopper to dump, put a pneumatic whatever we’re going to ask why? Because that’s a big reason is one we’re not going we’re not going to swap. Because you have a problem. We’re going to fix the problem. Before we swap right that goes, That’s not always the entry swapping to be always the answer to the problem.

Dustin Eagle  20:43

Now and yes, that question is why? And the first thing? Well, they make the most money? Well, you know, I don’t know, they might make the most money, but that might not be the reason you go over there my pit, you know, you gotta want to do the job. Right? You know, it’s more to it than just making the most I want to go where the most money? Yeah, that well, there’s a lot that goes into making the most money. And you gotta be, you know, you’re

Jeremy Kellett  21:08

the reason it plays a match. Right? Right.

Dustin Eagle  21:11

You can’t just go over, it’s like, you’re going back the most, you know,

Jeremy Kellett  21:14

it goes, it’s the biggest investment, I assure you, bushing on pneumatics.

Dustin Eagle  21:18

You know, on it as far as going along with the process, you know, we decided you want to do it? Well, we have two big step areas, we gotta get you scheduled into the shop. Can you just show up one day, hey, I’m Ray swap over. A blower on a truck? Well, we might have six, eight new hires out here. They’re putting wet kits on blowers anyway, truck trade. So we have to get with Miss Teresa out there and get you on the schedule. You guys want to schedule this week, we’ve been on her for three weeks or three weeks now. So there’s only so much I can do out there every week. So we’ve got to get you scheduled out. It might take you a couple of weeks to get you in here to get it done. But at least we’ll get you on schedule. And you can play from there to get down here.

Jeremy Kellett  22:01

I’d say the next month or so is probably a good time to do it. If you’re gonna need equipment put on, are you wanting to do that because the recruiting process can slow down a little bit. And go and create a little bit of usually a little bit of that time out here in the shower to do that. So yeah, I mean, swapping over divisions is something that we definitely encourage. We want people to be in the division they want to be in and it’s great that you have that opportunity to change jobs and never leave the company. Yeah,

Dustin Eagle  22:36

That’s a big point right there. Yeah,

Jeremy Kellett  22:38

they don’t lose your anniversary bonus. You don’t lose anything. It’s that you just keep going. It might be getting old to you. Yeah. You know,

Dustin Eagle  22:49

well, let’s talk about

Jeremy Kellett  22:50

Yes, your anniversary goes right over with a vision. It ain’t like you start over or anything like that. I mean, it’s because you’re with the same company. You’re just building a different trailer with a different pay rate. That’s all that is so it’s, you know, main swap and vision is something that we just talked about, and we make sure it’s like you can’t say it is what you want to do. It’s gonna fit a program we don’t want you to do and it goes you’re mad or something. I mean, we might do it anyway, at some point, but we won’t try to fix any counted issue that we have on doing that. So why don’t people quit Oakley trucking? I think I’ve asked it before on podcasts . We might have asked you guys before but I thought we’d touch base again on it because it’s been a while and you get things change over you know, over the years. Some people quit, you know, this is going down and that’s going for a reason. And what’s the reason now y’all feel like

Kent Childers  23:45

say it’s probably the same. This has been as truck issues is the number one reason I see guys believe Oakley is truck issues or health health issues with an owner operator. or close family members.

Dustin Eagle  24:02

Yeah, yeah. And I, you know, I wrote them down too. And another one I wrote down is, you know, let’s be honest, you know, some guys chase money Chase Chase dollars. Yeah. You know, and you know, I think y’all we had a podcast saying it’s a little slower and at Oakley and I we’re gonna go through those here and there but where we

Jeremy Kellett  24:23

lost some guys when the spot market shot up, and people would say they want to go buy a trailer and do their own thing. You know, a lot of guys went to run on their own authority. Yep. My hand that’s a lot and guys are calling back. Yeah. It didn’t last nearly as long as I thought. I can’t ride on a lot of that. Why guys? Do quit Oakley. I mean, big trucks are a problem. Health is a problem. And some of the stuff we do may not like a lot of people don’t realize what they’re getting into and a drop off business or where you’re raising a trailer up and air that thing get your attention now Going into scrap yards or dirty places or things that you got to climb in the trailer and sweep it out. And you know, there’s more potential while we pay more. Exactly. Then anything I drive by an or flat mirror, reefer, I mean, we pay very well to do that. That to me makes a big difference. But you got to do a good job of explaining that ahead of time, I think. And that is a big key to our turnover rate being 20-21%. And the lowest I’ve ever seen it working here, right now. So we’re just really fortunate. We’re a little high up hardening by quit domain, it’s, I take what matter of fact we have this is kind of crazy. We have to sometimes make people quit. Say that because they haven’t been working. Right. You know, they don’t want to quit, but it’s there. It’s still costing them money every week to stay at least within the block, an example of their truck or their health. They’re going in, you know, they’re gonna be negative to us. And we’re gonna say, Man, you didn’t I mean, just the lease. And then if you ever get back to where you’re good, then come on back. Yeah, because they don’t want to Yep. Yeah. good problem to have, though. Very good problem. We’re very blessed because companies the size of us, the size of Oakley, that have this, you know, 100,000 trucks have a huge turnout rate. And we’re fortunate that we know

Kent Childers  26:29

I say a lot for our guys that are here. Good. Yeah.

Dustin Eagle  26:33

Yeah, this show we standards and stick to

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Jeremy Kellett  27:25

All right, what else?

Dustin Eagle  27:26

I was gonna mention for guys that don’t get by here a lot. The recruiting department moved in the office too. So Oh, yeah, we’re right in the you come in the back door right on the left hand side. So you know, we’re counting but yeah, we’re counting and everybody flogged as we walked straight over to the right. Well, we are looking around. So John, anything when you come in the back door we’re after? As you walk in on the left hand side. So

Jeremy Kellett  27:53

The first person you’re gonna see is Mike’s. Yes. Right.

Dustin Eagle  27:57

Just ask him what you need. things taken care of.

Kent Childers  28:01

Get your pager while you’re in here. Yeah,

Jeremy Kellett  28:03

That’s a good idea.

Dustin Eagle  28:04

Yeah. So yeah, we’d like to get those updated to Yeah, so I just wanted to mention that to everybody.

Jeremy Kellett  28:11

Yeah, I think that’s good. All good stuff. So if nothing else we’ll wrap it up. Yes. All sounds good to me. lease on with Oakley trucking America’s drive we’ll call our owner operators the top paid in the country and we will prove it to you. We offer steady year round freight as well as a yearly annual bonus and increase each year your lease to us. Oakley has multiple divisions and dumps Hopper bottoms, and pneumatic so we are sure to have something that works for your schedule, and hometown. Check us out on YouTube as well as our weekly podcast or give us a call today and see why Oakley trucking was everything you have been looking for. Okay, hey, appreciate everybody listening to the Oakley podcast. You guys and ladies out there know that. We really appreciate you listening to this thing and sharing it with your friends. I can’t tell you. I think hardly a day goes by. Somebody doesn’t say something about the Oakley podcast or saw you on YouTube or main net. I had a guy in here this week in orientation. And he said, Man, I’ve watched some of those episodes on YouTube. He said y’all are the reason. That’s the reason I’m over here. Because I learned so much from listening to the podcast. And that means a lot to me. Because, you know, sitting here at this table, and us just talking as friends in a recruiting department. We don’t realize that it works and it reaches people out there like it does, but it’s why we do it. And I say this a lot but we do it for our owner operators and their families. So they can get an insight of what’s going on here. At Oakley trucking. Yes, it’s turned into a little bit of a recruiting tool too. But that’s just a byproduct that’s come out of what we really do it for. It’s also to thank our owner operators, because they don’t get enough of that on the road. He goes under appreciated a lot of times but you don’t hear in the office and we all appreciate what you guys do out there on the road. So be sure and subscribe, like, comment, check out all our social media platforms, and be in touch with what’s going on at Oakley trucking. We appreciate you. We’ll talk to you next week. Thanks for listening to this episode with Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to rate or review the show in the podcast platform of your choice and share it with a friend. We love hearing from our audience. So if you’ve got a question, comment or just want to say hello, head over to our website, the Oakley podcast.com and click the leave a comment button. We’ll get you a response soon and may even share some of the best ones here on the show. We’ll be back with a fresh episode very soon. Thanks for listening