137: PrePass: How it Works

This week on the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett chats with Don Reeves, a representative from PrePass. During the episode, Don discusses the benefits of PrePass, how it works and the details to make it a successful tool for our owner-operators.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: Freight Update to start 2023 and upcoming MATS show (2:59)
  • Don’s background and experience (5:15)
  • What is PrePass? (6:17)
  • How PrePass streamlines the weighing process for drivers (8:24)
  • Tolling benefits with PrePass (12:33)
  • The PrePass app and its benefits to users (17:48)
  • What’s new at PrePass? (21:44)
  • Final thoughts and takeaways (24:52)

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Don Reeves  00:12

We’ve got competition. I think that really brings innovation and success. So we’re a better company when we were in just 10 years ago, we’ve managed to use all the data that we get from the government, in the state associations to, to gather this information and make it you know, worthwhile for our carriers and they can see where their safety or their totally money’s going.

Jeremy Kellett  00:33

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner operators and their families by giving them up to date information concerning Oakley trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories, also to give an insight to outside truck drivers who might be interested in joining the Oakley family. Hi, there’s Jeremy kellett director of recruiting here at Oakley trucking. I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast, trucking business family and we appreciate everybody tuning in and listening to this or watching us if you’re on YouTube. We sure appreciate that. Be sure to subscribe and like and comment. If you happen to just be listed going down the road on your audio version. Be sure and leave me a mouse Big Five Star Review as long as you think we are five stars. Today on the episode we are going to talk to Don Reeves. And we’ve got him as a representative of pre-pass. And we’re going to find out a little bit more detail about pre-pass. I think everybody knows what pre-pass is but so you know we might have some listeners that have no idea what pre-pass even means. So we’re going to try to tell you what that is and and break down a little prepass of what the benefits are using it and how it works for truck drivers and Oakley trucking. We think just a few details will help us. Mr. Don’s gonna explain it to us here in just a minute. But first, let’s do the Oakley update sponsored by the lube zone. You know you’ve been hearing me talk about the lube zone for a couple of years now. Well now it’s time you hear from one of our owner operators. Listen to Mike Durbin talk about his experience with Luke Joe,

Mike Durbin  02:18

The price is great. The service is great. From the time when I bought him the door I pulled out was less than an hour, the best I’ve ever had, as far as the owner operator had more chains. Check everything they showed me. They had all the corps commander wrenches, showed me my rear end all on paper and they did their job. You know, just it was very nice to go somewhere, get what you wanted done and, and go I was very pleased with it. And like I said, very satisfied. I won’t go out of my way from

Jeremy Kellett  02:51

Now on to go check out lubezone.com for all their services and all their locations and tell them you heard it on the Oakley podcast. So on Oakley update today, you know, it’s kind of the first of the year, the holidays are over. It’s time for everybody to go back to work. It’s full time. You know, vacations are done? Well, maybe, you know, but it’s back at it and let’s get things going. And you know, as far as is Oakley, the things we’re looking at right now is a Friday is cranking back up, I think all our customers, you know seem to take a little time off along with us and along with the drivers take a little time off during the holidays and it well deserved time off. But it’s kind of now you know, feed hitting the ground and it’s time to roll with it and run with it because it’s time to get back in the groove. And freight seems to be, you know, really good right now from what I’m getting from our operation managers. So we’re getting you know, freight seems to be starting back up and, and also coming with the new year. I mean, it’s a new goal. What’s in front of you that everybody wonders what’s gonna happen at Oakley this year? You know, if you’re working for Oakley, am I in a good place? Are they gonna have a good year? I mean, you know, all indicators are that it’s gonna be good. And plus, I mean, I like to think like that, you know, you have a positive outlook on the year and what we’re doing so just prepare yourself for having a good year and we will have a good year. One other thing to keep in mind, I know it’s early, but we’ve got the Mid America truck show coming up at the end of March. And if you’re interested in going you need to start making plans to be there, especially if you’re gonna need to book a room or anything. We’re gonna have a couple guys in the prod and polish this year, which is going to be great. We’re going to have the one from last year John McCormack and we’re going to add who’s Jason Dover? He’s coming in and going to do it too. So we always like having a big, big showing at Matt’s so everybody be sure and check it out in Louisville, Kentucky, Mid America truck show at the end of March and the We’ll definitely be there. And I bet you Who else will be there will be prepass Don Reeves will be there. But he might wonder what’s going on down there? What are you doing?

Don Reeves  05:08

I’m doing fantastic. Thank you for the opportunity. And yes, we will be there at the show.

Jeremy Kellett  05:14

Oh, good. Yeah, give our listeners a little bit before we get into the details and prepare who you are?

Don Reeves  05:21

Well, I was the director of client retention. So basically, what I do is, I basically see our top clients, which you are one of them and make sure that they’re happy and everything’s working properly along three paths. My background is God 37 years and transportation. As far as operations, Vice pres, of operation for swift transportation for 20 Odd some years, Navajo. I was vice for the Navajo and also central freight lines. So I come from the truckload to the LTL, the reefer, the dry van, the flatbed, and the doubles and triples and everything else that can cause you crazy nights.

Jeremy Kellett  05:57

That’s very impressive, though. It’s a very impressive background. You’ve been doing it a long time. Oh, yeah.

Don Reeves  06:02

Yeah, my father got so involved back when he was with PRP out of Chicago.

Jeremy Kellett  06:07

Oh, no, kid. It’s, you know, being in the trucking business can take a toll on somebody after 37 years. And she looks like you’re handling it. Well. I’m

Don Reeves  06:16

painting. Oh, yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  06:18

Well, tell me about prepays. I mean, first of all, we use it here at Oakley, of course, and we’ve been with you guys for a long time. It has been as I can remember, years ago, it was not that vital of a tool in the very beginning. Because, you know, we didn’t know much about it. But man, have you guys made great leaps and bounds with this technology? And what pre-pass does, you know, for the truck driver and the company, right? These days, it’s changed a lot over the years. I

Don Reeves  06:50

i mean, you have to have competition, I think that really brings innovation and success. We’ve got you know, how’s your tail down in this arena. So we’re a better company and we weren’t just 10 years ago, we’ve managed to, to use all the data that we get from the government in the state associations to, to gather this information and make it, you know, worthwhile for our carriers. And they can see where their safety or their total money’s going.

Jeremy Kellett  07:19

So for the, for the person that’s out there listening, that has no idea what we’re talking about. Dumb it down for him. There’s, you know, for me, I don’t mean that in a bad way. But that’s a turn. You know, I have to have, you know, for somebody not knowing about prepass. How does it help a truck, right? Well, as far as

Don Reeves  07:39

prefab, there’s several ways. The main introduction of free pass was through our bypassing to bypass scales, but we’ve got, that’s gonna save you, oh, really probably about $8.66. For bypass, and this is tested, been done through different universities. So you’ve got savings right there on some bypassing per dollar. And that that savings is your time, your fuel, you know, a lot of other things that are involved with that. But not only do you have your bypassing pre pass also offers you the tolling aspect too. So with one transponder, you really get two worlds: you get the toll of not having to stop and pay for tolls, which driver saves you time on that, and then also not having to stop at steel houses when you’re running a safe company.

Jeremy Kellett  08:28

Yeah, and just to explain a little bit further to our audience, so they’re, you know, people may be driving down the road, they see these trucks lined up on the side of the interstate, and sometimes can be backing up. And they got to get off at this little. It’s called a scale house will. And as a regular, you know, four wheeler driver, I see these things over the interstate to give you a green or a red, you know, that kind of hanging out over the interstate. So that is what’s called a scale house and all truck drivers have to pull in that scale house. Unless they have a pre past device in their windshield. And it communicates with that overhanging I don’t know what you call it, but that’s over the interstate. And it’ll What is it reader? What do you the reader

Don Reeves  09:22

the reader what they’ll do is they’re gonna get they’re gonna see, we have sorry, that we put out Yeah, we put out about $900 million in infrastructure in the readers polls that you’re talking about the weighing motion scale, on the right hand lane, and also all the software in all the shell houses in the United States. So when a driver is going down the road, usually about a mile prior to the waiting station, you’ll see a sign we put that sign up, it’ll say pre path waystation and they’ll ask the Alaskan getting the right lane, and then we’ll head on up and then the reader just before after that sign your reader will identify your truck you are an RFID reader, the transponder and that reader will go to the scale house and it will identify your truck your car carrier, and you’ll tell us what your safety score is. And drivers that have a good safety score like your company, you’re able to get a green light. And when you get the green light, you’re gonna be able to go on. That green light will stay lit for 15 minutes, just in case for some reason the scale house is very rare, but once in a while, they might, it might not show to them that you got a green light. And if you’re pulled over off the road, you’re gonna be able to show them that green light. And if you get a red light, well, then you’re gonna pull down. But what’s nice about that is that new driving down that right hand lane, it identifies you as a leader. And then you go through Wait, wait, motion fails, and that scale is gonna feel in the ground is going to weigh out all the actual weights and your gross. So you can just say, failure. Thank you for getting the red and green light, they might be overweight on your steer, your fives, your gross, and they’re gonna pull you in for that. And that’s where you’re going to get red for them. Other than that, if you’re safe carrying

Jeremy Kellett  10:51

it weighs you, in all of the ways you only wish to

Don Reeves  10:54

go away in motion, who am I gonna? Well,

Jeremy Kellett  10:56

why in motion, which is pretty cool. That is pretty cool that they can do that.

Don Reeves  11:00

Let me know the old days, you’d have to pull it and get weighed, you know, you know, then they fight everything else wrong with anybody. If you’re if you’ve got a good weight on your tractor and trailer in your legal that then your security or you’re not going to be stopped at a steel now, with pre passes a government there was a 5% Pull and they’re going to do that’s just a random, they don’t want any companies like free pass or any other companies that have waystation bypass me yet, we’ll just have carte blanche really Chuck yet. And so they’ll have a 5% pull in. So even though you’re a safe carrier, you could get pulled in from time to time just getting random checked out. Yeah, just make sure things are up. So what

Jeremy Kellett  11:40

I didn’t actually know that they could weigh you, they weighed your truck going down the interstate, and gotta wait on you before they decide to pull yet or not. I don’t I guess I didn’t pay attention to that. And I know that exactly that they did that. I thought it just was going off for your safety credentials, safe score, whether to pull you in or not on that. So they they, I mean, right. prepass is such a great tool to have. Because when you’re able to get that green light, which we do most of the time. I mean, if people got red light all the time, I mean, it would be we’re spoiled. That would be a nightmare having to pull in every way station. I can just imagine companies that don’t pass and have to pull. The drivers are gonna get tired of that real quick,

Don Reeves  12:26

you know, recruiting through your drivers. Yes, it’s a no brainer. It’s you’re gonna you’re gonna save the money and the no brainer deal. Just a must have. Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  12:36

So it also does tolls. Can you explain a little bit about that?

Don Reeves  12:40

Yeah, so not only in bypassing our transponder, we have an elite pass transponder, we call it and that transponder has both your RFID technology for your bypassing and the same technology for your tolling. And right now, today, you can’t get a mobile app totally, you can get a mobile app for bypassing which we have to. We have a mobile app, and we give it to our customers for free. We just don’t think the mobile app is really working right now. And the tolling agency agrees with that. If they can get off of transponders, they get off transponder Spinnaker, it’s not as accurate. So they can make sure they get to be gotten, they get and they should get it. So our device is set up for the building throughout the United States and all the bridges. So if you get an early passenger by pulling with it, we put it right in there for you. Or if you just want some trucking companies really don’t run the freeways, and they run a lot of the tolling agencies and tolls only for just tolls. Oh, so you can do either one. Yeah. Now what’s nice about that is he prepass, we have all of our people behind treat das in a totally department, we do all your violation. So if you get a violation, send it to us. And we have an app called informed totally that you can just download it, send it right to us, and we’ll take care of that violation for you. Any toll disputes, if you feel that you shouldn’t pay you send a note to us, we’ll get involved with it. And we’ll take care of it. And we’ll get back to you on what we helped you with whatever we do with the precast. As far as you’ve told your violations, we do not take any more money from the violation. So some companies will charge 10 or 20%. If they do a violation, we give it all back to what we get. We get right back to you. We just kind of

Jeremy Kellett  14:15

Yeah, so I didn’t know y’all did that. Either. You offer that service if there’s a dispute in something with a tow. Okay. Okay, good. So you can get to as they’re asked to do at all, which is what we have, takes care of all the toes and all that. Now, when I started with you guys years ago, you weren’t everywhere, all over the country, I guess. Is it easier to say where you’re not yet? I mean, because you’re about everywhere now aren’t you

Don Reeves  14:42

are everywhere. We’re not in Georgia, nor nor is anyone else. Georgia decided they wanted to start their own program started, you know, North Carolina that about, oh, lb 767 years ago, and then decided that they didn’t know how to do it and they brought us back into it again, we built Jordans probably I’m gonna say other than that. We’re just everywhere. You’ll Georgia the only way, hey, go come on Georgia

Jeremy Kellett  15:03

Get with the program. Right? Hello, stay waiting to feel like they do it themselves. Yeah, it happens sometimes.

Don Reeves  15:11

Now you’ll also want to, again, we do have that mobile app, we will give it to our customers for free. I was thinking about that mobile app and stuff. Not only is it going to allow you to bypass in areas where they don’t have transponder capabilities, there are some states out there that really don’t want to put in all the infrastructure that we would like to do. So they’ll let us just geofence, which is no problem at all. So we’ll GOP now with the prepass app and the previous transponder. We suggest this to you as well, because our L has a lot of events. You can take the alerts for you. Okay, so we’re gonna have work zones. We have truck parking, congestion areas, dangerous slowdowns, recheck areas, we have much other stuff involved in them up on your app. And if you want something that if you want to take one of those out, like your area that you run back and forth, and you know that there’s a runaway truck ramp there, you can just select it, you don’t want to see that anymore. So it’s kind of nice to know that. And so the app works really well with letting you go through bypassing. It’s not in congested heavy lanes, that’s where the app says the app has difficulty. You can’t decide my truck or your truck when there’s 20 trucks around going through the step by the scale house. So it’s gonna be tough, they’ll usually pull you in, in low to medium treasuries, so it’s fine. So we’re just hoping that app connectivity will be a lot better, which it will be in the years, it’s not there yet.

Jeremy Kellett  16:31

Okay. So let me ask you a question there on that app. So I either need to do the app or the device, not both of them, I just need to do one or the other. You can do both.

Don Reeves  16:43

You can do both. Oh, yeah, you can recommend both. Recommend the transponder in the trunk, in your app on your app on your, your, whatever platform you have. And that way you could get the safety alerts about the app, it’s gonna, it’s gonna notify you a mile sooner on your telematics device that there is a scale coming up to where if you didn’t have the app, you’d have to rely on the side. And you know, a lot of these younger drivers out there today, I heard of a lot, that they just don’t pay attention on that side. And they didn’t have time to go over to the right lanes too late, and then they’re probably gonna get a citation for what do you

Jeremy Kellett  17:16

say? The Okay, so the app works out farther out than a little bit more

Don Reeves  17:21

on that, it’s gonna tell you, it’s gonna give you a little stop possible hazard hazards on the road.

Jeremy Kellett  17:27

So you do have there’s so there are some places out there that don’t have the big arm and transponder hanging over the interstate? They just rely on apps?

Don Reeves  17:37

That’s right. Yep, very few are many of those. There’s the problem, we’ll see about 40 of them. Okay. And we have that if you want to go into our free pass.com, we have that listed on all of our what’s mobile and what’s not,

Jeremy Kellett  17:50

which is, you know, really good, because that’s where I kind of was learning about that. Today, before we got on together here, I pulled up a prepass website, and got a great website. By the way, I don’t know who does it. But it’s very informative, and there’s a lot of good stuff in there that helps explain a lot of what you do to prepare. So you know where you all have, I was reading about the app trying to figure that out, because I figure that’s the next big thing you know, is the yet to have app, there’s an app for everything done.

Don Reeves  18:17

It is, you know, someday it’s gonna be all out there. But, you know, we’re not there yet.

Jeremy Kellett  18:24

For all the little apps.

Don Reeves  18:28

But it will be there. And someday, you know, we want to be there. We developed that app 15 years ago. And we really didn’t put it out to market because we felt wiped, wiped, and put something out. It’s not as we’ve got that transponder and 99.9%. The app usually is about and this is every app, I don’t care who we’ve got it. There are usually about, I’ve seen where they’re about 77% accurate. So, you know, those numbers are gonna go up as the years go by, but right now, it’s definitely transponder. And when we see the total agency move over to apps, I mean, there.

Jeremy Kellett  19:00

Yeah. So real quick on, on all this information that you get, you know, that you kept your prepass capture. I think it’s one of the things that a lot of people worry about is, man, they capture so much information. Likely, what do you do with all of it? I mean, is there anything to do with this information that you get? Or is it just solely just to see if you get a green light or a red light? You

Don Reeves  19:29

really we don’t do anything with that information. We purge that information after 90 days, it’s gone. And so we don’t really work with the information that we use is the information that the FMCSA already has on the carriers. And that way, we’ve taken that information, and we put it into some software called informed safety and informed tools. So when you get a citation for a bad tire trailer or whatever, that automatically goes down into the you know, the FMCSA files. We have that information at no cost that we give to the customers. So at any time you can pull up and see what your STFs and your IMS score are. What do your seven basics look like? How am I doing? I crashes or driver fatigue or whatnot and we list it all out in beautiful graphics. And we’ll show you a timeline we can even show you when your points are dropping off for the next three months which is important to tell you and you can go back and see every violation so if I went if I’ve gotten yet situation where I’m getting a bunch of trucks stopped up in a certain scale see and in Kentucky, I can go in and see well, what are these issues I’m having in Kentucky out of the last 20 stops I’ve got it here. I can see that maybe that is a true story. I had a carrier that had tires and brakes on a trailer so we looked at all that we saw were these killing drums. And we found out that they were coming from one of their big DCS out in Georgia and we got to hold the troll manager out there. I found out that he took the service truck out of the trailer cool, you know, to get those trailers worked out. And as soon as we put that, that shop truck back in that trailer was cool. That was taken care of and they weren’t getting any citations anymore.

Jeremy Kellett  21:11

Arrow Truck Sales has been in business for over 60 years and a longtime partner of Oakley trucking and the Oakley podcast, Dre visor and Keith Wilson do a great job at putting you in the right truck to fit your needs and our needs here at Oakley. They carry all makes and models to choose from with on site financing through transport funding. So whether you’re a seasoned owner operator or a first time buyer, be sure to contact Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales at 573-216-6047. And tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast. I think you pretty much have established all the benefits of pre-pass, haven’t you? I mean, is there anything new?

Don Reeves  21:54

Let’s see here. Okay, well, another good thing to mention too is that we integrate with other gas companies like we’re doing green light. So getting on with ClickHouse will automatically set you up with Oregon green light, also Nordpass That’s your Canadian, and your Washington, Oregon and also Connecticut in Montana. So we’re a third party with that. And all we’ll do is just send your truck information to it. They set you up with it. And okay, cool. That’s awesome and helps out too. As far as the company we’ve just started with. And this really helps up a larger company. I know it’s not really for your single owner operator, we started out with API, we’ll get it and set up a flat file. So we can send over all information that’ll link up to what driver actually had net total expense, and then what customer can resolve so you can feel backup customers a lot easier. We run that everyday for you. It really helps out as far as you’re counting

Jeremy Kellett  22:47

How many people do you think have a prepaid device out there in the world today?

Don Reeves  22:52

Okay, well, I’ll tell you, as of today, we have 786,000. Wow, yeah, it’s pretty, pretty amazing. They started this back in the early 80s. It was set up with Washington, Oregon, California, and they wanted to just give them relief for going to the failed houses. They were saved carriers. So a couple of carriers got together and helped, which was once free passage, it was all named Bill Incorporated, and which was not the sake of free pass a few lines got together and started dumping funding the projects. And we found out that they could actually find a device, a transponder that could read, you know, to take the data and move it to the scale and the information from the government over to it and get it by the rock they felt that was something that we could do. And that’s the public, which in 1993, he went ahead and did that. For pre fat. We’ve been around for a while. And it’s a proven technology, we just enhanced it by taking all the information that we get from the government, our truckers and able to open it up so they can follow the workflow see exactly where you’re at as far as safety and you’re told span

Jeremy Kellett  23:50

throughout the day. So I’m assuming the the D O T officers, you know, they probably I’m assuming they like you because you do and part of their job as your as the trucks going down the highway, that what you see on

Don Reeves  24:04

your hand after they love us. In fact, on our board of directors, we have DLT agents that are retired that we bring in to counsel what you know how we can help the states and local governments out. And when I personally I go into skill houses when I’m out traveling, and just to make sure everything’s okay, I’ll go with our reps. And oh, they love us there. They come on and they show what’s going on. And it’s making their day a lot easier from when they’re piled up back there. And the old pace. So yeah, no doubt about it. It’s a lot easier for him.

Jeremy Kellett  24:36

Yeah, yeah, I kind of figured it was I mean, you would think maybe sometimes it would take away from people they want to inspect but I guess not you’ve got a foolproof plan that you’re only gonna get go by the scales if you’re you deserve to go by the scales.

Don Reeves  24:50

Yeah, that’s right. They get those random thoughts in a while, but you have no security. Don’t worry about it.

Jeremy Kellett  24:55

So what’s the best way for somebody to sign up for a pre-pass?

Don Reeves  24:59

Alright, so what they can do with going online, or they call stuff. But what we’re just talking to our folks over there, and the recruiting, I guess they want to call the recruiting department, we can set up an automatic enrollment application that we can have for someone online. Pretty nice. Well doing, Jeremy, I’m gonna get back with those folks to see how we can do that. So you’ll already have your DLT number in there, because you’ve allowed that for the owner operators, and they just have to sign it up and fit it into us. And then we’ll just send them out to the device.

Jeremy Kellett  25:23

Well, we’ve got a system here where our guys, I mean, we have just about all of our owner operators signed up with you. We do that for them in houses where we, you know, we have the transponders here. So everybody gets to choose whether they want to pre pass or not, and then we just sit at my desk. Okay, perfect. We get a bill at once a month with all the the toes and then we have to actually manually go through that and charge back to the owner operator on whatever certain toes we don’t pay for but, but people that are not with Oakley, I guess the best way for them to sign up is just go to the website, go to

Don Reeves  26:01

the website and either fill out the application on the website or just give us a call to the 100 number and we’d be glad to help them out.

Jeremy Kellett  26:08

PrePass.com. Good stuff, Don. I appreciate it. Man. That’s good information. You know, it’s always nice to learn a little bit more about advanced technology when it comes to pre-pass and when it comes to helping truck drivers. I feel like you’re some common ground between the trucking company truck driver and the DOT compliance person, you know, you’re kind of helping both of us. Not Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s very much appreciated, too. I really do appreciate it. Well, my thanks for hanging out with me and doing this podcast. And we’ll stay in touch. Maybe we’ll see if you go to Mass. We sure look up.

Don Reeves  26:51

You know. I’ll see it. I’ll see it match and then I will get around your area. I’ll stop and visit with you.

Jeremy Kellett  26:57

Okay. And hey, we also are doing just so you know, we’ll probably send something to you. But we’re doing, we’ll have the podcast there at Matt’s Okay, so we’ll be sending out some old 1520 minute spots where you can sign up if you want. You know, sit down with me. We’ll do a recording there at Matt’s if you want to and face to face, but if not definitely come by and see us. Okay, man. Are

Don Reeves  27:20

You too, be safe.

Jeremy Kellett  27:22

Hey, thanks again. For everybody listening to the Oakley podcast. We appreciate you and what you do. I hope this was informative to learn a little bit more about prepass and how it is here to help the truck driver. And it sure does help. Oakley owner operators I promise you it’s nice to be able to merge Paxos scale so, if you ever got any questions concerning Oakley or the Oakley podcast, Oakley trucking, give me a call. Let me know what’s on your mind. Shoot me an email. And our website Oakley trucking.com. We’ve got one, podcast up Bruce oakley.com. And let us know what’s going on out there in the trucking world. Thanks for listening, and we appreciate everybody. We’ll talk to you again next week. Thanks for listening to this episode with Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to rate or review the show in the podcast platform of your choice and share it with a friend. We love hearing from our audience. So if you’ve got a question, comment or just want to say hello, head over to our website, the Oakley podcast.com and click the leave a comment button. We’ll get you a response soon and may even share some of the best ones here on the show. We’ll be back with a fresh episode very soon. Thanks for listening.