130: Company Party Recap with Corey Huey and Kent Childers

During this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett is joined by Corey Huey and Kent Childers to discuss what all went down at the company party that happened on October 22. From the truck and prizes to the food and band, here’s a snapshot of what a company party at Oakley Trucking is like.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: in-absentia awards, fuel shortage rumors (3:40)
  • What the company party is like (6:25)
  • The truck show (7:51)
  • How we picked the winner (10:06)
  • The truck show winners and what they won (12:50)
  • Employee awards (22:19)
  • Changes to make for next year (28:51)
  • The band and dancing (33:44)

Oakley Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information, check out our show website: podcast.bruceoakley.com.


Corey Huey  0:12  

It was a team effort from everybody that entered, all of us who helped, and then our sponsors for donating coolers and money and gift cards and trailers.

Jeremy Kellett  0:29  

They donated shirts, hats.

Corey Huey  0:31  

Yeah. We had some raffle giveaways to all the contestants that entered so there was mass of them.

Jeremy Kellett  0:38  

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business, and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley Trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner-operators and their families by giving them up-to-date information concerning Oakley Trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an inside to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family.

Hi, this Jeremy Kellett, Director of Recruiting here at Oakley Trucking, and I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast trucking business and family this is episode 130 They were we got going on here today get the Corey Huey and Kent Childers gonna join me and we’re going to talk a little bit company party happened on October the 22nd so we’re you know week or two here getting this out but we’re gonna we want to give the listener some good information of what happens at the company party if you couldn’t be there so and I promise you if you wasn’t there this year, you’re gonna be there next year probably because you’re gonna want to bake especially after this episode. But then the people that came this year this I guarantee you every one of them will be back. They had such a good time. So we’re gonna talk about you know, the truck show who won some of the prizes that were given out the sponsors that helped us with that stuff, the food the ban, the awards that were given out just a lot of different things to give everybody an idea that wasn’t there an idea what happens at the company party here at the terminal in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Before we get started let’s do Oakley update sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales.

Let’s listen to one of Oakleys owner operator experience with Arrow Truck Sales.

Unknown Speaker  2:22  

I called Kenworth offer for 40 called Peterbilt. Call Freightliner. None of them wanted to work with me. So Jeremy Kellett got me and got me over to Trey. Trey visor, me and him had a conversation. He’d sent me to Keith Wilson and never looked back from that point. I was upside down 29,000 and change. They paid off all but $5,000 of my loans on a blown trust. That right there said a lot to me. You know they’re you were willing to step outside of their comfort zone. To get my deal done. I’ve never felt like a customer. It was more like a family feeling. He took care of every aspect of the deal. He was completely transparent. There was no hidden, no hidden nothing.

Jeremy Kellett  3:31  

So if you’re in the market for a used truck, you owe it to yourself to call Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales in Springfield, Missouri. Tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast.

So the main thing on the update, I want people to know today is got to do with the company party. It’s the awards that you’ve given. So we have a bunch you know, you get a bunch of people that don’t show up. And we still you still got a plaque coming and in that who knows what else. We’re going to cover that after a while here in a little bit of exactly who gets not the individual but you know if it’s a five-year 10-year deal, what you do get, but the thing with the update is we want you to we don’t just want to mail them to you. We got a stack up in here for the people that wouldn’t get to party to get the award. We want you to come in here so we can shake your hand. tell you we appreciate you. Congratulations on what you’ve done. You know we did one the other day. Jared lameness was in here getting his award and he was so proud man, he was just a superstore you’re out there. I told Roger said they get him on the podcast because he’s got a great story success story, but we want to, we will look at you face to face, shake your hand tell you congratulations. And if you don’t know if you got an award, call up here and check with a scholar safety department. Call the recruiting department we got a list that we will cover with you and let you know this. Some of you might not even know I’m talking about the end here.

So anyway, hopefully date that is it less let’s get cranked up here. Oh I tell you one of the things I was gonna do Oakley update for we get sidetracked here I’ve been checking with the fuel people this morning because I’m getting asked a lot if we’re given a fuel shortage what’s going on with the fuel I keep hearing that we’re having a fuel shortage coming up I checked with ta petrol check with Pilot Flying J and effect checked with loves all three my reps that I deal with all the time and they all responded there is no shortage now you know that he actually said the last one I talked to Steve loves. He actually said we normally have a 33-day supply of fuel for the country. So if every supplier in the country quit making today, we’d have 33 days left. Now we only got like 25, so it sounds like it’s I don’t know election time maybe courier so anyway, fuel update this letter by no we’re not seeing anything here a bit getting asked March I’m not seeing any I’m not hearing any issues from the people that I deal with. So can easier buddies man.

All right, man, what’s going on at the company party? Corey Huey and Kent Childers. What’s going on with you guys?

Corey Huey  6:20  

Man, not a whole lot. A normal day.

Jeremy Kellett  6:24  

You know, we had over 600 people at this company. But

Corey Huey  6:29  

yeah, that’s what I was gonna ask. I didn’t know how many people were actually there’s like, a bunch.

Jeremy Kellett  6:34  

The only way to know is how many plates we paid for, to, you know, the caterer and it was over 600 plates we paid for? I don’t know, I don’t know if we had to pay for people going back three times out, probably. But anyway, that gives you a rough idea of the people there. And it’s just a good you know, the company party is always such a good vibe. The good environment absolute people you get to see you to talk to you can’t remember anybody’s name you have to ask him you know, or, or ask them your buddy and see who was at and but to me is just a great opportunity to get some sit down and talk with the owner operators or wives and employees. Because for people that don’t know, this is a combination party. Right? This is a combination of all the Oakley employees come together. And also all the Oakley independent contractors come together under one tent we have some of y’all haven’t seen. So what are the bigger tear, I need a bigger team. We need a bigger T heads busting at the seams there. So that was it’s all it’s right here and a North Little Rock terminal where he set up a tent out on a parking lot. I think we talked about this a little bit before but it just a great environment to be able to get face-to-face with these people in the new thing this year. was the big truck show. Yeah. How the Agile thing that went over?

Kent Childers  7:57  

I think it was great.

Corey Huey  7:58  

other 30 years and good looking. Good luck and shouty trucks out there. Jazz gal did a great job war torn all day Saturday. I know, we’re all three of her at one point Saturday and these guys, man a lot of work involved. And I mean, we hit when in 20 I think we had 24 We started out you know at 30 I fIag. And then, you know terrible gas had to back out for whatever reason words are trucks in the shop, you know, different times I think we ended up with 24 participants in that the final show. So

Jeremy Kellett  8:35  

you know that that truck show to me was the highlight of the deal. And I thought what was surprising but not surprising, but really good to see was all the people in it. The 24 people in it, Adel just wanted to be in the truck show. I mean they were just super excited to be in the show and so glad we let them be in it when we started this, you know, I said well, you will have five trucks and thank you and next thing I know we’ve got 30 and we’re talking about shutting them all because we’re all worried I’ll put everywhere but we ended up with 24 of some fine looking equipment. Oh yeah. From Oakley owner operators they look in short now Oh yeah. What did what was some of the we just did the outside of the truck only outside only

Corey Huey  9:23  

you know a lot of you know wanted you know wondering you know if it was gonna be inside or under the hood or at night with the lights on and different things that are in there you know, that might be some stuff that we take your with mighty for next year. You know, I don’t know but I just didn’t want these guys are working all week. A lot of them and not getting here until Thursday, Friday and then didn’t want to have to go through too much to get that very cleaned up. You know, my doing all that plus, I didn’t want a lot of people climbing in and out of people’s personal trucks and stuff like that, you know, we’re

Jeremy Kellett  9:59  

like the To the outside and where to go. And, you know, just having the well explained to him how it will help you pick the winner how we did that day, it will free will don’t

Corey Huey  10:12  

well. So I just happen to find, you know, where I didn’t want to be sitting over in the corner, counting a bunch of voter slips, you know and get to 200 and somebody come up and talk to me and I’m not crap, what number was? Yeah, so I just did a little research on the computer and I found this site, I can’t remember the name of it right now off top my head, but he was a, it was an app, you know that and you could basically you just set up the ballot, however you wanted to. So, you know, whoever was in there, and we put pictures of their trucks and numbered all the trucks. And, you know, you just, you scan this QR code, if you want to do it with your phone, or we also have that voting booth to where, you know, like, you just go out there and look and scroll through all the tropes, and they will just tap on the one that I thought was the best, you know, was a winner take all you know, it wasn’t fate, your favorite team or pick your top three would just pick Hey, this is the one that’s getting weirder. I hear that I find it and then you submit your ballot. And we had a lot of people vote. I mean, at one point, I can remember standing there looking out and you know, at the front entrance of the 10th area, there was 50 people in La Nina Reparatur to vote and I was like, Oh my gosh, you know, but yeah, it worked out. Great.

Jeremy Kellett  11:31  

Thank you have a good night. And then you get up there and you might come boat. Right? That’s good. Yeah, that was good. Now they wanna they wanted to vote matter of fact, you had people mad? Yeah, we had to shut the vote.

Corey Huey  11:44  

Yeah, so we shut it off at seven. Because I wanted to have enough time to calculate the audit. I wasn’t sure exactly how all that was gonna go on how quick, it would be instantaneous on the winners. But I wanted to announce it that night, you know, at the party, you know, not the next week or something like that. So I wanted to shut it off and find a time to where after the awards and all that we’re doing, I could get up there and announce and well, we had, you know, I think Jeff from the shop him and his wife. And then there was a couple other ladies up there that I wasn’t sure who they were, but they were trying to vote. And I think right when they went to hit submit it was like, sorry, your vote didn’t count. They’re voting as close. So

Jeremy Kellett  12:24  

that because that’s something you said then when he got he had to quit. It’s

Corey Huey  12:27  

over. Yeah. So but it was, you know, he was a fire. You know, and I don’t think anybody you know, that entered it. Thought it was on fire or anything like him and he was just, I was I was probably more nervous than anybody because I mean, it was something new that we’d never done. I was like, Man, I hope this was a lot of money at stake. You know, I remember hearing.

Jeremy Kellett  12:48  

Yeah. Tell us about that. Who were the winners? What did they win?

Corey Huey  12:52  

Yeah, so get that I gather here. Yeah. Oh McGowan. From Forgive me, Joe. I didn’t write where you’re from. I know he’s from Mississippi. But he wants Irish hope he was he here as I know. He’s got a 2021 Peterbilt 389 It was like a teal and purple color and a truck either to fry you know, just awesome trout. So he, he won Firestone and as far as what he won, you know, Oakley paid him $2,500 We had a big check made, you know, and every time I tried to do it for ACC, and they ended up besides the 2500 Will our sponsor for our podcast Arrow Truck Sales, gave him an additional $500 in cash and then Ozark Kotar that we did a lot of business with, donated a 50 $100 gift certificate for tires, throat. And then what else one, so

Jeremy Kellett  13:55  

that’s four. That’s 4000 is 2500 cash plus 500 cash from Arrow. So that’s 3000 Cash, things 1500 And a gift certificate for tires. Right and leaves 4500 bucks and then

Corey Huey  14:11  

MHC gave him a big, cooler. Yeah, first of all was cooler. And then you know, course the Bass Pro is the bail or

Kent Childers  14:21  

that’s the deal. You know, that is an all studies the most awesome. First place prize us I’ve seen in a long time.

Jeremy Kellett  14:29  

That was great. They were out there that day Saturday talking about that because we kind of put them out there a little early and they I’d see him go there and talk to each other about that belt. Now they wanted that belt and I was talking to a world. Oh, who was talking to Saturday while we’re out here getting them all lined up. I was talking to one of the wives that came here who was now she said, Oh, he talked about that bail. That’s all he wants is that bail

Corey Huey  14:51  

from Tony Hollingsworth because it was

Jeremy Kellett  14:55  

I was talking to Tony and his wife in the driver’s lands it was and she said that’s how I’ve talked about failed. So yeah, that’s good. If you don’t know what I’m talking about a bell is like a wrestling belt.

Corey Huey  15:06  

Oh yeah. You had a customized you know Oakley logos on there and there’s a legit belt. I mean it was like six pounds I told you

Jeremy Kellett  15:14  

to get weighed Yeah, so yeah, so you got the belt and then

Corey Huey  15:18  

and then gorgeous Brighton Rock so the years younger Yeah, smack talk everybody. Without so that was first place. Second place we’re sad Hindley that he’s from Alabama or Auburn sandwich. I think we just Arkansas just whooped tires. I’ll

Jeremy Kellett  15:36  

like throw that in that in a

Corey Huey  15:38  

little bit. But the hassle so sad. He’s got a

Jeremy Kellett  15:42  

I’ll get beat by Liberty does.

Corey Huey  15:45  

He say he’s got a 2021 389 Pete, which is like to also and he’s got like these black accents on there was always a big hint for a lot of people. You know, it’s this guy. I think a black visor and some black on the Kareo in the stacks, and different things like that. So that was I just know when people were coming out to vote they’re like, which one is the one that’s got the ball rolling the other year. Nearby locked it so. So he wants second place which paid him 1500 cash from Oakley

Jeremy Kellett  16:25  

350 from Ira 350 from arrow that’s 1850 and

Corey Huey  16:30  

then a big Glue a bit cooler from MHC and a trophy and our trophy. And then third place was, of course, John McCormack, who’s our truck show guru gathered. Yeah. John’s been in a couple already. He went to he entered his word Luvable last year and then representative Oakley great he’s got a great looking truck and he’s actually got a W 920 21 Dobie nine The Black and Gold

Kent Childers  16:57  

Lambda Baillet I would agree yeah,

Corey Huey  17:01  

right true.

Kent Childers  17:02  

Loki in the band it’s more legit maybe we can hold on I’m trying to get miles to watch it it’s miles I’ve never I can almost repeat it word for word no miles haven’t washed it yet but we’re getting there. We’re getting there.

Jeremy Kellett  17:13  

You got to Yeah, yeah, young ones got to watch smoking the bandit Oh yeah. That’s a classic. So that was in third place. He got $1,000 cash. Another cooler from MHC 150 bucks my Arrow Truck Sales and a trophy from so they racked up man they did a good job not only just three but everybody did a heck of a job getting a truck shine. Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean just No. We had James willowridge He Joe he went home. He came he went home got his stuff which homes in Louisiana drove back up here him his wife and his son and he cooked gumbo for everybody Saturday he was out of here eight o’clock in the morning and getting him fired up at the drivers lounge and then by one two o’clock I’ve been waiting around for the RAS to get ready

Corey Huey  18:09  

it’s a good time the winds blowing aerosols coming off the river because he was up when oh yeah you know and I was like man I couldn’t be smell on that all day because there was he did yeah, it was very much John let stuff do

Jeremy Kellett  18:23  

it though. Yeah, yeah getting

Kent Childers  18:25  

that no I don’t I love to go get ready.

Jeremy Kellett  18:27  

Let’s try it it was good stuff. I got one Oh yeah. But he did good. So man it just you know all the winters you guys did a good job all the contestants did a great job.

Corey Huey  18:39  

Yeah. It was a team effort you know from everybody that entered you know all of us to kind of healed and then you know our sponsors you know for donate and coolers and money and gift cards and

Jeremy Kellett  18:56  

you know, just my trailer and a trailer like donated shirts hats, cooler detail kit because you did a little drawing before the party

Corey Huey  19:05  

right we had some raffle giveaways to all contestants that entered so

Jeremy Kellett  19:11  

my trailers Arrow Truck Sales, you might see it was archetype. Randall rally ta Petro some gift cards Pilot Flying J sounds all that you gave away before just to the contestant that’s a good deal. Yeah, yeah, it was nice of them to Joe didn’t win any of those DD? I can’t remember I don’t use Joel if he did, that’s good stuff. What about the board’s given out to the employees? You know, let’s, that’s how this whole thing started. years ago was awards given out to the employees and he’s on now and just to give everybody an idea. Oh, wait a minute. For week four. I do that. I think you might want to talk about how Closer contest. We’ll all here. Yeah. Just to give an idea main. Thank you sent that out to the country. Yeah,

Corey Huey  20:07  

I did. I sent this out to contestants sweet. We had a total of 387 voters or votes cast after at the show. So, you know, what would we say roughly 600 people we thought attended. So I thought that was good. But so Joe’s, for winning first place ended up with folding ions. vote total votes for him to win oil. The difference between first and second was just two votes. So they had got seven so it was, you know, the five people up there that tried to vote right there. Seven Oh, T. Good. I thought that was pretty, pretty good. Yeah, it’ll be that close. And third place at third place had 39. John at 39. Who came in fourth. Jerry Blanchard. Oh, Garrett, red and black are tiny Ray, the grand straw. You know, he painted fuel, he will tie really high but your AP Oh, you’re

Jeremy Kellett  21:16  

coming forth. A common source? Awesome. So close, close. My colleagues closer next year, we got to get more people to vote more. Yep, you’re gonna keep it about the same trip.

Corey Huey  21:32  

I don’t know if I’m a worth pretty open to suggestions or Yeah, it’s anybody listen to this gas, any ideas, shoot them to us.

Jeremy Kellett  21:41  

I had one call in one suggestion. He suggested that Joe that want it this year could not be an extra year. I don’t know if you want to do that or not.

Corey Huey  21:53  

But now you got to defend this tower. Like you are out. I’m throwing out some different ideas stayed on. I know the bill was a big here, but maybe a different kind of trophy that next year, you know, maybe or a little chrome tall chrome stack or something, you know, in grade or so. You know, we’ll come up with some we got a whole year. Think about it. But

Jeremy Kellett  22:18  

ah, good, good stuff. Let’s move on to the awards. The other awards, it’s given out there, the main thing that the party is for, because, you know, one, it everybody likes a little recognition. You know, and we try to do that we don’t do that near enough. We beat each other up for eraider up in this office, but keeps a strong shows are loved. And I try. But with the awards that were given out there just to kind of give you an idea. So Justin Oakley, he gets up and he recognizes all the employees that and then goes from five years. So if you were here five years, during that time, then you get a jacket, Oakley jacket. And there was quite a few people on that list. Then a 10 years, employees, they get a plaque a watch and a check for being here. 10 years. Then it jumps to 20. We don’t do 15 For whatever reason when we started is we just kept 15 Alright, so we just kept doing y’all know that I

Kent Childers  23:33  

found out this year

Jeremy Kellett  23:34  

or that your 15-year? Was this up to you? Yeah, yeah. We just started doing this. Yes. Kenny was coming up. We know this kid. We never have done 15 We talked about that one time, like why don’t we ever do that? And I was like, I don’t know. So 20-year that goes to 20-year and 20 years get a plaque and a check. And the 20-year employees were Randy Cardwell at Boalt Jenkins, the 25 then it goes to 25 years. And that was Jeff coffee out in the shop and Ben are 25 years, although he gets a plaque and a check. And then they recognize 30-year employee and that’s mainly Denton and Randolph Rochelle, they get a plaque and tear and out 30 year yeah. And then we go then we skip 35 We go to 40. So 40 year employee, Dennis Oakley. Wait, you think he got himself? I mean he’s what do

Kent Childers  24:35  

you do? Well

Jeremy Kellett  24:40  

needless to say he BI he come out in the hole that

Kent Childers  24:44  

anybody asked him what he got

Jeremy Kellett  24:47  

40-year employee dinner so because that’s fantastic. So there’s awesome stuff out there. And so in the end, so that’s all the employee recognition and then the trucking side gets up and We recognize everybody for the independent contractors for their years of service. So kind of similar five years. If you’re been an independent contractor, you’re five years you get a jacket, and then a whole bunch of them. We had a whole BI look at that list. We had a whole bunch of one of those. And 10 years is a plaque watch and a check. And I guess it was all it’s all the same. You get the same thing as employees and then the 20 years as a plaque and A J. That is 20 years we had three new 20 years. That was Hilbert Hanson, Hanson, James Massey and Rudy Tovar, here 20 years and 25 years, Mr. Winston gassed Yamaha. Make 25. So and then, after the employee deal, it’s the Roger GitHub does the safety awards. And that is a little bit obviously use it about the same you get a yeah, cool safety awards. They’ve got the show here’s Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s nice. Sure. I hear put this on our mouse. Sir here. This is for five years. You get the truck color on it trophy. Heavy dude out there now until that’s really short for five years. And then your 10 years is just a plaque for this a safe driving for all these years, five years as I drive and you get that trophy. 10 years you get a plaque 15 years you get a plaque for safe driving, but not for being here. For you to 20 years. They got a plaque, which was Hilbert do they got a plaque and A J? Yeah. And then you got your million miles. And they got a plaque and a rain Million Mile ring. And we had to meet Mahler soon. Yeah, we had 12345678 9 million mile or no million dollars. And then $2 million. They got a jacket we had 1234 Those four $2 million and then mainly gives up and then I was at Mandalay SCA driver the owner operator the year got up and announced who so each dispatcher picks out his board picks and third driver of the year so get up and do that and they get a plaque and they get a free truck wash unlimited truck washes here and reserved for a year. And that’s a that’s that’s more bragging rights. already dying right there. And so we had so how many me looking see. Y’all go ahead, topple. I can’t

Corey Huey  27:48  

get his hours all night. I’m not sure I don’t use and I’m a dispatcher to 24 I at least I don’t

Jeremy Kellett  27:58  

get 21 Okay, so get 21 draft over the years. Awesome. So that’s a lot of good recognition, you know, of people that that have been here a long time saved driving awards. And to me one of the best things is it’s where employees and an independent contractors and spouses all come together though he was has to Yeah, I

Corey Huey  28:25  

mean, because you know, a lot of these guys you don’t get to see all the times you know, maybe it was good seeing the, you know, the guy from Oklahoma and down in Louisiana. He talked to him on the phone so you don’t ever get to see him you know, so at least you get to see them guys and meet new people at some of these other locations. I don’t even know where we got we got some like different locations now. Sorry.

Jeremy Kellett  28:51  

What is get you out here what some of the changes need to be made next year? bigger tent.

Unknown Speaker  28:59  

We already went over that. All right. Yeah, I’m

Jeremy Kellett  29:01  

gonna see if I get that repealed because we were making a list going. bigger tent. Oh, I’ll tell you when we’re going changes hotel room reservations, Jane, so be prepared for that next year, you will reserve your own role.

Corey Huey  29:20  

Which I like some of them

Jeremy Kellett  29:22  

did while they were smarter than me. But we were just trying to try and make it since we were playing for Saturday night. We were trying to get them a list but it’s just gonna be a whole lot easier if we do lock blocker rooms and you get a discounted rate maybe and you call book your own that way. Because you don’t have to communicate with us if you’re not gonna be here or not. You just cancel your reservation. So

Kent Childers  29:46  

that’s one thing. I’m gonna we could tweak, tweak some ports on this one they are like say this about the Truck Show. It didn’t just start Saturday. You could tell Wednesday that there was something in the air. I mean, the guys that We’re coming in here at the drivers lounge on the yard. It was just electric and I guess I called it been so long since we actually gotten to have got all have to get together. It was just it was great. It was really very Yeah, they’re getting fired up this past didn’t lock us too well. Yeah. Oh, this

Corey Huey  30:19  

part over low Yeah.

Kent Childers  30:21  

But they always get that it’s done already.

Jeremy Kellett  30:25  

Yep. Good. So, but some of the changes were you know, I don’t know, we I was wanting to have a board up there with everybody’s name that got in the whole board. So you can walk up there you can see you know, five-year employees five years independent contractors 10 years on ion you see, you can visually Hey, hey, honey, come look at my name and try to appear you know, this is what I got. So I’m like, well do something like that. We got to do better on picture taking and recognize and slowing down and accountability now. We already Oh, no parking

Corey Huey  31:02  

argument a figure that shuttle you know, we had a shuttle picking everybody up from the hotel and Briones to the party and then the shuttle was supposed to be run in a hurry. I think 3045 minutes to haul people back to the hotel when I got tired. Well, mainly, I mean, the way the partying was structured out there, which was no structure. I’m not even sure whether I think you have to Lavie is where the shuttle bus had to stop. You know, I don’t really Yeah, just because I couldn’t turn around

Jeremy Kellett  31:35  

and Yeah, well, man, you got a bus the site I mean, like a city bus. Yeah.

Corey Huey  31:40  

Yeah, a lot of folks. 600 people when we

Jeremy Kellett  31:44  

didn’t you tell me they showed up from the hotel the first trip and they got this big old bus like a city bus? Yeah. Because like 55 passengers. Yeah, cuz I called one. Hey, we were out of the littler buses can yell take a big one. We say what’s your like, get over here. And you had one guy?

Corey Huey  32:00  

I’m pretty sure it was Jim. Taylor.

Jeremy Kellett  32:04  

First. Come for the mouth. Dale. Wiggle 55 Pastor buzzer two people get up. That’s good. It got busy that night. Oh, your

Corey Huey  32:15  

pay and other changes my Oh, I can’t find any other

Jeremy Kellett  32:23  

changes talked about having two bars. Or you go to different locations. Just wanted each corner. Yeah, often might be a little bit later on. Everybody didn’t cram up in one. But I thought they did a great job that seemed to be bigger this year. Longer, you know, and they Yeah, four or five? Yeah, they had stations going on. They had more

Kent Childers  32:43  

people working at this yet. That really sped things up there.

Corey Huey  32:46  

There is a better restaurants. No.

Jeremy Kellett  32:49  

Yes. Yes.

Corey Huey  32:51  

You might get one year we had some massive

Kent Childers  32:54  

slide. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  32:57  

Yeah, we got to do that. And maybe you know, we talked about different location but all good stuff. Nice. If y’all got any, you know, listener that came to the party and getting suggestions on things to do different let us know we take everything in consideration to where it benefits everybody the most anyway, we can’t change it just for one person, but

Corey Huey  33:20  

dropped for compliance. You don’t just call Kent and yeah, that’s

Jeremy Kellett  33:23  

it. Yeah, definitely. Follow 132.

Kent Childers  33:30  

Sorry, call me

Jeremy Kellett  33:31  

that’s, he’s a good list. Oh, anything else to add company party? I feel like we’ll give a good description of what took place there if like so, you know, get my house and show some pictures of things that go on if people hadn’t seen it.

Corey Huey  33:44  

We didn’t get it under the band and the dancing. Oh, yeah. That’s what it was. Cuz you weren’t they weren’t doing dates. I did not. I didn’t partake. And I didn’t

Jeremy Kellett  33:53  

stay long either. They started the line dancing. The band was pretty good at starting out. I didn’t hear a whole lot of it. But other night, I started cranking it right up and then they started dancing out there and suddenly, but

Kent Childers  34:12  

are you afraid that you would start DAG

Jeremy Kellett  34:14  

probably for obligately? Which, you know,

Kent Childers  34:18  

I think your dad said probably a good idea. Good idea.

Jeremy Kellett  34:24  

Oh, no. Oh, yeah. Lucas still likes to dance once in a while. But now I thought oh, Raul. Great, man. I’m glad to be back. Yeah. Good to be back. See people would talk to people. Yeah, it was awesome. I mean, it was it was full house and can’t wait to do it again next year. So the plan is next year, same thing maybe some of these changes and still do the Truck Show. new

Corey Huey  34:50  

truck Trino yada yada. Any suggestions on that? Let me know. We’re got one in the books and one in the book.

Kent Childers  34:57  

That was the birth Daniel.

Jeremy Kellett  34:59  

Brandon Brian. answered that he wanted to count him in every year from McCormack those areas. And you know, that’s something they those guys drove from a long way just model hill where they spent money to get shined up. They I mean, they went all out. I give them credit they Yeah, they did a good job. Oh, yeah, surely, man we got some good owner up. We

Corey Huey  35:21  

had old John no one out

Jeremy Kellett  35:22  

here he was COVID. And oh, he was just shining. I mean, I felt I felt like I need to get down and helping but I didn’t. He was working machine that dude is a working machine. I guess anything else? No, good. Hire this, you know? Want to say thank you to definitely Oakley this and Vinny and Justin and everybody that helped do that. Put that on my desk. That’s an undertaking either. So you’re out there setting, setting everything up and planning and coordinating tables, chairs. I mean, the whole nine yards and they did a great job and just went off without a hitch. I don’t think we had a problem. I don’t think we lost anybody. Nobody jumped in a river. Thank you. It was all good. We loved it. So big thank you to everybody that participated in that. Thank you guys for coming out and working Saturday and help and getting everything lined up and always ready to go that night. We bet we’re outlet. Maybe we’ll get a little better plans out here.

Corey Huey  36:24  

Where I’m better.

Jeremy Kellett  36:26  

So alright, good stuff. Thanks, everybody for listening to the Oakley podcast. Be sure to appreciate it. We’re glad to be back at it and be doing the weekly podcast with you. And you know only thing I can say is an Aussie this every time but please subscribe on YouTube. Share this thing with everybody and comment, comment down below. Send us comments. If you want to know what’s going on. You can go to podcast.bruceoakley.com. That’s one way to do it and leave a comment for us. You can email me call up here to office. You know if you got something on demand you want to know any changes we’ve made. We’ll be glad to do it. But other than that, we’ll get at you and we’ll talk to you next week. Thanks for listening to the Oakley podcast.

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