123: Why We Work with Arrow Truck Sales

During this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett is joined by Keith Wilson and Trae Viser to discuss used truck price trading, some examples that they’ve done, and how Oakley has partnered with Arrow Truck Sales. 

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: unsafe driving, owner-operator recognition (3:45)
  • What’s going on Arrow Truck Sales (8:53)
  • The relationship between Oakley recruiters and Arrow (17:45)
  • What the trucking world will look like in six months (37:31)
  • Defining “a good deal” (46:22)
  • The worth of doing a podcast (54:24)

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Trae Viser  0:12  

We needed new liners, new injectors, new everything. It was $38,000 right out of the gate. Wasn’t his fault, wasn’t our fault, but what do you do then? Do you tell the guy, ‘Sorry, I bankrupted you,’ and you go home and lick your wounds and tell your wife you don’t have a job anymore? By the way, we lost all that money. Or do you step in do the right thing? So we stepped in and we paid the money and I sold him another truck after that, two or three years later, and still talked to him all the time now.

There’s a lot of those stories. And like you said, when we take the small transactions out of it and you look at the big picture and the business we’ve done over the years and the people that we’ve helped and the relationships and the times that people tell people at truck stops, ‘If you’re looking for a truck, I go see this guy,’ those are intangibles that are invaluable to us. You can’t buy that type of marketing and advertisement. And it may cost you a little money out of the gate, but in the big picture, we’re in this thing for the long run. 

Jeremy Kellett  1:13  

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business, and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley Trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner-operators and their families by giving them up-to-date information concerning Oakley Trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an inside to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family.

Hi, this is Jeremy Kellett, Director of Recruiting here at Oakley Trucking. I’m your host for this podcast. This is episode 123 here on the Oakley podcast, trucking business and families on today’s episode, we have our title sponsors Arrow Truck Sales guys have come down from Springfield, Missouri, and came to visit us today in studio and we’re going to talk to them about a lot of different things about trucks use truck price trading in some examples that they’ve done, how Oakley is partnered up with arrow for all these years and some of the benefits of that. So got a lot of good stuff that we’re going to talk to them about. But first, let’s give you an Oakley update sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales.

Let’s listen to one of Oakleys owner operator experience with Arrow Truck Sales.

Unknown Speaker  2:27  

Called Kenworth off a 440 called Peterbilt. Call Freightliner. None of them wanted to work with me. So, Jeremy kellett got me and got me over to Trey. Trey visor, me and him had a conversation. He’d sent me to Keith Wilson and never looked back from that point. I was upside down 29,000 and change. They paid off all but $5,000 of my loans on a blown truck. That right there said a lot to me. You know they’re you were willing to step outside of their comfort zone to get my deal done. I’ve never felt like a customer. Yeah, it was more like a family feeling. He took care of every every aspect of the deal. He was completely transparent. There was no hidden, no hidden nothing.

Jeremy Kellett  3:35  

So if you’re in the market for a used truck, you owe it to yourself to call Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales in Springfield, Missouri. Tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast.

So Oakley update today is I got a couple things. One is you’re gonna be getting a message you already gotten it by the time this comes out. I’m talking to all our Oakley owner operators about unsafe driving. So we had a it wasn’t that long ago that we had we were over the threshold and five of the basics for your your safety rating as a company and one of them was unsafe driving is what it’s categorized as and it includes speeding seatbelt, all moving violation tickets. And it was over the threshold when I say over the threshold, that means you’re getting looked at don’t stay over the threshold very long are the D O T is going to come so we have put in place you know all this stuff technology has helped us out with our helping our owner operators get better at what they’re doing. Of course you got to give it all to them because they’re the ones that that make it higher and make it low is the owner operators out there driving every day and we have dropped that to 24% and as a drastic drop and what doesn’t listen six months probably

Dustin Eagle  4:56  

I think he said last but last July or August.

Jeremy Kellett  4:59  

Yeah so Within a year, I mean, it’s gone down. And that’s just a testament to our owner operators are driving out there and, and we want to say thank you for doing that keep it up. It just shows what we can do as a company and when we put our mind to it, so And thanks to the safety department too, because I know they’ve worked hard, hard to implement in a lot of programs trying to get our on safe drive and below threshold in EDIUS and doing good.

So the other thing I had is, I’ve done this in a while but I used to recognize owner operators with us and been with us for a long time and I was gonna start that up and do that again. And the one I want to recognize today was a man named Tommy Horford. He is out of beat City, Texas. He’s been with Oakley 15 years bulls pneumatic tank. I think he’s done that the whole time. He’s been here actually. And he’s got a 2020 Peterbilt. And he is just you know, he’s been fantastic for us. I was talking to dispatch earlier and I wanted to read this from what dispatch had to say about Mr. Tommy Horford. This is from his dispatcher, handles his stuff and takes care of our customers on his dedicated deal. So he’s doing a dedicated deal down out of the Houston Bytown area, always willing to help several times we have st guys to his house and he’ll change teas and whatever broken parts we have. His wife will even cook for the cook them bitter about the that’s from his dispatcher, one of them. And then Bradley that’s dispatching for years, which is Operations Manager. Net manager. Now he said he will help anybody anywhere. Anytime you call him and ask him, he will find a way to help you out. He’s always gone above and beyond to make sure that the customer is taken care of and gets what they need, easy to talk to no matter the situation. So, Tom Hallford you are the man at Oakley trucking and we just want to recognize you had been such a great owner operator and we appreciate you working here.

Alright guys, let’s get into this aero truck sales conversation and talk a little bit about your expertise and trucks. And we had we got Keith Wilson, Trey visor and along with us and Dustin Nagel said to me right here hanging out with me. But we had you guys over a year ago, somewhat when about a year ago, just just over just over a year. And you got a little update and how my how things change in a year.

Trae Viser  7:24  

If you don’t like it today, just wait a minute.

Jeremy Kellett  7:27  

And just kind of give the listeners an idea. You know, last year they came down of course we’ve seen them since you guys are what Oklahoma and stuff. Sure, but they come down last year we went to our salt traverse game in the evening and Jordan us baseball game went out to eat had a good time. So almost at heatstroke almost at extra we’re doing a repeat, right. So as we get a little cooler but you know, we I think it’s necessary for you guys come down and and not only we appreciate you sponsoring the show, doing that, but to give our listeners you know, your the on the inside of what’s happening with your strokes out there have got your get your finger on it every day, you do it every day and and I like to talk about that a little bit of what’s going on in the trucking world and use trucks and then also a little bit about our relationship and what we got going on maybe some examples that we’ve done and, and how that works with Dustin and recruiting. I mean, it’s that’s a, that’s a big deal of what, you know how much I’ll help us. And in turn, we help y’all. So a little bit about that. And maybe what it takes to get in a truck these days how that’s changed over the last couple of years and a little bit if you can look into your crystal ball and use a little prediction. I got it. Know what’s going on. So

Trae Viser  8:45  

it ain’t always right. But I’ll give

Jeremy Kellett  8:46  

you another Yeah, let’s say we’re good at the opinion. And so So what’s going on Arrow Truck Sales, Trae?

Trae Viser  8:53  

You know, right now the market is in a it’s in a kind of a volatile, weird state. I mean, we’re in in the swing back what I would call it from where we went from truck price and whatever you bought today tomorrow was bringing more money. You know, we had people calling offered more money on trucks we had sold that a guy hadn’t picked up yet. Just because freight traders freight rates were high and everything was up in the air to where we’re coming back to more of a normal I guess you could say in stabilized market where we’re pricing is adjusted back. And we’re getting back to what a guy could expect to pay for a truck as opposed to some late Martin stuff was going for more money than you could buy a brand new one for just because it was available and on somebody’s lot. Now we’re back to a space where trucks are becoming more affordable. down payments are creeping down. We do have some down payment options, matching down payment options right now on certain models with trucks just to try to move through some packages, some inventory that we’ve got. had longer than we’d like to have it go ahead and tell us what those we’ve got on all our internationals and all of our Kenworth t 680s. Anything that that has internationally on the hood or it can Morty six eight Do we have a tune for tune matching downpayment right now meaning you bring $10,000 to the table, we’ll put 10,000 with it and match it. When you finance through transport funding, which is our announcement, you guys know them you work everyday. But now if you wanted to pay cash, work with you on that, too, we have a program for that we take 5000 our discount offer any of those trucks as well. So trying to help guys get into trucks and just help them help them with their downpayment money to match what the bank wants to get them going.

Dustin Eagle  10:29  

So here we go. 10,000 wouldn’t have got you in the door.

Trae Viser  10:32  

No, we tell you. Now, I’m ashamed to say what some of the down payments were a year ago. So I mean, it was incredibly high, because the banks know that the equipment prices will level off. So they’re trying to protect herself on the backside. You know, and these are conversations we had to have with people is, hey, look, we understand you have good credit, we understand, you know, where you’re coming from your stable, you’ve been with the owner home where you manage your job forever, but the truck is fair price for the market right now that the banks look. And then in two years, when the market goes back the other way, and you still owe too much on the truck, where does that leave them? So if they get it back, so that’s why those now payments were inflated? And I mean, we were I told one guy said sir, you just put more money down on a truck, and I paid for my first house. So it you know, it was just it was it was a crazy time. The last two years really in the in the trucking business, especially our world in the truck sales business was it was tough. I mean, there was a time when I first started with Dustin, when forgot, told you he had eight grand down you were you’re clicking your heels, eBUY anything, you know, so then that wouldn’t even scrape the surface a year ago, sir. So I guess

Jeremy Kellett  11:42  

with the program, I draw from the 10,000. Dan, you match 10,000 down, that, that tells us that it’s getting a little bit better, it’s getting better, you had more used drugs out there on the mall. And

Keith Wilson  11:54  

that, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every truck that we’ve got that is under that program that yeah, if you bring $10,000 to the table that you that, that’s gonna get you in that drug, it might take 15 or 17 or eight. Fends on your credit price of the truck. You know, there’s some variables there. But even if it does take more than 10 I mean, we’re still we’re still giving you that and 10

Trae Viser  12:19  

Yeah, it helps a lot. And what what, what it helps is it helps a guy coming in and maybe he hasn’t been an owner operator or, you know, has put some money back but maybe not quite as much as he would, you know, was playing it, he doesn’t have quite as much sticker shock when they come in to buy a truck from us and then helps us move and manipulate where we can get him in a truck. Now Erlang take

Dustin Eagle  12:40  

some examples of that. I just recently, as of last month, I had two guys we had approved that couldn’t get in a truck, you know, six months ago. Yeah. I sent him to Keith. And with this new program and week later, they’ve got trucks in there come to orientation. They’re working.

Trae Viser  12:58  

Yeah, what we can say we had Edward in the last two weeks for six guys that have bought trucks from us and down here in the last two weeks. And we were maybe one every two weeks, when every three weeks everyone trucking prices had had hit the all time high. And so we like to see that because we like talking more guys. We like helping more people get on board. We like putting more people in more trucks. So is it gonna go back

Jeremy Kellett  13:19  

though, to where it was before? Like what I mean by that, you know, a used truck being very reasonable. Like it used to be like a, I don’t know, I mean, up a couple years ago, you could get into a decent use truck for 50 $60,000.

Trae Viser  13:37  

Yeah, that was on the top side. I mean, you could buy a really nice truck for 60 or 70,000. Yeah, right. I don’t see it going all the way back there. But but we’re swinging back that direction. Right now as we speak for

Jeremy Kellett  13:52  

Gizeh because we got more you got more used trucks or wise a lot of dirt and swinging a

Trae Viser  13:58  

little well for this the opposite reason on why it went the other way. Right. So we had manufacturers weren’t putting out any trucks couldn’t get the parts couldn’t get new inventory out there. Big fleets were holding on their trade back just because they couldn’t replace the trucks and the new ones. So it created a shortage. We’re not necessarily seeing a influx in in use trucks hit the market. There’s more because people stopped buying there for little walks. Truck prices got so high. What we’re seeing now is fuel prices are tipping. freight rates are dropping, demand has slowed a little bit because of those two things. inflation’s hidden people pretty hard. So everybody’s kind of holding on to what they’ve got right now. To try to see where the chips fall.

Jeremy Kellett  14:38  

Yeah, thanks. So to think that makes them think twice about getting a true 100% I

Trae Viser  14:44  

mean, and you think about all the variables are going to not just buying a truck and coming and going to work and making a paycheck but to me, you’ve got to think about fuel costs, insurance costs, parts costs, what’s it gonna cost me to put tires on when I need him or the parts available if my truck does break mean, well, I stopped

Jeremy Kellett  15:03  

it just like anything else. I don’t know, we compare it to frac sand a lot of times back in the day, but when when the spot rates are way up high, and everybody’s throwing ridiculous amount of money on these loads, will a guy will pay whatever for a truck, I need it right now, because these rates are high, but you know, and you try to get them to thank now, the rates are gonna be high for a little while, but not long, they won’t. So you overpay for this truck, you get in there, you make some good money for six months or a year, and now it’s gone. And now you still got the truck,

Keith Wilson  15:38  

right? Or you stood out three years, three years with a truck. You know, it’s, that’s the way you arrive now with some of them.

Jeremy Kellett  15:46  

And we’re gonna see a lot of that you guys are gonna see a lot of that I’m sure you guys can get out of trucks. Yep, it goes like bottom at the wrong time. And we will press we saw

Trae Viser  15:54  

there for a while where guys had bought trucks, some from us and from anywhere else. But if they owned it for six, eight months, if they bought it six, eight months ago, and they called you and said, Hey, I need out of this thing and want to get something nicer, newer you, you get them out of it and lunchtimes they’d have some equity in it just because of when they bought it. Not not necessarily that they stole it or bought it right. But the market was swinging up so weak, that we can pay them more than they paid for it six months ago, even though it had more miles on it. So we’re seeing the other side of that now we’re seeing more and more phone calls guys saying, Hey, man, I bought this truck a year ago, it’s breaking me I need to get out of it. What do you owe on it? Wow, about 140 years, like, Oh, my goodness. You know, so it, we’ve seen the other side of that. And that’s, that’s where we kind of got into it for a while there into a rhythm with transport funding. And, you know, these banks were wanting in big down payments, because they were trying to keep guys from basically hanging yourself with equipment, you know, that they knew. And you know, to an operator or new guy coming in, he may get stars in his eyes and see those freight rates and things are killing right now. Well, that market swings back the other way, too. You know, we were talking with Vinny before this. And, you know, he kept looking at the 40 year employee award on his wall over there. And he was talking about, he said, it’s always always done this. And I’ve seen the same thing. In my 10 years I’ve been doing it, it’s always a cycle, it goes up, it comes down and it goes up and it comes down. So you just have to play in for the average, in my opinion, and try to, you know, try to get in the cycle. Yeah,

Jeremy Kellett  17:28  

gotta be smart about it. Now, Keith has a relationship word with you and the recruiters down here at Oakley Drogon. The what’s the in Dustin you to me? What’s the what’s the process?

Dustin Eagle  17:42  

Well, basically, I mean, when we get to, you know, we get a qualified applicant. We get them approved here at Oakley and they need a truck. We, you know, we’ll usually call Keith or emailing or give them the information. And then Keith, you know, go from there. Try and get them in truck, mostly cane and we work together all through the process. He’ll call me with questions, I’ll call, you know, we’ll call him the questions. It’s, we all work together?

Keith Wilson  18:12  

Oh, yeah, we’re constantly in touch. And everybody’s a little bit different. You know, I mean, some guys get sent through and they’re absolutely 100% committed and ready to go, got a little money put back, have a good credit score. Those guys are easy. And then there’s others that maybe don’t have a very good credit score or don’t have any money. And, you know, I don’t just shove those guys to the side, you know, I’m like, What do you got set set aside or saved up for a down payment? Well, $3,000 or $3,000? Probably not gonna get you anywhere. But this is what we’ll and, you know,

Jeremy Kellett  18:58  

so you can tell them, here’s kind of what you qualify for. Maybe here’s the range, you need to be looking at it. And we in a truck, something like that. So this means you’re probably gonna need around this for down by

Keith Wilson  19:09  

Yeah, depending on what they’ve got down. And we, I asked him, you know, some, like, pretty pointed personal questions. And I always tell him, I mean, I’m not trying to pry in your business, but this is these questions. These questions are important. I mean, it’s gonna let me know, you know, kind of your credit profile and, you know, while we can’t tell everything without actually having the credit app, but I mean, if a guy’s been in his current job for five years plus or, you know, he owns his home and he’s been there for five years bus and you know, he’s got comparable credit because he’s bought a house, paid off a couple of vehicles, all that stuff, kind of, you know, goes into determining, you know, have good or not how I’m going to fit he’s going to be but what he’s going to qualify for, yeah.

Trae Viser  20:04  

And if they don’t qualify me, and we try to, you know, like he said, we don’t just shove them to the side and say next, you know, we try to give these guys a way to go and say, Hey, you’re the light on down payment, or did you know you’ve had this, you know, these little medical collections on your credit, if you get those cleared up, get that off of there come back when

Dustin Eagle  20:23  

we it gives them a goal to work toward. That’s what we like to tell them, you know, every guy is not going to get approved. We all know that. Right? Right. But I think like, if you can see, you know, it might give the guy a goal for a year Hey, here, you save this much money have you had a phone call on the way that we can get you to, you know, work toward that goal? Yeah, he had a phone call and way down here and Guy he’d been talking to for years, and he’s, he’s chipping away at that number, we

Trae Viser  20:48  

kind of gave him that, you know, this will put you in the truck Do you want to be in and, and you know,

Keith Wilson  20:52  

we’ve done it a bunch, he just called me and say, Hey, I’m, I’m getting closer, you know, give me another couple of months. And I’ll be there. You know, I just want to let you know, I want to do business with you, you

Jeremy Kellett  21:01  

do the same thing we recruit you, don’t you? Exactly.

Trae Viser  21:03  

Yeah, it’s just it’s the same relationship that we’re just back and forth to what we try to keep in a pipeline with, you know, with with guys, as far as what it takes to qualify and get into a truck, you guys are doing the same thing on, you know, once your points off your license or experience and whatever the the thing that helps us when we go to talk to a guy about a truck, we know if he’s approved here, he’s got a couple of the boxes checked bang looks for already. He’s got a couple of years over the road experience. And he’s got a call source to go to work floor. And those two were big, big points with the bank. And so they were already ahead of the game, if they’re approved couldn’t work here, when we go to get him in front of transport funding or, or any outside lender that we may use. So that does carry a little weight, it carries a lot of weight, a lot of weight. And they’ll call us to verify that. Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  21:48  

And okay, the obvious question, why is it why does it carry

Trae Viser  21:52  

a little bit of weight, the whole source or the experience, the source, the whole source? So we’re to the point now, when when transport funding calls down here that I think they asked for their creators by name because they know you know, they call it so much. So when when a guy’s borderline as far as credit for whatever reason, if he’s, you know, if he’s on the bubble, so to speak, if he’s had some trouble in the past or divorce or went through a bad divorce had a bankruptcy for medical reasons, or whatever the case may be if that underwriter is looking at the deal, and they’re trying to make a decision on to say yes or no, if they see the haul sources Oakley, and they can look back and think on all the loans that they’ve done for Oakley operators over the year and think this guy’s got a better shot at making then he doesn’t whereas if he’s got down there, you know, Roy Jones, cattle hauling company, his name is Leroy Jones. You know, it’s like he’s going to work for his dad hauling calcium is no offense Johnson. Yeah, sorry about that. But I mean, the Frenchie out there, but it makes it that makes that underwriter feel better to say, Yeah, this guy’s gonna He’s gonna pan out because where he’s going to work, he’s going to have guidance on his insurance, he’s going to have good dispatchers, he’s not going to have to worry about loads. He’s not on a load board finding his own stuff.

Jeremy Kellett  23:10  

And that’s one thing we all know the answer to the question, but I want our listeners to understand the answer because we sit in here as recruiters we wish other finance companies would understand that if they’re going to Oakley they or they’ve been vetted real good, they’re gonna make money there, the chances of them being successful in HR operator are way more than going somewhere

Trae Viser  23:34  

else. The only time we sell the truck to an ugly operator and I won’t say the only time but nine times out of 10 if we see that truck back, it’s because he left Oakley and went somewhere else to chase a higher per mile and did not look at the bigger picture and we will that’s nine times out of 10 If we get a truck back then we knew we sold it that’s the first thing we call it say what could happen

Jeremy Kellett  23:57  

now some people make mistakes they just I had one on the phone down there we’ll go for we come up here your guy one of our owner operators called me and he was talking about swapping divisions and he said yeah, I was here a few years and then I left he says Superstay over did BI he’s coming he’s been back for a while now and he said you know just didn’t know Jason greener grass and shit I should have known better and we hear that

Trae Viser  24:23  

we quite often to you know talking about our relationship back and forth. I mean, I know you guys get the calls about us but we get we get people that call us all the time. I mean, what what bad Oakley mean? Are they real deal? Is it really what they say they are and then we’ve been knowing each other and doing this for so long. We say how long you got and because I didn’t tell you you know what we can tell you freight rates and you know that one show down in Catoosa there that one guy thought I was a recruiter because I just I knew so much about it, you know? So it just it works out when when you You know, we’ve all

Jeremy Kellett  25:00  

been to truck shows with us, you’ve been to Oklahoma to, you know, putting on that driver appreciation over there for years. I mean, we’ve spent a lot of time.

Dustin Eagle  25:11  

And that’s what I was gonna say it helps us a lot in recruiting because we can call Keith and say, Hey, this guy’s pretty he wants Paul hopper. Keith automatically knows what that entails. You know, Brian was he needs a Lytro we know the way he needs virgin tires, or hey, he’s gonna pull pneumatic. And Keith paid automatically knows well, we got to focus on got to put together put a PTO on the truck. In a week. He’s got a great relationship with our shop foreman, Toby most correctly and smooth. He’ll call him directly and ask Toby questions, right?

Keith Wilson  25:44  

Yeah, yeah, well, we just want to make, you know, I don’t want to send something down here that that we could have warded off of, you know, spending 30 minutes in the shop. And getting it scheduled in rather than getting it down here and then finding out oh, now we got to now we got to try to get it scheduled. And it’s gonna be three days in this guy’s going to be sitting here until next Tuesday, before we get the first letter. What’s,

Jeremy Kellett  26:09  

what’s the process? A guy buys a truck? What do y’all do to make sure that it’s a it is a top notch condition for a used truck? What do you got to go through,

Trae Viser  26:19  

so we suspection we start on the buy side. You know, when we purchase a truck we have inspected through a third party inspection agency because we want to know what we’re getting in the relationships that we have selling selling trucks to operators with you guys, we have all buying an apartment, it’s got those same relationships with fleets, where they know the quality of equipment that we’re going to get and then when we don’t know we haven’t inspected so we start there, we try to start off with a good piece of equipment when we get it then our company process we send it to a third party do tea shop. So what’s in it to inland truck parts or MHC or Peterbilt or whoever can get us in? We’ll have those guys do the actual do t we didn’t take truck to a separate third party shop have them make the repairs and then the first shop verifies they’re done right and then passes Trump would do that for a couple of reasons one gets us out of the game we’ve had to shop look at it we’re not you know playing favorites here nothing buys we don’t have any skin in this game. We’ve had to say people do our duties you do so if something was missed, it just got missed people are human you know so we’re sorry about that. But so we had two shops verify it and we have the one shop DOD and the other shop repair that way we can we don’t get a whole list of DOD items just because the shop knows they’re gonna get to fix it. And we can’t go in and say no, we don’t want that done because their federal inspector you know, we can’t argue with them when they’re DoD stuff. So it protects us too and protects the customer. We get it service will change send it over for D O T. Brain back to the lot pictured up market for sale. After key puts a an Oakley driver on it or named Oakley since the driver to him then he goes through it personally and then do you have a shop look at it again.

Keith Wilson  27:57  

Yeah, I’ll send it back to the if it’s a Kenworth or Peterbilt. I’ll send it to MHC if it’s a Freightliner, I’ll send it to Freightliner and just have them go over everything and give it a you know, make sure there’s no you know, anything outstanding on the truck, make sure there’s no like recalls or campaigns on the truck. If there are they fix them. And that’s you know, and then when it gets back, before the guy comes and picks it up, I have our shop, the shop that’s attached to us there Wix truck trailers, they do a lot of our service work and stuff. I just have them go through it one more quick time, check the air check. You know, fluid levels, make sure everything’s right before the guy gets there. And then I get Brian, that he’s the shop manager there. He’ll have either him or one of his runner guys will take that truck on a test drive just to make sure that something’s not going to come up, you know, doesn’t always work. I mean, I’ve I’ve sent guys from that way I’ve had a truck. We shipped all the way from San Antonio. Never had a check engine light. Not one nothing wrong with it. We looked it over once it got here. Did a couple of minor things do it? Just it was stuff that I knew it was coming to Oakley so I wanted it right. And before he gets here, check engine light. I mean that drove the truck 900 mile you know and

Dustin Eagle  29:31  

but did you get that call from me? Yeah.

Keith Wilson  29:34  

Well, actually, he called me the guy called me and he’s like, Man, I gotta check in tonight. You know when I’m like, man, you know, get it in there and get it fixed. Give it over to Bill. Yeah, if if Bill can fix it or you know, we can get Bill to work on it. And you know, I don’t expect a guy to be out of pocket money. When he drives a truck from Springfield Little Rock and has check engine light comes on. And it’s A $20 fix, or a $1,800 for didn’t make any difference. I mean, that’s, we’re always gonna do the right thing. Yeah, you know, now, Feast been driving the truck, three months and something, you know, goes a little bit haywire and, you know, we help the the warranty takes care of it and but if the guy’s just down and out, and you know, we’re gonna offer him a little help. No, I’m not gonna say we’re gonna just gonna say, oh, yeah, don’t worry about it. Well,

Trae Viser  30:30  

yeah, sometimes are sometimes covered, all the opinion of the right thing is differs. That’s exactly, that’s where you will get hung up at there. But we tried to do a little extra for you guys. I mean, we do $500 off the warranty extended warranty if they buy that, we’ll make $1,000 or their first payment to transport funding. And then the 90 day warranty that we guarantee everybody that comes in and buys a truck on I think it’s a 15 mile and newer now, it balls to a six month 50,000 mile warranty. So I mean, we tried to do some, some extras and some extra thorough check in and in, you know, we don’t sell any truck off or we try not to offer any other lot. Unless we look at it. We want to bring them all to Springfield. That way we can say yeah, we put our hands on. Well,

Jeremy Kellett  31:15  

that’s the big reason that the main reason that the Wii or partner to do so much business together is what you guys do after the sale? Surely, cause that’s main will you know, get anybody to get in a truck? I mean, yes, for the most part we can get but it’s what you guys do after the sale that makes a difference for us that makes us want to keep having that relationship Cerrillos you see the big picture? Yeah, we try No, you’re not just keys not just a salesman or trying to sell a truck to a guy and who cares what happens to upset you know, you guys have the same interest in mind that we do we want them to be successful,

Trae Viser  31:57  

right? We want to put people over profit. Yeah, that’s that’s what we tried to do. And in the long run, it works out for us. I mean, it you know, we don’t want to just shove a guy in a truck and say we want to we want to sell him the next one and the next one and I mean, I can’t tell you how much business I’ve got from people that I sold trucks to five six years ago that same referrals my way that have upgraded to new trucks and they only bought that one truck from us. And you know, Keith had a got a truck stop the other day, saw saw over the guy with a with a trailer and went flooded and flagged him down and asked him about his man’s best sister made that little trip while the gate they helped me out and got me rolling. And now I bought two or three brand new balls.

Keith Wilson  32:36  

Yeah, yeah. When he flagged him down he was he was more asking him about Oakley. Yeah, he was arrow. Yeah, because he wasn’t in it. Now he’s not. He I think he’s bought a new truck since Elliott was a dust. Yeah. Yeah. Who was it? Leave when asked me to tell it. Anyway, he saw the he saw the Oakley drove, and he’s getting ready to come here. So he’s like, Oh, I’m gonna go talk to this guy. And he ended up telling me, he bought a truck from drive five years ago. And he said, you’re making you’re making last choice, you know? When? So he called me he’s like fu man. You know, he said, If running into somebody at a truck stop in Ohio. And you get that kind of, you know, you get that kind of feedback. He said that. That makes me feel much much better. Yeah, you know,

Trae Viser  33:29  

and we came I mean, we can’t help all the time. But I mean, we’ve you know, we’ve had most of the time we will step up to the plate and and like he said, we’ll do the right thing. Jared jokes bought a truck from us should have been the nice truck in the world at 200,000 miles on it and had this problem after problem after the allegation. It wasn’t really you know, our fault or his fault it was under manufacturer’s warranty the truck kept breaking and they Peterbilt kept fixing and it was the same problem and they finally just put a whole new engine in the truck but we made a truck payment or two for him you know just because it wasn’t his fault and wasn’t our fault but you know he’s one guy operator we’re big company so we try to step in and help where we can so

Jeremy Kellett  34:10  

there are several those examples you guys have not

Trae Viser  34:13  

turned on there’s a lot yeah saying all and had a Mac that he bought from us that that the previous company ran the wrong kind of cooling in it for so long that it pitted the liners in the in the engine and when we put the right cooling in it when it came back apparently you know and I’m not a mechanic so forgive me if I’m wrong but it basically blew the engine. We needed new liners, new injectors, new everything. It was $38,000 right out of the gate. Wasn’t his fault, wasn’t our fault, but what do you do then? Do you tell the guy, ‘Sorry, I bankrupted you,’ and you go home and lick your wounds and tell your wife you don’t have a job anymore? By the way, we lost all that money. Or do you step in do the right thing? So we stepped in and we paid the money and I sold him another truck after that, two or three years later, and still talked to him all the time now. There’s a lot of those stories. And like you said, when we take the small transactions out of it and you look at the big picture and the business we’ve done over the years and the people that we’ve helped and the relationships and the times that people tell people at truck stops, ‘If you’re looking for a truck, I go see this guy,’ those are intangibles that are invaluable to us. You can’t buy that type of marketing and advertisement. And it may cost you a little money out of the gate, but in the big picture, we’re in this thing for the long run. 

Jeremy Kellett  35:36  

we’ll see, we’ll see. Are there any more gliders out there?

Trae Viser  35:40  

We don’t do a whole lot with gliders, and I’ll tell you why. Because we’ve seen a lot of problems with them. I mean, I can’t tell you the amount of people that have bought gliders that had blown them up in a relatively short amount of time. I’ve heard that you’re taking a new truck, whether using engine that they put new parts into but the block is still 20 years old, you know, or however many years old and they they constantly block and they’re so negative expensive, you know? Yeah, no,

Jeremy Kellett  36:06  

that’s what my dad says. I was down stairs Cory was looking at one he had a guy looking at a Glock 30 fan on some website and it was like an 18 model. Peterbilt I think and it was like $230,000 I was like, That is insane. Yeah, it was Yeah, and that 2018 And I think my

Keith Wilson  36:25  

didn’t theory it’s the best of both worlds is a new truck with a pre admission motor. What could go wrong if you go around there a lot a lot. Yep. And they’re terribly hard to finance I mean, really? Oh yeah, most I’m not saying there’s no companies out there that will finance one but there there’s a lot more won’t than we’ll I know that

Trae Viser  36:49  

Yeah, I know there’s some guys that have had good luck with them there’s probably somebody listening to podcast right now going we do that best thing I’ve ever done but as a whole we’ve had more people call us to try to get them out of them because they keep breaking them and keep having to yell don’t pursue though we don’t know No after you don’t look for we won’t we don’t even like to trade for him because just like he said the hard to get financing there’s that problem.

Keith Wilson  37:16  

Yeah. And I’m sure there’s guys that are tickled to death with what they got you know I mean you know, but it’s just it’s just one of those one of those things we don’t do much and

Jeremy Kellett  37:31  

so what does it look like six months a year from now in the trucking world now underscores use trucks for sale and selling them and Man oh man,

Trae Viser  37:38  

if I could tell you I can make all of us a lot of money. But I mean that’s that’s the million dollar question. We don’t even try to forecast out that far because you can’t you know and we we look try to look 30 days at a time and that’s that’s where we’re at

Jeremy Kellett  37:53  

with neglect the use trucks though they’re there they’re good are they gonna be high mileage? No,

Trae Viser  37:59  

they’re going to stabilize I think you probably will see some high mileage more on the average on the average use Truck For Sale if you took all the used Truck For Sale in the country late started trying to make fleet starting to trade him in the average mileage will be higher when the when the for longer, right. So

Keith Wilson  38:15  

we’ll still be able to get you know some some lower mileage drug trading that’s that’s just arrow. I mean, you know, we got enough. We have enough. I was still buyers and buying power in contacts all over that. You know, I think we’ll always be able to,

Jeremy Kellett  38:36  

we were talking Benny earlier like it wasn’t me dinner. Anyway. Benny Weatherford if people don’t know him, I can’t get him on the podcast. But he’s, we gave it our best effort. Yeah. I don’t he didn’t care but he won’t. He’ll. He was this another story? I was we went into a meeting here. I don’t know couple months ago and me and Justin Oakley and a couple other guys and having a meeting. We’re here come Bini walked in. And Justin introduced him as the godfather of Oakley trucking. So that is pretty much you don’t know who he is. He’s the godfather of Oakley. Truckee. It’s been at Weatherford over 40 years now. But anyway, we were telling him we were kind of bragging on you guys that y’all have a real good knack of keep a truck getting trucks go buying trucks constantly. You know when people don’t have trucks? Do y’all got trucks? Saw a bunch of that. In the last year or two people just say Gunny troops. We don’t have any sale. And

Trae Viser  39:37  

I mean, I think there’s about 150 years experience combined between all the buyers in our buying department and they’ve been doing it a long time and have a ton of contact was a good good and they they do a real good job of going out and it’s the same thing like like, you know with us in our relationship. They have those same relationships. So when trucks do become available, they get the first phone call. And then that goes along. Wait for us in our, our minds.

Dustin Eagle  40:02  

And I think a lot of recruits don’t understand still, even though I find one in Houston arrow, or Cincinnati, Ohio, right, you can still sell you can still sell Metro. Yeah, we can take care of Oh, yeah. And do you know, they think some of guests think they got to talk to the Cincinnati store?

Trae Viser  40:20  

No. Yeah, we can pick them from everywhere. And, you know, not saying that, that they were inconsistent as a company when it comes to financing. But Keith and I put a lot more thought and process and effort in, in Oakley deals and just really trying to figure out, how can we make this work? You know, I mean, do we need to trade for some many donkeys? Or do you have a four wheeler, you don’t really ride that much boat with a whole wheel? Can you? You know, do you have a farm truck with a title. I mean, we it’s happened, years happened, we’ve been we try to figure it out. And then you know, we bring that truck from another location. And then we run it through the process we spoke about earlier. So we try to start a guy off as best we can, on the best foot we can, and we stand behind him best we can and we try to sell him a warranty is going to taking the rest of the way. So we ultimately want to have him come back at the end and go, Man, that was fantastic. Let’s do it again.

Keith Wilson  41:16  

So yeah, and that’s the thing, you know. We put I feel like we put more effort into making sure and not that we don’t you know, we don’t do T in service and check out every truck that we sell. But if I’m telling the guy a truck that’s coming Oakley, um, I feel like I’m vested in there. You know, I’m talking LoRa name zone. I’m gonna I’m gonna get the wrath of Oakley. If something goes up.

Jeremy Kellett  41:52  

Have you ever gotten never All right? Kit brings it all down.

Trae Viser  41:57  

Okay, I’ve looked at that phone and said Jeremy kellett and I said, Well, we will. Yeah. Yeah. Let him leave a message. Yes. Usually

Dustin Eagle  42:06  

also called Jeremy’s colonies.

Jeremy Kellett  42:09  

That don’t go sometimes I call obviously got the bass patients go. Yeah.

Keith Wilson  42:14  

Yeah. And by the way, yeah, yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  42:18  

We’ve got to my, to this podcast, by its face, and it’s what me geek and they report

Trae Viser  42:25  

coming in.

Jeremy Kellett  42:26  

Yeah, yeah.

Keith Wilson  42:27  

But you know, I mean, um, they can buy a truck from from any era location,

Dustin Eagle  42:34  

anywhere, you know, we want them dealing with but we

Keith Wilson  42:37  

want them right. I want the lady Do you with me? Exactly. Yeah, and I will get that truck. I mean, if if we can get them to help us to get that truck paid part of the transportation costs, then that’s, you know,

Jeremy Kellett  42:53  

that’s that’s good. Because you’ll basically have to buy it from that they were

Keith Wilson  42:56  

no we don’t know. But we got to pay to get it to but we have to pay to get it to work and it’s a we are transportation companies and

Trae Viser  43:03  

what was it called freight man, we chose my goodness util route.

Keith Wilson  43:08  

Friends. Yeah. But, you know, I, I want that truck at my place. So I can look at it so I can put eyes on it. Because I don’t want a guy to go pick a truck up and call me and say, Hey, this is not what I

Trae Viser  43:26  

know. This tune no door panels off this truck. Yeah.

Keith Wilson  43:30  

And sometimes we get trucks in like that. That, you know, the guy had a dog. And he happened to really liked the door panel on the left side and it looked like he got upset when he got left. And so we do today.

Jeremy Kellett  43:42  

And once you get past the truck is okay. Then it’s the paperwork. Right? Right. Where’s the title? All right. Well, yeah,

Trae Viser  43:48  

yeah. Right. It’s a whole nother Yeah. And that Bob Gates and that’s I mean, that’d be an hour. Oh, and I think we do a good job of that on the backside Amy and Wendy they

Dustin Eagle  43:59  

were that’s a smooth process. I mean, we don’t have to worry about that at all. That makes our it mean it’s awesome. And not to have to deal with that.

Trae Viser  44:08  

That’s just going back to experience and report and she knows what y’all need y’all know we need works great. We know when we get somebody committed when he’s gonna send me an email and say What can you don’t get recruit

Dustin Eagle  44:19  

call you and say I’m bought a trophy marrow. It’s kind of like weight lifted off your shoulder. I ain’t gotta

Trae Viser  44:25  

dig into this. Yeah. We try to make it as seamless as as possible for all parties involved. I mean, we try to make it easy to do business with us

Jeremy Kellett  44:34  

because when they don’t you know was really good point Dustin when when they don’t buy a truck from you guys they buy it from somewhere and we got don’t get me wrong. I mean, they bought from we got a relationship here local buyer talk about the Bash. Sorry to disappoint you key ally when you talk about they buy from someplace we don’t know. The it’s the recruiters on the phone. Hey here we need to do that. out of work who know you’re not doing this, we got to talk to them, they got to the salesmen don’t know then we got to go the next day and talk to that person and then

Dustin Eagle  45:08  

we gotta get hold of finance company and I gotta call somebody today process just to get a title ID

Jeremy Kellett  45:15  

I had a lot of work to make sure to get the correct BI and convincing them that we can do the title work. That’s a whole nother

Keith Wilson  45:22  

issue. All I can say is Miss Wendy’s got us whipped into shape. Yeah,

Trae Viser  45:26  

yes, she does that. So notice here the next morning, FedEx and 9:30am

Dustin Eagle  45:31  

tracking number out

Keith Wilson  45:33  

there get the call from you saying this guy’s truck is broke, then get off from

Jeremy Kellett  45:40  

work. So that’s good. We

Trae Viser  45:42  

got to have it here quick. And you know, it works good. Because, you know, you guys do the title work and banks happy because it leaves recorded right and everything gets taken up. You know, everything’s good. It meshes well.

Jeremy Kellett  45:54  

Good relationship. Yes. That is the that’s what this whole business is about and what it is at the end of the day, I

Trae Viser  46:00  

mean, it’s about the good relationship between us to get the truck good relationship between y’all and the load source to get load and dispatching driving me it’s all relationship business growing

Jeremy Kellett  46:10  

you got to get past and I’ve told a lot of people this you gotta get past the mentality of getting a deal. Yeah, I need a good deal. So that you don’t need a good deal.

Trae Viser  46:20  

Let’s talk about what that is. Yeah, what is good deal wrath? Is it? Is it the price you paid for the truck? Or is it knowing that you’re going to get taken care of shoots on to come up? And no one you gotta worry about your paperwork, knowing that you’ve got a warranty to back you mean as people that I’ll tell you talking about price or cost? I mean, what are we talking about here? What’s What to you is a good decent Good point, you know, I mean, we don’t want to be the cheapest truck out there because then that means we we cut out all the things that help the people we sell trucks to mean that we’ve never wanted to be that you know and ask people all the time you know, Montrose same prices truck Who would you rather do business with and will will you will why? Well, you got a 90 day warranty. Well, why will you give me finance Well, why else? Well, you know, you got a good relationship with Oakley well why else and the list is keep growing I say well now you see why we’re just a hair hire you because you get all that

Jeremy Kellett  47:13  

I bought those things that are good deals. Yeah, I’ve been I’ve done that I mean I you know I do some yard saleing and some now shopping around and buying stuff and I’ll give me a good deal but at the end of the day I’ve got this good deal where really all I’m getting out of it is I can say I got a good deal I can brag about it right I really you know done anything right satisfy my own need for good hey for a good deal

Trae Viser  47:40  

I can’t tell you the amount of guys we talked to that look for you know they want to be under a certain price certain price well I gotta be under that banner this will sir came down for the truck you won’t you can’t and can’t do it. I mean we we know the market we know oh no. And they look for that and bang bang for effort in the coin I finally escala deserts or how much money have you lost looking for that deal that you could have already been working for three months and made all that back and then some I mean you’re I don’t get it

Jeremy Kellett  48:14  

it’s it’s some kind of mental

Trae Viser  48:16  


you know, everybody’s different everybody’s just gotta win you know and they put a put a mark in their mind where they’re at but you know, we had that conversation quite a bit well I want to do it well what what is a good deal to you? Yeah, I mean, what are you to me? I want quality I want to not worry about it dependability, won’t service after sale and I want somebody staying behind what they saw that’s when I go by pick up or something that’s what and that’s what we try

Jeremy Kellett  48:44  

not like a little bit of experience and maturity gets come to that because I can remember you know being younger I didn’t you know want to eat more tea I never thought about Yeah, you know now think about warranty you know absolutely of things that I buy Yeah, I can tell you that I care less about warranty. He didn’t want it right now and back.

Trae Viser  49:07  

I can’t tell you the conversations we have with people unless I don’t need that warranty. Yes sir. You absolutely do. I would not buy I can’t force you to buy but I can strongly suggest and urge and push you to protect your business by buying that warranty because absolutely it will save your and it’s not it’s not the health insurance is life insurance. You know if for an owner operator Yeah, if something catastrophic goes wrong, me right, you’re gonna wish you had it. So

Jeremy Kellett  49:33  

and we get

Keith Wilson  49:34  

you know, we get and I had one of those calls on the way up here. You know, we get guys that are like, can I get my money back on, you know, about a four year warranty and I’m into two years gonna get the rest of my money back. Why do you I mean, why do you want to do it? For one? That’s a question for the warranty company. But why are you asking? Well, staying just done Pay for nothing you know I’m Mark wanted an info for when

Trae Viser  50:04  

he changed all three downs yeah

Keith Wilson  50:05  

I had a couple airlines go bad and I had a you know ahead of cool and I was go bad and I had airbags go bad and they they won’t pay for none of that. I’m like no I mean it’s not supposed to know

Jeremy Kellett  50:21  

but it doesn’t say it does it

Keith Wilson  50:23  

does not say it does with the stuff that it’s supposed to cover. It’s gonna come and if it doesn’t and you think it should pick the phone up call me Yep, let’s figure out you know because there’s two sides Denver story and they don’t always get it right you know the warranty company doesn’t always get it right yeah

Jeremy Kellett  50:45  

that can be a whole nother yes

Trae Viser  50:46  

old bill yes where we’re talking about where it goes circles back to relationships because we you know we we’ve sell so much have been TP product we can call and say hey look here’s the deal, you know, Roy Jones scattergun knee did end up buying that truck from us and you know Glue turbo and it dumped all into the emission system and they told us you only want to pay for the turbo you need to pay for them Mr. System do and we can force their hand at that and we’ve got a whole department that that’s what they do they handle their warranty claims within DB and they say look two sides to it. They’d call the shop and say Look you’re crazy this job should take two hours now five, and it should be you know, more than 50 An hour not 205 You know they haven’t helped those guys on that end of it but then they also call in TP and say I really think you ought to pay a little more on this bill and here’s why and they work with those guys on the backside to make sure that stuff’s done but the biggest important is like he said if we don’t know about it, we can’t help you. You know pick up the phone give us a call. Let us know you bought the warranty they’re not doing what you think they should be and we’ll we will backfield and cross check them there.

Jeremy Kellett  51:53  

First of all, nobody reads a warranty do they

Trae Viser  51:56  

know No. I don’t know what signal recovery integration is ran great

Jeremy Kellett  52:04  

yeah that’s really why you’re good. Yeah, no, then then you just may want to use as a whole I don’t know that can be frustrated cataloging insurance.

Trae Viser  52:14  

Yeah. When you get them down here and have them on the pocket. Yeah.

Keith Wilson  52:17  

It can until at its integrity love that engine. Yeah. And then you know I mean because Kelly which

Jeremy Kellett  52:23  

then say well I’m trying to figure out why blue use your route and I mean you hear that? Oh god I don’t know You know, I mean

Trae Viser  52:31  

they will I mean you know we had a guy burn a transmission though because he never checked he never checked any throat and it was leaking for five weeks and then a Marine in our transmission fluid gets shot and he met us because warranty won’t carry the transmission Well no, you ran it out of fluid you never you know I wouldn’t pay for it either. Right you know we we have those those stories but then you know, we had we tell people story all the time. We sold God $20,000 truck in begged him and actually took a discount on the on the truck to get him to a six month warranty and he drove it what two weeks and blew the motor. The truck was 20,000 the motor they put in it was 30 Oh mine gets in the end. And we kicked in some of that too because the warranty company would only they said hey look trucks only worth 20 You know, so they put a $30,000 motor and there was some other stuff in there turbos and motors. So when we ended up buying that and put the guy back to work and he’s bought two trucks and a trailer for him since then, so it you know, it’s important and now now he tells people and we don’t even have to ask him he we just know he wants to buy the warranty because he’s like

Keith Wilson  53:38  

yeah, the second truck he bought after that one pay it off you know we like I said he wanted the second truck and so I’ve priced it to him and I said no, I’m sure you don’t want the warranty said I want the best warranty you got he said you have sold me on Northern farm believe Yeah, oh, yeah.

Trae Viser  53:57  

And he used that one quite a bit too. I mean, it just their machines you know people people call us say oh, you sold me a bad truck. I didn’t know I sold your truck. I thought it was good. You know, I don’t know. When stuffs gonna break we don’t have a crystal ball we can see into the engine mean we just do our best due diligence upfront to make sure what’s broke right now is fixed and then protected on the backside and have some backstop within warranty when it does break. So

Jeremy Kellett  54:22  

last night I got Keith is a podcast worth dude is arrow sponsors his podcast. And I asked you this downstairs earlier. We talked a little bit about it. But do you hear much from the podcast people listening to this podcast?

Keith Wilson  54:38  

Oh, yeah, absolutely. I get not a week goes by that I don’t have one or two or more guys call me and say, Hey, I’ve been you know, I’ve heard you on the podcast to listen to this. Listen to that. And you know, it’s Yeah, I absolutely. I mean, I’ve had I’ve had guys call me that said to You guys call me that said, I haven’t contacted Oakley yet, but I’ve listened to their podcast. What? What do I need to get in? What do I need to do to get qualified for a truck? Or, you know what? What can I expect before I call them because if I can’t get in a truck, then there’s no need for me to go through that process. Yeah, I’m like, you know, so I talked to him and I’m like, and then I become the Oakley recruiter. Yeah. Because he better go there

Trae Viser  55:32  

in the BIOS helps us to because we listen to it as well. And we, you know, we

Keith Wilson  55:38  

get all kinds of stuff from the bog get the lowdown.

Trae Viser  55:42  

We know what’s going on. We see those other little relationships you got in sad too.

Keith Wilson  55:47  

Yeah, sometimes I’m mute now.

Dustin Eagle  55:50  

I hear about that every day.

Trae Viser  55:52  

It’s like watching somebody take you Why did you cheat? Nobody? Yeah, what are you doing now?

Jeremy Kellett  55:59  

Oh, man, I know, it’s tough. Do I really do appreciate you guys relationship, and not just a sponsored podcast, but it just worked man and works. And it takes time and effort. That takes money. But uh, you know, we’ve been doing it a long time now. And, you know, it just feels good. And we got confidence in each other and what’s going on? And certain we know when you’re able to, you know,

Dustin Eagle  56:25  

yeah, it’s not just business. I mean, we’ve, we had, you know, was partial to Well, yeah, we’re friends, we get out of get out of work and hang out. And that’s like, that makes a big difference to you know,

Trae Viser  56:36  

we see we all get along, we’d like to see people at the, you know, the company parties and the appreciation things and stuff that we’ve sold trucks to over the years and own paths. And, you know, we can, you know, we can we can do those types of things I know dealers are so trust people, they can’t show up to those types of events. They might not make it out of there.

Jeremy Kellett  56:53  

But it was good when you see somebody be successful when it comes back. And you’re a part of that. Yeah,

Trae Viser  56:58  

you know, we had a hand in helping that guy. I mean, I can’t tell you the number of guys that I’ve seen go buy new trucks and we traded him out of a 66 Oldsmobile to just get started and you know, you’d like go out there and you pray over the truck with them because ain’t got enough to fix the blinker when they leave. You know, it’s like, we need this to work out, you know, and then they come here and you look at the company or the the driver appreciation day and they pull up a new Peterbilt or a new Volvo and you go, man, that’s where it’s at. That’s why we do it. Yeah. Yeah. Well, thank

Jeremy Kellett  57:30  

you guys for joining us. Appreciate it. Anything else to add? You

Dustin Eagle  57:34  

know, good. snow coming down.

Jeremy Kellett  57:37  

Yeah. Thank you all for coming down. Thanks for having me. Absolutely. Enjoy the rest of the evening here with you guys. And once again, we appreciate everybody on the Oakley podcast, listening to us and checking us out on YouTube and spreading the word about it, you know, it makes a difference. We we try to do our best here to give out good, honest information to our listeners. So you know you can make a decision if maybe Kylin Oakley is good for you or if monitoreo from Arrow Truck Sales is the right place for you

Trae Viser  58:06  

ENFP if anybody out there listens got any questions even if you’re not buying a truck from us if you just want to double check or if you want to ask something about the truck or you know really thing you give us a call we’d be more than happy to talk to you we get we had a guy refer a couple of people to us they didn’t buy their truck from somewhere else but like how he did things he called us after the sale and we kind of told him some shops we deal with in the area and he sent us referrals but if you got any questions if you if you just want to know you know really anything about buying a truck financing the truck, the truck sales process, give us call Keith or I would more than happy to talk with you talk you through it. If you’re going to your local bank or amount of trucks somewhere else or buying from an individual or whatever the case may be and you want some guidance on that. We’d be more than happy to talk with you and help you to tell you the do’s and don’ts, what to look for what not to look for. We just want to help people get started and get out there on the right foot.

Jeremy Kellett  58:57  

Good advice. Trey Boser Keith Wilson Arrow Truck Sales hanging out with us Mr. Miles mics and you don’t put their information up on screen, aren’t you sir? He’s hanging out with us to Dustin Bruce. He said good episode. Everybody. Thank you for listening to the Oakley podcast. Be sure to subscribe, comment, like check us out on our social media platforms and we’ll talk to you next week.

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