139: Altech Recycling: From Scrap to Smelter

This week on the Oakley Podcast, Jeremy Kellett and Jason Webb chat with Chad Chapman, the Facility Manager at Altech Recycling. During this episode, Chad talks about what Altech Recycling does, why the recycling business is important, the processes which allows Altech to handle over 2 million pounds a week, a new documentary, and more.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: Spouse gift cards and shoutout to an owner-operator (3:00)
  • What is Altech Recycling? (5:31)
  • Separating bulk material and metal in the recycling process (7:12)
  • Chad’s background with the company (9:28)
  • What impacts production and busyness? (13:12)
  • Oakley’s relationship with Altech Recycling (14:45)
  • What’s the future look like in the recycling industry? (19:50)
  • The new repurposed documentary on Altech and the recycling process (21:49)

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Chad Chapman  00:12

I really appreciate the owner operators I see. I think it increased value with someone that’s an owner operator as opposed to someone that’s just a company driver driving the company truck. They take a lot more initiative in themselves, they actually represent much better. So actually, I would like to thank all the drivers, because I do think all of them do a good job. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with one single driver from Oakley.

Jeremy Kellett  00:39

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business, and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley Trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner-operators and their families by giving them up-to-date information concerning Oakley Trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an inside to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family. Hi, this is Jeremy kellett director recruiting here at Oakley trucking. I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. This is episode 130 Man that we’re doing. Today’s episode is going to consist of a customer of ours. been nice enough. Mr. Chad Chapman has been nice enough to come over and sit down with us and we’re going to talk a little bit about what Alltech recycling is. If you don’t know what Zorba and Twitch are, you’re about to learn. We’re going to describe it for you and tell you a little bit about the recycling business and what Chad does there at Alltech. So good stuff RS four we got started. I want to definitely thank all our listeners as we do every week and I appreciate you guys listening to the Oakland podcast and it means a lot to get feedback from you. So please subscribe, comment on the episodes and let us know what you think about this podcast and share it with a friend. We’re always trying to get in front of truck drivers, always tell these guys in here there’s three and a half million truck drivers in the world and I need to be in front of everyone else. So you got to do that. Share it with us. I know y’all know a truck driver out there. So share it with them, send it to them and have them listen to it. We appreciate it. Oakley update is sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales. Arrow Truck Sales has been in business for over 60 years and a longtime partner of Oakley trucking and the Oakley podcast. Dre visor and Keith Wilson do a great job at putting you in the right truck to fit your needs and our needs here at Oakley. They carry all makes and models to choose from with on site financing through transport funding. So whether you’re a seasoned owner operator or a first time buyer, be sure to contact Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales at 573-216-6047. And tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast. So now the update I’m kind of gonna reiterate, is I think it’s the update from last week. And it’s on the the spouse bonus that we send out on the anniversary date of the Oakley owner operator, we send the spouse a gift card, we have changed that, you know, it’s been actual cards and pin numbers all these years but we’ve changed that to money transfers through Venmo Cash App and PayPal. So you will be getting a personalized letter from us the spouse will with instructions of emailing your information, whichever three you want to use and you’ll email out to Vicki just 18 and she will transfer the money to you so new way of doing things with that we think it’s gonna be a whole lot easier. I know it may be a little difficult in the beginning if you got to download the app if you’re not familiar with how to do it, man it it’s going to simplify stuff when you know when you balance your money using it you don’t have to worry about a card pin number activation, all that stuff. So it might be a little bumpy in the beginning, but it’s gonna be a little simpler down the road. Also on the Oakley update, I do want to recognize a one owner operator with his David early. He’s been with us for 13 years. He just said he’s a great owner operator. He’s out of Eustis, Texas he drives a 2013 Freightliner you know, and I asked a couple of guys in dispatch what they thought of you know David Lee and not tell you my two let me read this one great guy, great personality never complains about going anywhere works weekends when I asked works Oxbow if you don’t know that he is one of our Dirtiest Jobs does that without complaint and overall great asset to the company and that was from a dispatcher out there. And I got the same feedback from a couple operation managers that have dealt with David over the years. So you know, it’s just those guys like David Utley, owner operators like him that makes this company what it is today, and I can’t say much more than Thank you Don’t worry, we appreciate you being an oak trophy. You bet. Thank you. Okay. Got Jason Webb sitting down with me. A frequent Oakley podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Good to be back. Yeah. Good stuff. And got Mr. Jad Jetman. The facility manager at Alltech recycling here in North Little Rock. How are you doing? Jaya. Good. Good. Thank

Chad Chapman  05:20

you. Yeah,

Jeremy Kellett  05:21

We appreciate you coming out with this mindset now with this? Absolutely. Is this your first podcast you’ve ever done? Yeah, okay, well, it’s gonna be a good one, he couldn’t start it out with a better one. Okay. So, you know, to get just straight to it. I want our listeners to, I think it’s good to get with customers that we deal with every day, and learn about them too, and what we do with them and how our owner operators interact with them. And kind of your expectations too. But first, I guess let’s kind of start off. What is Alltech recycling?

Chad Chapman  05:56

I’ll tag recycling as an aluminum processor. So what we do is we take a material called zorb. It comes from automobile shredders and different shredding operations. What they do is, they’re after the steel, so they take all the steel out. So everything that’s non magnetic separator, they take out the majority of all the landfill stuff, rubber, tires, plastic, all that. And the rest is a metallic mix of non magnetic stuff. So what we do is we separate it, looking for just pure aluminum gray that we then are sending to different smelters that are making aluminum products.


Cool. So that’s

Jeremy Kellett  06:40

a machine separates all that stuff. So it comes from, I guess, scrap yards? Well, yeah,

Jason Webb  06:46

We come from, you know, some local places here in Arkansas, and you know, all the surrounding states. And sometimes little further, you know, we’ve come out of for is, I think Wisconsin an hour a couple times, you know, and you know, it just we come in, you know, we are in dumps come in and load and bring it right down here and dump it out is pretty easy in and out do and how does that. Chad? How is that? How do you separate that?

Jeremy Kellett  07:16

I mean, you talked about bringing in a bulk material that’s got all kinds of stuff in there, but it’s got the piece of metal you’re looking for in there somewhere, and we dump a truckload of it, then you load some kind of machine that separates it,

Chad Chapman  07:31

we do, it’s actually a really cool process, what we do is we add different types of media into water, and it makes the water heavier, denser. So we actually are floating in aluminum out, which is a great way of doing it because you can’t have a mechanical failure when it’s just basically gravity. I mean, you can have tons of mechanical failures that relate to the process, but you’re not going to trick it. You can’t have a sensor that’s off. It’s either in floats or does it? Wow. So it’s pretty amazing watching that aluminum float.

Jeremy Kellett  08:03

I didn’t think that it would be like that. So it’s a water based process. They have now their

Chad Chapman  08:09

water is contained and reused and just recirculated.

Jeremy Kellett  08:13

So and then the metal, aluminum is what you’re looking for. Yeah, the aluminum is private and then that goes to I guess we haul it, don’t we?

Jason Webb  08:22

Yeah, that’s a really neat thing. So we’ve got trucks coming in bringing the Zorba and then on the other side, we’ve got trucks hauling Twitch out, which is the final product while this aluminum. And, you know, we take it to various places, you know, around surrounding states or consoles and you know, we’ve got a schedule and you know, it’s just been, it’s a real neat deal. And it’s, you know, trout here. How far do you have to drive to get over here to chat? About five minutes, 10 minutes, maybe?

Chad Chapman  08:56

About 10 minutes? Because I stopped for five? Yeah. All right.

Jason Webb  08:59

So you know, it’s just right and right in our backyard, you know, and so, it’s been just a really good, really good relationship. And, you know, it’s worked out, you know, for us. We feel like it’s worked out for you guys. And you know, like it’s worked out real good for you all. 

Chad Chapman  09:14

We started on September 22. Oh, no, 2021 Okay, so pretty recent in Yeah, yeah. I have only been here for just a little over a year. And you were with Alltech before that. Trading. Okay. Okay, I read something. Yeah, they combined? No, was that what uh, yeah, two companies combined. We had Mike

Chad Chapman  09:36

Alta el TxA. Alter trading and Toyota to shoe America. That’s what

Jeremy Kellett  09:40

it was. Okay. And so you were with them prior and up north?

Chad Chapman  09:47

Yeah, yeah. I moved here from Ohio.

Jeremy Kellett 09:50

Man, how’s that for you?

Chad Chapman  09:52

Well, I hear better weather. Yeah, warmer. I hate snow.

Jeremy Kellett  09:58

But you’ve been up there your whole life. Yep, up in the north here and now you live here in Arkansas. So you have to uproot your family and bring them down here. Yeah, they can join. Yeah, it’s a lot warmer. It was a lot warmer. Except tomorrow. Tonight. I didn’t get a little cold because you probably don’t think that’s cold.

Chad Chapman  10:17

No, I think you guys are crazy to shut everything down for half interest. No.

Jeremy Kellett  10:22

We do though. We have to be around here. The twitch. Okay, that’s the finished product. Yeah. So Twitch is that nine Twitch has a weird name. Ah, I mean, where did that come from?

Chad Chapman  10:35

They got some group of people that threw darts at a dartboard and came up with names. For anything, does it? No, no, no, it doesn’t. Twitter doesn’t do anything. It’s just clean aluminum. Okay,

Jeremy Kellett  10:48

So were you associated with Oakley, when you were up at all? Did you know anything about us? Or did you know that we got down here more and more when we came down? Here we come beating your door down when you realize you were here? Yeah, Jason was

Chad Chapman  11:02

knocking at the door every other day trying to buy me some heat. That’s why we did it. And I mean, this works out great. I mean, you guys are bringing material in by dumping some. So you got a truck there, you might as well be pre loaded, take a load out for the most part. That’s

Jeremy Kellett  11:18

yeah, that’s that is I mean, do you know how much material you go through? In a week, month or year? Anything? Do you keep track of? No,

Chad Chapman  11:28

We process? I mean, we processed probably a little better than 2 million pounds a week. Oh, wow.

Jeremy Kellett  11:34

That’s awesome. So there’s quite a bit. Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s quite a bit linear

Jason Webb  11:39

way. And Chad said, you know, September of 20, that’s when we started hauling, actually, you know, with thanksgiving operation, we were bringing loads in and, you know, trucking stuff out, and you know, that, you know, kind of picked up, you know, over the months, you know, it started off kind of, you know, one or two low tier, and then it kind of built up, you know, but there was a lot before that, you know, getting your ducks in a row. And, you know, they were building the plant over there. And, you know, one thing that helped us, you know, you know, Alltech is a part of ultra trading, we have a good relationship there. You know, we’ve done a lot of work and a lot of different places throughout the years. And that’s just our owner operators, you know, that got our foot in the door, you know, as much as I’d like, say it was trips a whole hog. It was more, you know, it was more than anything, but just our owner operators, you know, that kind of went before us and, you know, did good work, took care of business, and that kind of helped us, you know, kind of get our foot door, you know, and then staying after it, you know, as the business has grown, you know, we’ve been able to keep up and, you know, and it’s, like we’ve said here before it starts stands with Owner Operator,

Jeremy Kellett  12:51

Are there a lot of other alternate places?

Chad Chapman  12:54

No, this is the only one that’s all tech, there’s a few other ones I want to say I think there’s six other plants that are similar to the United States.

Jeremy Kellett  13:02

Okay, but this is the only one actual Alltech Yes. Okay. plans to open more, you know, that I’m aware of what, you know, what affects your production, I mean, whether you go up or you’re, you’re busy or you’re slow, what affects it,

Chad Chapman  13:19

what makes it happen, a lot of it’s just gonna be market supply, demand driven, you know, so, we’re, of course, like everything else, you know, defensive auto manufacturers are busy, we’re gonna be busy, the markets kind of come down and production slows down, it’s gonna affect us, but also on the other side, that also depends on service of shredders are going to be slow because the prices are really low. That’s going to affect our diet. So then we know we need to sell less just to make it work.

Jeremy Kellett  13:54

Gotcha. Do you monitor that? I mean, as a Facility Manager, I guess you Yeah, and

Chad Chapman  14:00

I have a lot of scrap back on so some of the market helps. But I mean, we have a team of people that work together will give

Jeremy Kellett  14:08

us a little insight on your scrap background.

Chad Chapman  14:10

Oh, I’ve done a lot from working at the little retail spots buying from the mom and pops and everybody just cleaning out to the garage do shredders and mailers and different things I’ve moved around quite a bit so I’ve gotten a lot of exposure but the recycling industry is interesting every day is so much to learn consistently so usually been in just about 20

Jeremy Kellett  14:39

You ought to know it pretty well there. What else we have that you get, as far as you know, dealing with you started in there talking about the owner operators getting your foot in the door. Yeah, you met I guess you made that alter trading we were doing business with them. Yeah, yeah, we were

Jason Webb  14:57

doing you know, we’ve done a lot of work. You know, this Tenenbaum right down the road? You know, it’s part authors? Well, you know, we’ve got a long relationship with them and, you know, so we kind of, you know, I don’t know, exactly. Chad and his process, how we got married up, I think it was a lot of, you know, a few of us in here, bugging him more than anything. But, you know, we, I feel like we were I know, that, you know, we had a good reputation, you know, as far as taking care of, you know, customers, and doing right, and, you know, having the equipment and being, you know, able to meet, you know, demands different customers. And that, you know, just goes back to the owner operator, you know, we can’t do that without them. And so, you know, it’s just a big teamwork deal. You know, like, Chad said, he’s got people over there helping him and, you know, it’s been so nice. Dealing with him, the best thing is, when you call over to all tech, the answer the phone, I think, is the biggest thing, you know, it’s, you get inundated with emails, and you know, when stuffs going on, you know, chat or monster cat, you know, whoever, you know, they’re just a phone call away, you know, and they’re real good people, good folks to work with. And you can’t get him on the phone with his Draft Draft. Oh, you know, we’ve done knock on the door. Yeah. Yeah. We’ve been out there a few times. So you know, it’s a good working relationship. And, you know, you have set pop up little blips that come up and, you know, it’s we’ve done real good working together. And

Jeremy Kellett  16:29

What’s your honest opinion on Oakley trucking, and the owner operators that come into your facility? I know you probably have expectations and have been you’ve probably got a process that they need to pay attention to what your what Jason sent in here, and I know he is probably telling me anyway, when it’s time. But tell our listeners, what’s what that’s about.

Chad Chapman  16:53

I really appreciate the owner operators, I see. I think an increased value with someone that’s an owner operator, as opposed to someone that’s just a company driver driving the company truck, they take a lot more initiative in themselves, they actually represent much better. So actually, I would like to thank all the drivers, because I do think all of them do a good job. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with one single driver from Oakley,

Jeremy Kellett  17:21

Is it pretty simple killing into your facility? I mean to you basically the show on where to unload or? Yeah,

Chad Chapman  17:28

and we actually have instructions posted right in the driver’s door that comes in. They have a little window exe. They can talk right to the scale personnel and this got all the instructions right there. But they have questions. I asked him what they do to get a little rundown. You go there to stop you waiting for this person and pretty we’re trying to make it as simple as possible. How do you load our driver?


Ryan loader? Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  17:52

So is it inside or outside? Outside? Okay.


You know, thank you.

Jeremy Kellett  17:59

It’s a great testament, just showing the relationship that we have with customers where, you know, they can come in and sit down with us and, and, and I can tell by you guys’ relationship already, y’all communicate pretty well. I mean, if it’s, you know, needing a truck or where’s my truck, that deal, you know, I mean, it gets done pretty quick, pretty easy and makes it good. I mean, I like it well.

Chad Chapman  18:22

Yeah, at first, I was skeptical if you guys would be able to handle the volume of one company, but no, have you guys been able to keep up? It was

Jeremy Kellett  18:30

pretty seamless. We appreciate the business for sure. You know, it’s we, I mean, everybody knows that’s in our business that recycling is huge. Oh, yeah. And has grown I guess. So more, you know, say maca with the last 10 years just keeps growing the recycling business, whether it’s scrap metal or Zorba or twitch or, I mean all kinds of recycling.


It’s a fantastic niche in the market that especially when you get bulk trailers, you know, handouts like we do, they’re able to help us so it’s good to have customers like this. You bet. What else guys anything else? Miles Do you have any questions off the top of your head? Oh, good. Well, I

Jason Webb  19:15

got a good team over there all tech and that’s what makes it easy for us. You know, we know, and we’ve got a good team, you know, like I said, shortchanges with the owner operator. We got a really good dispatch team that takes care of the load to others you know, supposed to be and you know, Manuel really steps up and helps communicate you know, if there’s any issues so you know, it’s a team effort just like it is over there. You know, y’all got a lot of moving parts and it’s worked out good work out good for everybody. So you know, we sure appreciate you and looking forward to big long year

Jeremy Kellett  19:47

that’s what I was gonna ask what’s future looking like China without too Oh, I

Chad Chapman  19:51

I think efficiency will just progress and I think you know, we will try to ramp up volume as much as we really can. That doesn’t Want to work out good for everyone that we run one shift. So we do have a limit, but we can produce pretty well.

Jeremy Kellett  20:06

And that’s your goal assignment is to produce more. Yeah, that’s my job. Mike more Twitch is the end goal. Yeah. Quality quality is very important. How do you get quality? I mean, is it not? Just aluminum? I mean, now,

Chad Chapman  20:23

there’s a lot more to it than that you have to watch the steel. Yeah, I mean, because there’s other metals that are in there. So you need to make sure that they’re separating the right way now, and things everything’s dried, all our Twitch goes through a dryer. That’s really important. Because if one of the smelters gets wet aluminum actually explodes in their furnace.


Not good. No

Chad Chapman  20:43


Jason Webb  20:44

And that’s where owner operators come in, you know, it’s really important on this stuff. And, you know, it’s a little heightened for Sonka, and customers and others, but you know, the stuff guys stay dry. You know, you think, Well, I’m at views

Jeremy Kellett  20:55

now. Because it’s outside.

Chad Chapman  20:57

We have a canopy that they load under Gotcha. But yeah, we have to be very careful with it pouring rain outside, watch out for the load coming back. Make sure the drivers under fire now,

Jeremy Kellett  21:10

I’m assuming in theory and whoever you’re taking it to, or we’re taking it to you. I mean, they’ve got a process of making sure it’s dry before it goes in there. It’s not best, you know, we don’t dump it right out of the truck into the smelter, right? I’m sure. So they probably got it. So it’s fine. It’s like,


It’s very crucial to them. Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  21:31

I felt like a good tee off. Oh, no, it was hitting me there. Well, that was thinking about Yeah, now. So saving,

Jason Webb  21:36

it’s just really important. You’re on operators, making sure that you know, stuff stays dry. You know, you think about metal and you think well, it’s just metal, you know, scrap, but it’s a little more to it on the stuff going out, you know, the Twitch. Now it’s really important, and we keep it dry,

Jeremy Kellett  21:51

what happens to the rest of the Zorba.

Chad Chapman  21:54

That goes into a few different grades, while we call it Zeplin. That’s your light metal. So that’s going to be mainly magnesium, magnesium and lighter aluminum. So that goes to one place they separate to separate out just the magnesium itself. That’s a really light metal. And then we also make one called heavies. So that’s going to be your stainless brass, copper, zinc, all your heavier metals they going to sink


or one that goes those out to

Chad Chapman  22:27

the mighty because the heavies okay, then we export that overseas and get out of here. Yep.


Okay, so that’s why I was wanting all the rest of the aluminum is what you’re after the Twitch and the rest of the stuff. You ship you overseas you’ve ordered or Oh, yeah, it goes in containers, containers or Okay. goes all over the place. That No,

Jason Webb  22:51

You are saying that several came in here. About a week ago, there was somebody over there doing some video for one hour that made like a movie or dream movie stars over there. It’s like

Chad Chapman  23:03

a web series. So it’s a web series. It’s called repurposed. I think it should be starting in probably about two weeks, two or three weeks, we’ll be I know it will be on YouTube, maybe some other platforms too. But it’s really this guy John that’s in charge and just came up with the idea of doing the whole thing. Maybe they have some really good video editing from all different aspects of recycling, when they’re going into some steel mills, but they’re also going to shredders, some of the tree farms where they’re actually harvesting the trees, planting trees three to one making paper and recycling paper.

Jeremy Kellett  23:42

Oh, I see. So it’s okay. It’s not just all tech resign. No, it’s just No, it’s the entire recycling industry. Okay. The entire recycling industry, but they came over and did a little. You’re part of the documentary. Yeah.

Chad Chapman  23:58

Don’t get on there. Yeah. All right. It’s gonna be pretty cool. I think it’d be a little wild for us to get out. They have quite a few other episodes that they recorded before this, but that’s pretty good.

Jeremy Kellett  24:09

I know what it’s called or where we can look it up. It’s called repurposed, repurposed. We find that on YouTube. Yeah.

Chad Chapman  24:17

I think it’s about two to three weeks. They said they’ll be rolling them out.

Jeremy Kellett  24:21

Okay, so it’s not out yet.

Jason Webb  24:22

And it’s kind of like, what’s that show? Like, how is it made? Or? Yeah, dirty jobs.

Chad Chapman  24:30

Better looking customers.

Jeremy Kellett  24:31

Okay. Of course. Yeah. Now, that’ll be interesting to see. Yeah.

Chad Chapman  24:38

It’s pretty exciting. And I really liked the view that you know, they’re showing the recycling industry from the inside because people that don’t work in it, they don’t really understand what goes into it. That’s a lot more what you see on the surface,

Jason Webb  24:51

and I think they got some not, you know, he knows that they’ll use or not, but they got some video of us coming in there and unloading. Yeah, you have some Zorba, I think right. The Catcher was one of the guys.

Jeremy Kellett  25:01

Oh, we get to be on it. Yeah. So if they use it, I guess Yeah,

Jason Webb  25:04

yeah. I mean,

Chad Chapman  25:06

They love footage of trucks. They had a couple of guys from different angles.

Jason Webb  25:09

Okay. Yeah, no, Randy was one. There may be some others that came in that made the cut.

Chad Chapman  25:15

So, yeah, it’s gonna be pretty, pretty good.

Jeremy Kellett  25:20

repurposed. We’ll be looking forward to it in a couple of weeks.

Chad Chapman  25:24

I’ll let you guys know when it’s coming out. Yeah. Thanks, Jeff. Absolutely.

Jeremy Kellett  25:30

Good stuff, man. You never know. I mean, who would have thought he would learn what Zorba and Twitch? Right, these aren’t. So

Chad Chapman  25:38

everything’s Zorba. And Twitch is really all something that I mean, years and years ago, there was something that used to go into landfills. I mean, they would try to separate out the majority. But there’s, it’s nothing like what they can actually extract from it now. Because everything we send to the landfill. You can’t really find any metal on it. That’s yeah. Yeah. And that contributes to that machine. Yeah. What’s it called? That’s a heavy media plant.

Jeremy Kellett  26:08

So they call it what they look like? Is it massive and pretty? Yeah, that’s pretty big. Pretty big. And you just guessed it. I’ll picture it better when Miles comes back. But I can just picture you front end loader putting in the hopper and

Chad Chapman  26:23

the conveyors we have what 12 Different conveyors that are taking it from stage to stage and there’s a lot of different parts that are and

Jeremy Kellett  26:30

this is all inside a huge building, then I guess. Yeah. Cool. So I can

Jason Webb  26:35

be Willy Wonka. Thank


you. Dr. Seuss.


Yeah, there you go.

Jeremy Kellett  26:41

Now we are all under Yeah, there we go. Yeah.

Jason Webb  26:44

Glad I can drill it now. You

Jeremy Kellett  26:45

I wouldn’t think he is three little kids. Alright, guys, we will appreciate anything else you want to add?

Jason Webb  26:54

Oh, good. Yeah. Oh, good. Man. We appreciate you coming by. And like I said, it’s been a good relationship. And yeah, 14 is a barbecue. Yeah, yeah. So

Chad Chapman  27:03

we’re good. Well, I think I’d like to thank all the drivers that come in daily, and do a great job. What are the guys that are there day to day? They have them, it would make our jobs a lot more difficult. Amen

Jeremy Kellett  27:14

to that. They take care of us. Every day over here at Oakley Trucking, we appreciate the heck out of them. So it’s good to have customers like you do that. Understand that you appreciate it, you know that you even know the difference between a company driver and owner operator. A lot of customers don’t know that and don’t care. And it means a lot when you say that you can tell how they represent better being an owner operator. We’re proud of that model. We go. That’s all we have a weird owner operator. So all right. Well, I appreciate you coming over and doing this morning and knocking it out. Good information as always, Webb, thanks again for joining us. We were always able to do it when I asked you to appreciate that too. So thanks again, for everybody listening to the Oakley podcast. We really appreciate you doing it every week. If you’ve got any comments or questions on Altec recycling, let me know shoot them to me and I’ll get them over here to Chad. He’ll be glad to answer any questions you have. And other than that, we’ll talk to you next week. Thanks. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Oakley podcast: trucking, business, and family. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to rate or review the show on the podcast platform of your choice and share it with a friend. We love hearing from our audience, so if you’ve got a question, comment, or just want to say hello, head over to our website, theoakleypodcast.com, and click the “leave a comment” button. We’ll get you a response soon and may even share some of the best ones here on the show. We’ll be back with a fresh episode very soon. Thanks for listening.