114: The Annual Company Party

During this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett is joined by Tommy Mitchell to discuss Oakley’s annual company party. From when and where to what we’ll be doing and eating, here is everything you need to know about this renowned event.

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: fuel notifications (2:46)
  • Getting to know Tommy (3:35)
  • When and where the party is (5:13)
  • Walking down memory lane (7:25)
  • What we do at the party (12:04)
  • What we’ll be eating and when (15:17)
  • Free hotel room for the night of (18:21)
  • Getting from your room to the party (20:34)
  • Live entertainment for the evening (23:51)

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Tommy Mitchell  0:00  

I think everybody’s excited here in the office, as I know a lot of owner-operators are. As you said earlier, it’s a big deal. If you haven’t been, or if you’re a new contractor with us since 2019 or employee, plan on coming. It’s not just a trucking thing. It’s a corporate party. Come in and enjoy yourself.

Jeremy Kellett  0:36  

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business, and family. This show is brought to you by Oakley Trucking, headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner-operators and their families by giving them up-to-date information concerning Oakley Trucking and the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an inside to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family.

Hi, there’s Jeremy Kellett, Director of Recruiting here at Oakley Trucking and I’m your host for this podcast. This is episode 114. So on today’s episode, we got a good load some good information coming for you guys a little surprise I know a lot of people have been worried about and we’re at we’re getting it out a little bit early. But it is the Oakley company party that’s coming this year and with me I got Tommy Mitchell gonna visit with me a little bit about some of the details we’re gonna talk about some of the history of the company party, how it all came about where we’ve had it over the years and, and also the details on what to do when it is where it’s going to be all that good stuff. So, we’re gonna do that here in just a minute. But first, let’s do a let’s do the Oakley update real quick, sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales.

Keith Wilson at Arrow Truck Sales in Springfield, Missouri is currently offering $1,000 off your first month’s payment when you finance with transport funding, or $1,000 off the truck price if you bring your own financing. They’re also discounting the cost of an extended warranty by $500. Arrow Truck Sales has been a longtime partner with Oakley Trucking and that’s because they specialize in first-time truck buyers, they don’t do any leases, they have the best-used trucks money can buy (because used trucks is all they do, they don’t sell any new trucks), and the biggest reason that Arrow and Oakley are partners is service after the sale. It is very important to us at Oakley that when we refer you to a company, that they are a good company with good people, they do what they say, and they understand our requirements. So give Keith a call at 573-216-6047 for a good used truck and tell him you heard about it on the Oakley podcast.

Okay, the one update I got is you guys are doing real good on the fuel notifications. We sent out an email where we’d been getting some fraud going on and we got with it we got with EFS and now every time you guys fuel, you get a text message showing that this is where you fueled and hey, we’re still getting fraud. So but it has really helped cut it down to just one time and then we can cut your card off. So very important to pay attention to those and it’s worked so far, it’s been working great and has saved a lot of money. So keep doing that. Make sure if you get a notification when you feel make sure that you and you did it and that’ll help tremendously.

So okay, let’s get started on talking about this company party. Tommy Mitchell, what’s going on?

Tommy Mitchell  3:37  

I’m doing great.

Jeremy Kellett  3:37  

What episode were you on? Like number two?

Tommy Mitchell  3:40  

Episode Two.

Jeremy Kellett  3:41  

Were you number two?

Tommy Mitchell  3:42  

I was just thinking about that while ago. Episode two on the new headquarters.

Jeremy Kellett  3:46  

We were over there in the old dungeon office when we started this podcast and doing it from over there in the old dark walls zip of it. But remember, we were talking because you did it talking about this office that we’re sitting in now.

Tommy Mitchell  4:02  

That’s right. I was kind of headquartered in that up trying to get our new office built. We was getting close to moving in, I believe, getting close. It was good. Yeah, we need to close. big project, but we got it in this great nice office.

Jeremy Kellett  4:19  

It’s awesome. Tommy was my office manager. We started same time at Oakley, so we’ve both been here 27, 28 years and he’s office manager in the trucking division forever worked at trucking and now he’s moved to work. What is your title now? We moved you to the upstairs.

Tommy Mitchell  4:38  

Corporate Controller.

Jeremy Kellett  4:39  

That’s a good one.

Tommy Mitchell  4:40  

Yeah, upstairs. Just overseeing all the accounting

Jeremy Kellett  4:45  

And you’ve been doing that since…?

Tommy Mitchell  4:47  

April of ’21, so a little over a year. Kind of been out of the trucking but still involved with trucks but to kind of dive in off into the other areas of the company.

Jeremy Kellett  4:59  

That’s a good thing. I will get somebody lucky doing that because this company is on the move. There’s always something.

Tommy Mitchell  5:05  

There’s something every day going on here. Got good folks, though. Got good folks underneath me helping me out. It’s not just me.

Jeremy Kellett  5:13  

So give us the date, give us the day. Everybody wants to know the date so they can start playing it.

Tommy Mitchell  5:20  

So the day, we don’t change much: October 22 of this year. It’s typically the third Saturday of October and it fell on the 22nd. That’s the way we planned it. Hopefully it works for everybody’s calendars, but we know it’s not. One thing that we looked at afterward was hogs playing that weekend and they’re not.

Jeremy Kellett  5:42  

Oh, that’s a plus.

Tommy Mitchell  5:43  

It’s my anniversary. It’s my wedding anniversary. What a party! I hadn’t told her yet, so she’ll find out…about the 21st.

Jeremy Kellett  5:58  

And it’s here.

Tommy Mitchell  5:59  

It’s here, North Little Rock, here at the terminal. We’ll set up out by the river. And we’ve been fortunate enough over the years. It has not rained on our party knows maybe rain during the day, but we’ve had good weather. Outdoors is able to accommodate to think last year we are the last time we had it 2019 Yeah. It’s probably one of our largest crowds. We hit about 600. Really here, about 600, folks, and everybody has a good time. We’ll set up a good time. We have a lot of fellowship, and seems like every year, I get here pretty early to just try to make sure everything is going smooth with the caterers and the bartenders.

Jeremy Kellett  6:46  

For the ones that have never been here, so you’ve never been to Oakley company party, they’re well known around the country. Sure, but we actually just have a huge tent stacked up in the parking lot back here. So it’s an outdoor event and we just have a big tent, bunch of tables and chairs. And we have plenty of parking out here on the parking lot and it works great for everybody. It’s we’re more of that laid-back type of company that has it outside and enjoy a little bit. So yeah, we have been lucky with the weather. But we ain’t always had them there.

Tommy Mitchell  7:23  

We haven’t, no. I was trying to recount the parties, there’s been so many. I was thinking of when the first one was that I was involved in and I recall 1999 has been the first year that we kicked them back off. I think they used to have them prior to us coming to work before 95 Mr. Bruce Oakley would be would have been small little party and they kind of could have an omen and we kicked them off and I think it was either 1998 or 1999 I went back to my files and 99 was further sacrified. Oh yeah but one year, Arkansas here in Little Rock, had a river boat.

Jeremy Kellett  8:06  

What was is called?

Tommy Mitchell  8:09  

Was that the Arkansas Spirit? Queen or spirit. It was a paddle boat and we would since we right here on the river they would just pick us up right here at the river where we would eat before we got on there.

Jeremy Kellett  8:22  

But before that, I remember going down to where it’s state park that are all the time driving there and stayed there the whole time. And I remember go on I think my first one I ever went to we went to that boat got on it had the everything inside. There wasn’t that many people. Bruce getting up and talking and giving out awards and Dennis and beanie and I don’t think I don’t remember going up and down the river when we were there the first time, now we may have.

Tommy Mitchell  8:54  

I think we did I think what happened there I think you’re right. This is Long time ago yes. I think you’re right. We ate had the awards. A little buffet bar there we had some drinks went out on the patio and then if you wanted to get on the boat they got on and they took us up river a little bit and came right back.

Jeremy Kellett  9:14  

Oh, ’cause it was separate of the paddy. That’s exactly what is was.

Tommy Mitchell  9:18  

It was separate, yeah, and the following year we had it come pick us up down here well now one year in there we went to the hotel to the hotel went away your that was I don’t well as almost a possession we tried to said well let’s go indoors case of weather. And we went to the local Wyndham hotel, rented a conference room big ballroom Yeah. We got hotels white tablecloth is all inside catered. We got loud, having a good old time. Several of us was probably told to be quiet and just having a good old time. And we did that. So here Yeah, that one went ahead. One year, I think it was Dennis or Benny, they said, Don’t do that again.

Jeremy Kellett  10:05  

Yeah. It didn’t quite fit our style. And we’ve been outside under a tent ever since. And that’s when we came back here and we had the party here and then the boat started picking us up at a certain time and everybody’d get on the boat to go out. And we did that, I don’t know how many years.

Tommy Mitchell  10:25  

A couple of years until they dissolved that boat and moved it on somewhere else.

Jeremy Kellett  10:30  

I thought we might allow somebody overboard.

Tommy Mitchell  10:31  

No, I don’t think nobody went I think there was a remember story. And Dennis would, every time we’d come talk about the party, he brings a story up, there was a we’re out on the boat, cruising up the river to have he’s having a conversation with some drivers, all of a sudden one of them set up. It’s been great. I stood up, shook his hand said appreciate the party. And we’re going to go ahead and go leave now. Dinesh reminded on that week was not at the bank. You’re not leaving, leaving yet. We’re not docked. So it’s a little funny story. It’s just probably I think we did that a couple of years now that I’m sitting here thinking about it because one time we had two trips, where we got so many people that came to the party. We was over there. Number of folks that they could allow on the boat, and they took us up, came back, people got off. Some more folks got on, then the party kinda was on both sides. Yeah, we had a party on the bike at a party on the boat. And like that was the last year for that.

Jeremy Kellett  11:38  

Yeah, yeah. And then the river boat disappeared.

Tommy Mitchell  11:41  

I don’t know what the city did with that. It was fun.

Jeremy Kellett  11:44  

That was back in 2000, early 2000s. Yeah. And then ever since that, we’ve had it here on the parking lot every year except for the last two years. We’ve had it in different parts of the parking lot, actually, a couple times, but not a big deal, always here.

Tommy Mitchell  12:01  

Always here at the terminal.

Jeremy Kellett  12:04  

So let’s talk about what we do at a party. It’s what it’s for. You want to expand on that. Yeah, you can go ahead. So it’s basically for all Bruce Oakley employees, and independent contractor truck drivers to come and we recognize them. And years of service and safety awards is the main two things that we do there. It’s something that Oakley is you’re proud to do to be able to recognize people that’s been here 5, 10, 20, 30, even 40 year people here and that’s employees and contractors. Also, Roger Carson of the safety department, he recognizes safety awards. I don’t know what exactly he does. He told me the other day.

Tommy Mitchell  13:01  

Safety starts with the million miler drivers that had a million safe miles and then starts at the five year Safety Award, gives them out and escalates throughout the years.

Jeremy Kellett  13:14  

Oh, he does every year?

Tommy Mitchell  13:18  

I think he does every year.

Jeremy Kellett  13:19  

Yeah, I think you’re right. So that takes a little while.

Tommy Mitchell  13:22  

It does. Probably the longest part of the award ceremony because there’s a lot of safety.

Jeremy Kellett  13:28  

Well, it’s important. A lot of people come from long ways to get these awards and are proud of and we’re proud to give it to him. Exactly. There are some good guys who was making imagine million safe miles, or maybe having two million this year.

Tommy Mitchell  13:43  

I think last year, or some year, we gave some awards out in these Boyd years that we didn’t have the party. We still gave out the awards we still gave out for tenure owner employees in owner operators. We still gave out safety awards. It just wasn’t recognized at the party at the banquet so we didn’t skip them. So in I believe last year we had a two million.

Jeremy Kellett  14:08  

Yeah, that’s fantastic. Bruce Oakley’s got a lot of places all over this country and people come from a long ways to this party, and then we get independent contractors that live all over the place and some of them drive. Roger used to have motorcycle he would not doing it anymore when done in the last five or six years but he used to have a motorcycle ride on Saturday morning. Would guys would drive their motorcycle from their house get with Roger Saturday morning and drive all over Arkansas until noon or so that day or two color was times that they would come just barely in time take a shower and get straight to the party. They pulled up in front of my house one year. My neighbors didn’t know what to think, motorcycles out there revving it up, coming to see me. Yeah, that was a good time. Fun stuff, but Rog has retired the motorcycle and I’m glad, actually. We don’t need that. I mean, the important thing is that people probably want know is what are we eating?

Tommy Mitchell  15:15  

We try to keep it simple. As you said, our party is outside, under a tent. We’ve got a partnership with a cater that’s done it over the last few years and we just kind of stuck with him. We have catfish catered, chicken, shrimp, and of course, all the fixings that goes with that. Your french fries and potato salad, baked beans. Then your drinks, your water and tea. And depending on whether we’ll have some coffee out there for the folks that might want some coffee after dinner. Got that set up for this year already. Our caterer’s done it many years in the past so he always kept that third Saturday kind of open on his calendar, just in case Oakley called. So he called him last week, and they he was already had it wrote down. He knows what to do. And it makes it easy for us for myself, don’t have to worry about it.

Jeremy Kellett  16:16  

What time does it start?

Tommy Mitchell  16:18  

We’ll kick off around 5:30 and we’ll eat at six. Usually by six o’clock, we’re in line serving, sometimes maybe five or 10 minutes prior to. So we’ll kick off at 5:30 and go ’till about 11 o’clock. And we got an open bar that’ll be a setup. That’s usually set up by 5:30 Ready to start serving a few drinks before dinner, six o’clock, we’ll have dinner and about seven 7:30 depending on how fast that to the buffet lines go through and it goes pretty quick. He can feed a lot of folks quickly. About 7:15 We’re fired up ready to start doing the recognition, recognizing the awards. And we have and go through that from the employees down to the owner operators. And about a 8:15 We’ll have some entertainment, the bar will still be open and go to about 10:30, 11 o’clock, open up the dance floor, open up the dance floor, we’ll have it set up or kind of turn the lights down a little bit. Vote and get out there. Have a good time. There’s been some in the past there’s been a good you have a good time, the good times? Well, it’s yeah, it’s great to just sit around and visit beforehand, hanging after the party until your time to go home with the owner operators and their wives and some of the employees that we don’t see that we talk to every day on the phone but we don’t get to see come from out of state, coming up in here.

Jeremy Kellett  18:00  

Great opportunity to meet the people and their families, their spouses come a lot. You get to talk to all of us: Dennis and Justin Oakley and Weatherford. It’s just a good laid back situation. We’re all good to visit and talk to and it’s a good time.

Oh, hotel. Hotel. So we got it already going on the hotel. We’re staying at Holiday Inn, which is the same place if you came to orientation last couple of years. It’s that we’re, we put you up in orientation, this the Holiday Inn, and it’s the one on top of the heel off a 440 because actually right below it is the Holiday Inn Express. So there’s over by the airport. Yeah. Okay, we’re staying in the Holiday Inn again, on top of the hill. So one that’s got the restaurant in the Boston restaurant and the way that here’s the way this works, everybody’s you need to reserve your room. So we’ve got this set up to where you go on your driver portal. So you log in to your driver poor portal on Oakley website. And it’ll at the top it’ll say reserve a room and there also have it on the left down there hotel reservations, and you click on there to reserve a room. If you change your mind and can’t come I need you to go in there and cancel the room, click owner because what I’m doing is every month—or, as we get closer, it’s going to be every day—but I give Holiday Inn that list. So I’ve reserved a bunch of rooms right now and when we get a little bit closer, we want to make sure we got an accurate number of rooms reserved that they have if we’re close to running out then we got to come up with another place to put people up but Oakley is paying for the hotel rooms, so you won’t have to, I just need good information. I need to know how many we got coming.

Tommy Mitchell  20:02  

Is that hotel room for Saturday night?

Jeremy Kellett  20:04  

Saturday night only because of the party. If you’re gonna come and stay Friday night, you’re gonna have to reserve that yourself over to holiday. Yeah. And get that for Friday night, which we did. A lot of a lot of people did that last time. He was gonna have to make sure you call them separate to do that you won’t be able to do that on the portal. Okay, because you can do on a portal is Saturday night? Yes, I’m common. That way. I can give them a list of how many people got coming in their names. And it works. It worked out pretty good that year.

Shuttle. We’re also going to have a shuttle. We did this— I guess it was the first time, wasn’t it?

Tommy Mitchell  20:40  

In 2019. The first time we did a third-party shuttle company.

Jeremy Kellett  20:45  

That worked out pretty good. Holiday Inn will probably be shuttling you some, but we actually go out and hire a separate shuttle company that’s got some big vans and they run, they’ll be running constantly. From here over to the Holiday Inn. I don’t know, we’ll have to get the times all that detailed later down the road. We’ll get that figured out.

Tommy Mitchell  21:09  

In 2019, I believe, Jeremy, what we did is we had them start shuttling for 35 o’clock, from the hotel, in case she was at the hotel earlier in the day. And then, about eight o’clock, I think they started making runs back to the hotel for folks that wanted to go home early and then we ran it ’till the last person was taken care of get have a little patience on that. I think last year we had are in 2019 we had two shuttles. So you gotta keep in mind, it’s about a 30-minute round trip. Maybe? Yeah, gonna take a little Yeah, don’t take a little bit. So if you feel like you had the party and you feel like you are about getting ready to go, you might want to see the next one and get in line.

Jeremy Kellett  22:00  

But it works out. It gives you an indication you don’t have to worry about having a vehicle over here if you don’t want to they can take you back so that’s correct. Good stuff. Okay. Gotta tell you. Well, real quick, let’s take a break and hear from our sponsor LubeZone.

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One of our owner-operators went to LubeZone, he said, “Hey, I’m going in here and I going to find out how their service is, if they’re fast and if I get a discount.” I said, “Alright, you let me know when you get out of there.” So he called me back and he said, “I just want you to know that’s a great place to go. It’s clean. It’s nice. The service was great.” He got the full-fledged filters, oil change, the whole nine yards service and he also got his $40 discount. You got to tell them you heard it on the Oakley podcast, that you are with Oakley Trucking, and they will give you a discount.

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Okay, what did you start to say?

Tommy Mitchell  23:50  

I was gonna say we got a band this year.

Jeremy Kellett  23:52  

What kind of band we got? We got a band. Look out.

Tommy Mitchell  23:55  

Local band here out of Little Rock, plays at a lot of clubs downtown and some different places. And is this gonna be music cane understand? No, it’s gonna be it’s kind of a variety of music. If he was here in 2019 It’s same band, Carla case bands, the night mode. And she plays variety: some country, some old rock and roll, and some newer stuff. And then they’ll throw out some dance music in between while they’re taking their breaks. And they have a good set of their head a lot of positive comments in 2019 from the man. It’s kind of a little different before we used to. We used to have a little DJ spinning CDs back in there. And then did some karaoke. But that was interesting. That was there. Yeah, that was interesting and painful. So as the night got closer to live, and it was got very interesting, some of the songs and some of the folks that don’t remember getting up and doing it.

Jeremy Kellett  25:02  

Good stuff. To finish it off here, the last thing, we’ll shut this off. You got anything else to add?

Tommy Mitchell  25:10  

I think we covered it all. It’s just looking forward to getting back I think everybody’s excited here in the office as I know a lot of owner-operators are, as you said earlier, it’s a big deal. I mean, it’s this if you haven’t been or if you’re a new contractor with us since 2019, player employee or employee plan on coming because it’s not just trucking buying. It’s a corporate party, and come in and enjoy yourself, get to know people, we try to do name tags, just handwrite your name on there. So when you say you recognize put a face with a name, please do that because we can’t remember everybody. And once you tell me your name, I’ll know it. It’s great. And we have your time. And I mean, it’s for us, from an employee standpoint, you think we get together a lot, but we don’t. Our wives like to get together with the other wives so that that’s good, my enjoy that. See what’s going on share pictures of the kids of what’s going on.

Jeremy Kellett  26:17  

They don’t get to see them. They don’t they don’t have a lot of functions anymore at all. Something that’s new that we’re doing this year, and I need your feedback. I don’t have all the details yet, but we’re gonna do a prod and polish competition amongst our owner operators. So if you think your truck is the truck and Oakley the best-looking ride and Oakley has, and we want you to shine it a bring it up here. Set it out here for all Saturday afternoon and leave it out here. So everybody can vote on it and see who has the sharpest truck at Oakley trucking. So it’s a core he is going to, he’s going to run that thing. And we’re going to help him I’m sure we’ll come up with some details of how exactly that’s going to take place. Because we just came up with this yesterday. Oh, that’s great. Cory did and I said well, yeah, it’s a great idea if you want to do it, Cory. And he said, I’ll do it. So we’re gonna see I mean, there’ll be some things we got to figure out. But the big picture plan right now is to have a bunch of our guys bring their trucks, just the truck, not the trailer, park it out here around the tent somewhere where everybody can go kind of look at it. And they’re all shined up. And then the goal is maybe to have everybody at the party, vote on them and let that determine who the winner is. And we’ll get some prizes. We don’t have any prizes yet, but we’re gonna figure out something on that and I think it’ll be good to attract a little attention.

Tommy Mitchell  27:48  

That’s awesome. That’ll kind of fill your day there. Also, if you come in early on Saturday or Friday night, come down here whatever time you want to kick it off—noon, 2:00—we’ll come up with some details. That’ll give a good afternoon have a lot of more fellowship, just sit around the truck, visit, talk.

Jeremy Kellett  28:09  

And it ain’t gotta be just Plumb Crazy with the shining like everybody does at some of these truck shows, but do what you got a lot of guys got some nice equipment out there that stay looking nice. And I want to show them off.

Tommy Mitchell  28:23  

Do you remember it’s been some years we had a couple of drivers kind of reminded me bringing their old antique cars up and they drive them yeah 57 Chevy or whatever. I don’t even remember what they were a draw attention. So as you pulled up at five o’clock, who is that?

Jeremy Kellett  28:43  

Yeah, maybe we ought to allow them some prime polish.

Tommy Mitchell  28:47  

You never know somebody might have a nice Harley or a nice car. Yeah. And if you guys lose, can I put my pickup in.

Jeremy Kellett  28:54  

Well, you’re disqualified. You get disqualified automatic. No, no, I’m just kidding. Okay. But we’re like y’all got suggestions on that to reach out to Corey, Huey and or me and let us know what you think about that. But we’d like to have enough people participate to have a good little show on give us something to do that afternoon and you guys just don’t have to wait around to six o’clock we’d get out here and do something that day.

Tommy Mitchell  29:20  

That’s a great way to kick off the comeback party come back party with a first annual pride and polish show. That way in 10, 15 years you can look back and go, back in ’22 is when we started that. That’s great.

Jeremy Kellett  29:36  

All right. Well, I appreciate you hanging out with me Tommy and give me some give it everybody these details. Reminiscing a little bit.

Tommy Mitchell  29:42  

I’m glad to glad to be back in the party.

Jeremy Kellett  29:44  

Me, too. The party mood.

Tommy Mitchell  29:46  

It’s good deal.

Jeremy Kellett  29:48  

Thanks, everybody for listening to the Oakley podcast. I really do appreciate it. appreciate your feedback. We’ve just come off of a little bit of a lull there. We had some of the truck show stuff episodes been running and now we’re back in sat on Get Started. I want to give you some good information to go off with this company party information. So you can plan your day, October 22. Go ahead and book it go on the portal, reserve your room and make plans to attend we looking forward to it and always spread the word to the Oakley podcast and be sure to subscribe. Watch us on YouTube. And once again, we’ll talk to you next week.

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