121: Owner-Operator Highlight: Tanner Sides

During this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett is joined by Tanner Sides to hear about the YouTube channel he runs as a means to document his adventure here at Oakley. From his success story to how YouTubing helps him with his job, this owner-operator story is a little different.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: fuel fraud, company party (3:06)
  • About Tanner (5:50)
  • Tanner’s first year at Oakley (8:02)
  • Tanner’s YouTube channel (12:57)
  • Making friends at Oakley (17:43)
  • Business picking up (20:24)
  • Annual bonus check (22:06)
  • Keep up with Tanner (26:25)

Tanner’s YouTube Channel

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Tanner Sides  0:12  

If you’ve ever watched my story on whenever I started here, I did it wrong. All my money went into my truck. When I started here, I had $1,000 in my bank account to start driving.

Jeremy Kellett  0:21  

Oh my gosh.

Tanner Sides  0:22  

I didn’t do it the right way, but it didn’t take long that I had it all stacked up. I’ll take off a month and it won’t even bother me.

Jeremy Kellett  0:31  

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business, and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley Trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner-operators and their families by giving them up-to-date information concerning Oakley Trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an inside to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family.

Hi, this is Jeremy Kellett, Director of Recruiting here at Oakley Trucking. I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast: trucking, business, and family. This is episode 121. On today’s episode I have another one of our owner-operators sitting in here with me Mr. Tanner Sides we’re gonna visit with him because it’s a little bit different. A lot of times we do owner-operator success stories and all about them and we’re gonna do a little bit of a tanner but also want to get in him to give us a little information about his YouTube videos and what he does on YouTube and how that helps him in working here and recruiting and that sort of thing. So, so we’re going to get into that in just a minute but first I got to Oakley update and it’s sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales.

Let’s listen to one of Oakley’s owner-operator’s experience with Arrow Truck Sales.

Unknown Speaker  1:47  

Called Kenworth offer for 440 called Peterbilt call Freightliner. None of them wanted to work with me. So Jeremy Kellett got me and got me over to Trey Visor, me and him had a conversation. He had sent me to Keith Wilson and never looked back from that point. I was upside down 29,000 and change. They paid off all but $5,000 of my loans on a blown trust that right there said a lot to me. They were willing to step outside of their comfort zone. To get my deal done. I’ve never felt like a customer. It was more like a family feeling. He took care of every aspect of the deal. He was completely transparent. There was no hidden, no hidden nothing.

Jeremy Kellett  2:55  

So if you’re in the market for a used truck, you owe it to yourself to call Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales in Springfield, Missouri. Tell him you heard it on the Oakley podcast.

Oakley update. The first thing I need to tell you real quick is I’ve done this before on Oakley update. But it’s the fuel fraud. We actually did an episode on fuel cards and fuel fraud. And you need to go back and listen to that if you haven’t listened to it, but pay attention what we did, we got set up because we’ve had so much fuel fraud. And what I mean by that is criminals are when you swap your fuel card, criminals are capturing that. And then they’re selling fuel or they’re doing something with it, and they can do it very quickly. And next thing you know, it’s all being held out of your settlement. Well, what we’ve done is we have created a tech so when you feel you get a text, I’m talking to our owner-operators, you get a text, pay attention to the text. If you didn’t get that fuel, you need to notify us immediately so we can shut the fuel card off because we’ve had that happen. We had one happened this past weekend, we didn’t there was some miscommunication with dispatch and the driver and we didn’t get the fuel card shut off till Monday. Well Meanwhile, there was nine more charges so racked up quite a bit of Bill on that. And I just want everybody to remember that that thing is still going on and your responsibility is checking the text that you get if you didn’t get that few you make a call right there.

Also, the company party, talked about it a little bit, man, it’s gonna be great looking forward to it. And we’ll have more information coming out on the company party, but it’s October the 22nd We’re doing a truck show for the first time ever to company party, so it’s gonna be real fun. We’ve already got a lot of guys signed up for it and getting prepared for that. What I want to tell you about the company party is reserving your room. So I’ve changed this because a lot of you guys, a lot of y’all families you want to come in and you want to stay Friday and Saturday night. Oh please bye For Saturday night, we’re not paying for Friday night, but a lot of y’all want to go ahead and stay two nights and I get it and that’s fine. So when you have changed in the portal and when you go in there to reserve a room you’re going to select either Friday and Saturday night or Saturday not only and that way it’s going to help me with the Holiday Inn and we’re doing it over here with and getting them walk in so be sure and pay attention if you got questions, give me a call and we’ll go from there.

All right, that’s enough for the update. Let’s get into this episode with Mr. Tanner Sides. Tanner, what’s going on man?

Tanner Sides  5:31  

Not a lot. How are you doing today?

Jeremy Kellett  5:32  

I’m doing good. I appreciate you coming in here and doing this. I know you’ve been a busy man and get things going and a lot to do. Sir. Appreciate you sitting in here with me. Real quick. Give me a little bit of history on you Tanner who are our listeners out here that tell them who you are where you’re from, family, that kind of stuff.

Tanner Sides  5:50  

All right. The Tanner side is originally from my relatives is moved over to Kingsport, Tennessee. Last year after I got on over here. Got married, been married 22 and a half years to my wonderful wife Angela got one daughter that fixed and turn 20 years old next week. She’s in the Navy NATS fixing the ship out here in a couple of weeks. So she’s gonna be gone for quite a while for about a year.

Jeremy Kellett  6:16  

How’s mom and daddy handling that?

Tanner Sides  6:17  

Daddy’s probably doing a little bit better than mom, but she ain’t left yet.

Jeremy Kellett  6:22  

It’ll get to dad, I’m sure.

Tanner Sides  6:24  

Oh, yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  6:24  

Well, that’s good. I like you had a good family. What do you do? What are your hobbies?

Tanner Sides  6:29  

Just got through buy me a new fishing boat. Picked it up two weeks ago.

Jeremy Kellett  6:33  

Speaking my language now. What’d you get?

Tanner Sides  6:35  

Got a 18-foot bass tracker pontoon boat with fishing package.

Jeremy Kellett  6:40  

Oh, nice. Y’all got a lake over there?

Tanner Sides  6:43  

Within 45 miles, we got about five or six knockout in the river. Also. So and now you’ve been at Oakley for almost a year? Yes. Or what do you do before this as a grownup transport 18 and a half year or 18 years and running tanks, running chemicals running fuel. I was one of their trainers. And just some stuff happened. And right before COVID hit I decided to quit that went to work for my brother in law running his ranch for a year which wound up being a blessing with COVID coming in and all guys I worked with their work when all we went down because we were doing fuel and nobody was leaving. That’s right, did that and then decide to get back into driving and went back to work from old dispatcher. She had moved companies and then whenever she left them, they just wanted the same and I decided well I’m gonna do something different and I started looking around and trying to figure out what I was going to do I already knew I wanted to move over Tennessee area and I was looking at stuff over there and they wanted to be gone all the time. And I was like man I don’t know about that. And then I ran across the Oakley podcast or listen to that and that’s how I got over here. I was like hey there one drivers over in that area. That’s where I’m wanting to move to he lives and let’s see if we make this happen.

Jeremy Kellett  7:59  

That’s awesome. So real quick, you’ve been here a year, so give them a quick recap on the year. How’s it been for you? Pulling a dump trailer can be a challenge.

Tanner Sides  8:09  

It can be I’ve had fairly good luck with my truck. I’ve had a few times I’ve been down but back in January it was down for a month and with money I’ve been making a weird Oakley I didn’t worry about it I had enough money set over there I still paying all my bills and money sitting there pay for my chart to get repaired and pay myself and so I just relaxed at the house. No worries.

Jeremy Kellett  8:34  

That’s a good feeling, to be able to do that.

Tanner Sides  8:36  

Oh yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  8:36  

But you got used to being over here. It was a learning curve.

Tanner Sides  8:42  

It was. Going from tank to putting something up in the air. I’d seen it, I’ve been around construction all that 90 I’ll pull belly dumps but never regular dump trucks but not a 40-foot trailer.

Jeremy Kellett  8:57  

How’s that make you feel when you raise that thing up there?

Tanner Sides  8:59  

Most time it’s not too bad but there are a few places we go to that your you got to be real careful.

Jeremy Kellett  9:05  

Yeah. You got to pay attention a little bit.

Tanner Sides  9:07  

Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s one of the main things and what kind of truck you got I got a 2017 international Prostar okay so long you don’t keep it with the market is right now as long as I can.

Jeremy Kellett  9:21  

Yeah, that’s a probably a good idea right now. As long as it’s doing good, man.

Tanner Sides  9:25  

Yeah, like I said, I haven’t really had any major issues.

Jeremy Kellett  9:29  

Well, it definitely takes time to figure it out getting you a new truck, different truck and then a new job and all that and but now you’ve you made it a year. You feel like you got all the hard stuff?

Tanner Sides  9:41  

We’re still tweaking on things. We’ve learned getting more and more comfortable with it and then just trying to get truck all situated the way I want it needed. That’s always an everyday thing.

Jeremy Kellett  9:55  

I know. I watched one of your videos. How about the AC? You got a new AC. That’s what you were working on. For y’all who don’t know, Tanner he does his own YouTube channel. What is it? How do they find you on there? Just search your name?

Tanner Sides  10:09  

Just Tanner Sides or if you just bring up Oakley Trucking, it’ll come up underneath there.

Jeremy Kellett  10:15  

Yeah, I was watching some of them well I watch them all and saw your AC you did the first time you didn’t like it so you read did it get you a new generator something. Is that working better?

Tanner Sides  10:27  

It’s working a lot better yeah that first and just wasn’t it was just wasn’t big enough but here’s what I had. So what I had there at the house and my mom whenever she moved she didn’t need the student air conditioner she adds I put smaller one in there. We started getting hotter it just wasn’t keeping up and I tried putting the big one in there and generator just one quite big enough so I’d go back to a little one for a little bit and finally just broke down bought a bigger generator.

Jeremy Kellett  10:51  

Yeah, but you’re saving so much money to me but not running. You can’t run your truck all night every night. Can you?

Tanner Sides  10:57  

Yeah, that was whenever dalry I reset my mileage period every month and I had to stay down in Texas for the weekend and run both the AC and ham to turn my truck on just to help out because, man it was 105 degrees outside and sitting on that black pavement. It was biking, real hot. So trying to get comfortable and my mileage went from 6.3 down to 4.3 for the month and I just I’ve been trying to brag got it back up to 6.0. Whether I’m saving any money for is like burning fuel because then I’m still having to go out and buy gas and carry gas cans with me and everything but I tell them with the wear and tear on my truck. I’m not having to sit there them DPF systems. You don’t want to idle with them. So that was one of the main issues with having my truck in shop in January was that right there from people idling it for so long.

Jeremy Kellett  11:55  

Yeah. Well, you gotta be able to figure something out like that. And APUs are so expensive.

Tanner Sides  11:59  

Yeah. I’m a cheapskate.

Jeremy Kellett  12:01  

Did you pass any of those signs?

Tanner Sides  12:03  

I have. Whenever one of the guys in my class last year, he went down and had Brandon wood put on his new truck. And without Espar heater just buying that. And with this with Oakleys discount, it was 11,500 from Thermo King, and I’ve looked at getting him from bales up there in Springfield. And they’re refurbished, but they’re you’re still looking at 7500 $1,000. Yeah, I’ve got right now, let’s see is Smith, about 800 on that new generator, and about $100 on a battery charger. So everything if I paid for the air conditioner, I’d probably be about $1,200 into it. That’s a lot better.

Jeremy Kellett  12:49  

A whole lot less money. Now, on your YouTube channel, I’ve been watching the course I watch it, but how in the world? I do remember this, that when you come through orientation that you said you were gonna try to figure that out. We were talking about it. And he said, I’m gonna try to figure that out. And you get out here and you did. How difficult is that to do?

Tanner Sides  13:15  

Honestly, for me, it’s not that difficult anymore. I’ve gotten more and more used to it, I figured some more things out, I do all my recording off my phone. And so I just take and go through, I’ll film something, talk to the camera or whatever. And then at the end of the week, I just go through and piece them all together and all that I’ve tried to go through there and do a whole lot of editing and all that and I just I couldn’t get into doing all that. So I was like, I don’t do any editing. It is what it is.

Jeremy Kellett  13:45  

What’s the big purpose of your YouTube channel?

Tanner Sides  13:49  

Whenever I was looking at Oakley, the only thing I could find was Rob Holly’s channel and all that is just hopper bottom so there wasn’t anything on end dump so I knew I was coming into end dump, I wanted to learn about that, and all I could find was other people’s channels on that. There wasn’t anything for anybody doing Oakley. I heard there was a guy that used to, but all his videos are deleted, I guess.  I was like, well, I’ll start one as my adventure at Oakley. Yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  14:19  

And what kind of feedback do you get?

Tanner Sides  14:21  

I get pretty good. I’m up to look the other day I’m up to like 164 subscribers. So I’m surprised I didn’t think I’d have anybody watching me. I’ve gotten three people hired on here. I’ve had a bunch of others that have gotten hold of y’all first and then I think y’all point some of them towards my channel or whatever. Well, I’m gonna watch this guy or whatever, see what it’s about. I have them get a hold of me and I’ll talk to them.

Jeremy Kellett  14:48  

It helps that use you give them good, good, raw, everyday video of what you’re hauling the type of product I mean, you get out Seeing some of them and that’s pretty good stuff that they can actually when you can see the product and you climb up in the trailer and show them some of the stuff and how it works. I mean, to me that goes a long ways. Is that what most of your listeners— Are they want to see that kind of stuff?

Tanner Sides  15:16  

Yeah, the feedback I’ve gotten, I got someone wanted to see what my check stubs are. Usually if they’ll just email me, I’ll send ’em to ’em like that. I haven’t posted any on YouTube, but I’ve thought about it. I mean, I’m not ashamed of it. I make really good money here, especially as much as I take off.

Jeremy Kellett  15:36  

Well that’s the bottom line there, definitely money. How about the wife? Is she happy?

Tanner Sides  15:40  

Oh, yeah. She’s real happy. She was hesitant on me buying my own truck at first but after this last year, we’ve done a lot more than we’ve ever had before. We don’t have to worry about well, can we do this or can we do that? Let’s save up for this. I mean, it’s kind of weird just to go out and buy whatever you want like going and buying a brand new 2023 Basketball pontoon boat. So don’t scare you. It didn’t scare me. Not a one bit. I’ve thought about getting another truck and my well I’m not scared to get another truck. I just don’t want to pay these prices they’re asking for I know. I know what the market the way it is. Now. It’s going to come down so I’ll just keep mine and wait. I like my truck.

Jeremy Kellett  16:19  

I did hear on one of your recent videos, you were going to concert. Is that this weekend?

Tanner Sides  16:27  

That was last weekend.

Jeremy Kellett  16:28  

That was last weekend

Tanner Sides  16:29  

We went to see for Jamie Johnson. I can’t remember the guy that opened up for Leonard Skinner. But Oh really? When seen those. That was Friday and Saturday, Friday and Saturday night now. Yeah, go forward. And Jamie Johnson were Friday night and then once said his name was Darren something. But when seen him and Leonard Skinner it’s Saturday night at same place different. Oh, same place? Yeah. As Kingsport was having their Fun Fest they do it, I guess every July the third week of July. So it’s like a nine-day celebration. And they ended with concerts

Jeremy Kellett  17:03  

Nice. You had a good weekend, didn’t you?

Tanner Sides  17:05  

Oh, yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  17:07  

So you like it over in Tennessee?

Tanner Sides  17:10  

I do. It’s a lot better. If you’ve ever been to Amarillo— I lived there for my mom fix me 43 years old. So I was there most of my life and that whole area and it’s flat. It’s dirty. It’s dusty. Yeah. But you don’t mind cows and being able to see 50 miles down the road. It’s a great place but don’t mind the 50-mile-an-hour winds. But it was time for a change of scenery, went to places where I have some.

Jeremy Kellett  17:40  

You actually got something you can see. Well, that’s good stuff. Have you made any friends over your Oakley?

Tanner Sides  17:45  

Oh, yeah.

Jeremy Kellett  17:46  

Have you?

Tanner Sides  17:46  

Yes, sir. Yeah, one of the guys I’ve talked to most of all, Joe McCall. He was on here. For quite a while back, me and him. We? We talk all the time.

Jeremy Kellett  17:57  

Well, that’s the reason you’re on here.

Tanner Sides  17:58  

I kind of figured.

Jeremy Kellett  18:01  

He threw you under the bus.

Tanner Sides  18:02  

Yeah, whenever Cory call me he’s like you’ve been nominated. Like, who the heck is gonna nominate me? I knew it was Joe, I think.

Jeremy Kellett  18:12  

Oh, Joe. He’s guilty.

Tanner Sides  18:13  

Yeah. Yeah, we talk pretty much every day.

Jeremy Kellett  18:18  

You still keep in contact with some of them through orientation?

Tanner Sides  18:21  

I’ve tried but not really. One of the guys he stays over on he’s as a half round them guys kind of have their own little group over there. They pretty much stay around here, I guess. And yeah, when the other guys was one of the Baton Rouge. He’s down there. And then the other one he still on end up. I talked to him here a while back. He’s doing good. He’d seen Sean’s truck and he decided he’s gonna go sell his Peterbilt buy him a brand new Kenworth.

Jeremy Kellett  18:49  

Oh, yeah. Nice. Nice. Well, it’s always good to have good friends that you can talk to go here. I’ve always said that. Here at Oakley, you make good friends and you help each other. Yeah. And you don’t see that a whole lot with other companies. I don’t think that’s what most of our operators tell me anyway. Yeah. And I really enjoy, get to know, some of these people over here. They work here. And I mean, they’re good, honest, hardworking people that want to help each other. And that’s a good thing.

Tanner Sides  19:17  

The other guy that started this week here that he’s going to be running home next couple of weeks. Hey, come from a freight company. I’m not gonna name names but I told him, I said, I’ll give you these numbers. And he’s, oh, man, I don’t know that. They want me call them as like I said, they don’t care. because well, it’s not that way over here. Everybody keeps their own on my mouse and over here. We were sitting over Atlanta and waiting to get unloaded and thereby be staying out there talking to her once in a while and we get each other numbers and call and talk to each other on the phone.

Jeremy Kellett  19:52  

And that’s a great way for him to shadow you for a week or two is gonna help a lot. Did you do the same when you started?

Tanner Sides  20:02  

I shadowed another guy. And yeah, I was with him for a week and a half, two weeks.

Jeremy Kellett  20:07  

Nice. This guy that shadow knew you actually recruited him so you’re fixing take off out here tonight. I guess. When we get done. You’re gonna teach him the right way you’re I’m gonna try to Oakley one. I know you do a good job. He will, too. Anything else going on?

Tanner Sides  20:26  

Man, busy, busy, busy, busy. I know they tell you, hurry up, get more drivers and I can feel it. I mean, I’ve been nonstop all week long. I thought coming over here to get him this week as Oh, I’m gonna get a little rock, I’ll be able to take a little bit of a break and get my new trailer and get it all checked out is no I got in here. I swapped trailers and got right back on the road and had to go to Tennessee and unload reload, come back over here. And I was like, Man, I’m running out app works. Have you ever seen anything like it? I mean, with the end up who ever thought we would haul so much? I know is crazy. I mean, everybody else seems to be slowing down and worrying doing nothing but picking up. It’s just nonstop.

Jeremy Kellett  21:11  

And stuff we haul. Has that amazed you over the past year?

Tanner Sides  21:15  

It has some of the stuff. I mean, I just I didn’t realize how much stuff we actually went into in dumps went across the country. And I mean, I knew rocks and stuff like that. But all this, I never paid attention to how much scrap was going around. And I thought most of that was all by rail. And I guess with them slowing down, and we’re, we’re catching the brunt of it still.

Jeremy Kellett  21:37  

Thank goodness.

Tanner Sides  21:38  

Yeah. It’s more money in our pockets.

Jeremy Kellett  21:41  

We’re gonna do an episode and talk about the frightened stuff coming out for the rest of the year. What it looks like gonna talk to Operation guys and see what they’re hearing from the customers and, and try to get everybody an idea of what to expect the rest of the year. I mean, if we can do that, it’s hard to know, what to expect. You just have to be ready for work. But we’re good. I tell you, it’s always good to hear success story of our owner-operators. Congratulations on making it a year. Appreciate it, hope we got a lot more than to come get that bonus check coming up pretty soon. You got any plans for that thing?

Tanner Sides  21:41  

Probably gonna be going into just paying off credit card bill that I spent with all the stuff I bought for my boat.

Jeremy Kellett  22:28  

Have you figured out about what it’s going to be? You have any idea?

Tanner Sides  22:32  

I looked at my miles here a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve got around 79,000 Loaded miles. So I figured by the time it rolls around, they’ll probably be close to $9,000 check.

Jeremy Kellett  22:43  

Nice. For the first year, and it goes up to 11 cents this next year. And just keeps going long as you’re here. It keeps going up.

Tanner Sides  22:53  

And I just it kind of amazes me how many loaded miles I had because I’ve honestly taken off quite a bit this last year. I took off to move to Tennessee for a few weeks and went see my daughter and her husband and now it took off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then my truck been in the shop for a month and I moved my mom to Tennessee and I just I just look at it. And I’m like, I’ve made this much money and I’ve dang Yeah, really, there’s, there’s about three months worth of stuff that I’ve taken off that I worked and I’ve made more than I ever have. Yeah, just like which can make yeah, there’s like, Man, if I just stay can stay from taking off so much that. It’s hard to do though, when you got money. Yeah, it’s nice to be able to take off and not worry about it.

Jeremy Kellett  23:42  

Yeah, that goes a long ways when you can do that. And I was telling the group this morning, that orientation class coming out this week and tell him about how nasty it is for us, the guys that come in and getting hit by a tire and then they start working here. And then in a long they go buy a whole set of tires. They don’t even affect them. It’s like, Hey, I got it, I’m fine. Let’s move on. And that’s the kind of that’s kind of stuff you want to get to where you’re confident in making money. You can do preventive maintenance on the truck, you don’t have to worry about it. That’s good to hear.

Tanner Sides  24:20  

Yeah, if you’ve ever watched my story on whenever I started here, I did it wrong. All my money went into my truck. When I started here, I had $1,000 in my bank account to start driving. I didn’t do it the right way, but it didn’t take long that I had it all stacked up. I’ll take off a month and it won’t even bother me.

Jeremy Kellett  24:41  

That’s awesome. Awesome story, man. We’ll keep the YouTube going. I appreciate you getting these recruits and sending them in here and talking to them and give them the lowdown and I think your videos help show what’s going on with pulling the dump driver keep it up.

Tanner Sides  24:58  

Yeah, I mean, if you don’t know stuff that you heard that you’re going to be Holon. And I mean, I’d like to say that amaze me. Some of the stuff was like, alright, well, this is what we’re doing. This is what we’re hauling. This is where it’s going to. And usually more of a broad idea, it’s not just rock sand going on the road. I’ve had cow feed in there.

Jeremy Kellett  25:23  

All kinds of stuff, man. I need to take this one last break sponsored by LubeZone.

You’ve been hearing me talk about LubeZone for a couple of years now. Well, now it’s time you hear from one of our owner-operators. Listen to Mike Durbin talks about his experience with LubeZone.

Mike Durbin  25:38  

The price is great. The service is great. From time when I pulled in the door all the time I pulled out with less than allowed best I’ve ever had as far as an owner operator having more chains, checks the wall but showed me it all. They get all the Porsche monta renter’s showed me my rear end wall on the paper. They did their job. It was very nice to go somewhere. Get what you wanted done and go I was very pleased about it. And like I said, very satisfied. I will go out of my way from now on to go.

Jeremy Kellett  26:13  

Check out lubezone.com for all their services and all their locations and tell them you heard it on the Oakley podcast.

Let’s see, Tanner. Anything else we need to cover? Anything else you want to add?

Tanner Sides  26:24  


Jeremy Kellett  26:25  

Tell them how to find your videos or your email. What is it?

Tanner Sides  26:29  

My email is taksides@yahoo.com. And just look up Tanner Sides on YouTube or if you’ll type in the search bar Oakley Trucking and you scroll down, you’ll find my videos on there most homes tagged Oakley trucking and get a hold of me before you get hold of them. I got a lot of people that call me after the fact and I’m like, well, I’ll help you out. I’ll help anybody.

Jeremy Kellett  27:00  

Somewhere you got to draw a line and do it a certain way, but I appreciate all your help on I want to do it and getting guys and getting this guy now this guy you got in here now you knew him. Didn’t you, right?

Tanner Sides  27:11  

He got a hold of me. I guess he had talked to Rob four years ago, okay. And they didn’t work out back then. And he started watching my videos and he got a hold of me and I talked to him and I’m called Talk to y’all and seemed like everything’s gonna work out this time.

Jeremy Kellett  27:27  

Great, man. Good story. Now you’re gonna get paid that recruiting bonus here in 45 days and then another 45 days get some more.

Tanner Sides  27:35  

Yes, sir.

Jeremy Kellett  27:36  

Nice. Alright, well, I sure appreciate everybody watching the Oakley podcast really appreciate Tanner Sides coming in here and hanging out with me and talking about his YouTube channel. And, of course, as always, on Oakley podcast, man, we do this for owner-operators, mainly for you guys like we can communicate with you and your families. Tell you what’s going on a little bit at Oakley Trucking, give you some success stories of real owner-operators out here doing nothing. And that’s what we want to do is be transparent with everybody. So if you got any questions, you got any suggestions you want us to talk about anybody when we try to get on here? Be glad to do it. Just let us know. Be sure to comment, subscribe on our YouTube channel. Give us a like on that. Check us out on all social media platforms. We’re out there. And if you got any questions ever let me know. And once again, I appreciate everybody listening and we’ll talk to you next week.

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