102: Louisiana Terminal Opportunities with Scott Cowden and Jason Webb

During this week’s episode of the Oakley Podcast, host Jeremy Kellett is joined by Scott Cowden and Jason Webb, Operations Managers at Oakley. Scott and Jason talk about the terminal in Reserve Louisiana, what opportunities exist, and the upcoming crawfish boil!

Key topics in today’s conversation include:

  • Oakley Update: the Mid-America truck show (2:46)
  • All about the reserve terminal in Louisiana (5:31)
  • Oakley’s role serving Oxbow and Rain coke and tar production (8:17)
  • What delivering loads looks like in Louisiana (12:36)
  • How much you can expect to earn (23:43)
  • Upcoming Crawfish Boil! (30:17)

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Scott Cowden  0:12  

They were already making good money the guys that are down there working the normal schedule is for ON to OFF like you had mentioned earlier but the opportunity to work five on or six on if a guy really wants to make good money he’s opportunity is there you bet this job works 365 days a year, both of them.

Jeremy Kellett  0:31  

Welcome to the Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. This show was brought to you by Oakley trucking headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of this podcast is to communicate with Oakley owner operators and their families by giving them up to date information concerning Oakley trucking in the trucking industry. From business advice to safety updates to success stories. Also to give an insight to outside truck drivers that might be interested in joining the Oakley family. There’s Jeremy Keller, Director of recruiting here at Oakley trucking. I’m your host for this podcast. This is the Oakley podcast. This is episode 102. On today’s episode, I am sitting down with Scott cabin and Jason Weber operation managers here at Oakley trucking and we’re going to talk about a couple of dedicated jobs that we’ve got down in South Louisiana and how our owner operators play a big role in what’s going on and servicing our customer down in South Louisiana. But before we get to those details we want to do a Oakley update which is sponsored by aero truck sales. Keith Wilson at Aero truck sales in Springfield, Missouri is currently offering $1,000 off your first month’s payment when you finance with transport funding or $1,000 off the truck price if you bring your own financing. They’re also discounting the cost of an extended warranty by $500. Arrow truck sales has been a longtime partner with Oakley trucking, and that’s because they specialize in first time truck buyers. They don’t do any leases. They have the best use trucks money can buy because use trucks is all they do. They don’t sell any new drugs. And the biggest reason that arrow and Oakley are partners is service after the sale is very important to us at Oakley, that when we refer you to a company that they are a good company with good people they do what they say and they understand our requirements. So give Keith a call at 573-216-6047 for a good use truck and tell him you heard about it on the Oakley podcast. So for the Opie update today I got two things. One is of course the Mid America truck show that is starting tomorrow and it is a big deal. We Oakley trucking got a huge booth at the Mid America truck show in Louisville, Kentucky. We want everybody to come by and see us. We’re over in the West Wayne, and we are going to be doing actually podcast recording stuff there. So you have an opportunity if you want to come by and sit down with me in and talk to me about something we can sit down and record it and get you on LP podcast might do some Facebook Live. We got a bunch of giveaways we’re giving away their big screen TVs that we’re watching, you know to show you what Oakley does and talk about recruiting with you. So a lot of good things going on at the Mid America truck show Louisville, Kentucky, the 24th through the 26th. So come see us please. The other thing I got is I want to recognize a guy that’s been with us 14 years. His name is Marvin O’Grady. He is just a great owner operator out of Brookhaven, Mississippi. He’s he’s done in doubt for a long time, but he’s currently pulling pneumatic tank which he’s done for a while too. He drives a 2015 Peterbilt white truck that he takes good care of because Marvell takes care of everything. And he just a super guy asked his dispatcher what he thought about more Vaillancourt Bradley dispatching for a long time and he says he’s a hard worker. Always good communication from him. He’s a TAF that just goes and gets it done no matter what it is. has told me many times he knows how important it is to service the customer and make them happy. That is a great attitude come from Orville Grady. Maria, we appreciate you at Oakley trucking. You’re definitely an asset to this company. Okay, yeah. So I got Jason and Scott in here with me. You guys been here before? This is old hat to you do a podcast yokley podcast, getting some information, riding a bike riding the bike information out to our owner operator so they can stay more in tune with what’s going on. But it’s a big help that we can get information from Operation guys in here that knows what’s going on. You guys are dealing with the customers everyday, you know what freight we have and what’s happening. But something we really have never touched on is the the dedicated jobs we have down in South Louisiana that’s ran out of our reserve terminal. So I want to talk a little bit about that because I think more people need to know one about our reserve terminal. Yeah, that we have going on down there. And what all we offer down there and then what to do What what we need what our needs are as a company down and when it comes to owner operators and what we can offer an owner operator to that’ll, that’ll help so, you know, maybe first let’s start let’s start with on what? What’s offered down there at Oakley what you know we got a terminal down in reserve. What do we

Jason Webb  5:17  

Yeah, yeah we’ve got a terminal in reserve Louisiana it’s in between Laplace and Sorento, you know, its route off Airline Highway address is 191 transport drive. And we’ve had it, you know, down there roughly 20 years, 2122 years, something like that. And we’ve got a wash bay down there, I think three bays working we’ve got a shop that we just shot to base shop, we had a little damage in last storm, so we had to do some renovating, and some cleaning up and and fix and so it’s it’s up and going to base shop. We’ve got two guys that are working in the office up there dealing Falco and Caleb hauteur. They’re actually from down there, they both live around Tibideaux Louisiana really short haul guys homegrown, you know, they kind of you know, we’re from Arkansas and we kind of talk a certain way and guys in in Louisiana, they all kind of talk a certain way so you know,

Jeremy Kellett  6:15  

they seem sharp they came up here and visited with us for a week and talked about it and you guys went down there and you hung out so those guys are running that terminal down there long with Wade it’s in the shop, wait

Jason Webb  6:27  

Thompson’s charger the shop down there and he’s got four or five guys that are working with him in the shop, you know and they’re real good, you know, know a lot about the trailers the ins and outs and do a good job in here.

Jeremy Kellett  6:39  

We’ve put a lot of money into that facility down there, you know, over the years, it’s a it’s a sharp, clean, good looking facility and do all kinds of wash it do all kinds of outside washes that come in there constantly every day I get that. I don’t know if you’ll get that wash count every day thing. The next morning shows me quite a few trucks come through there so they do a good job with it and in the wash bay real quick or not in the wash bay but in in the shop. So Oakley owner operators can go down there and get stuff done. And I and I know me and Toby covered his back when we did an episode on all the things that they do. So you can go back and listen to that. But we don’t get into putting on weight kits and that kind of stuff. But we do inspections.

Jason Webb  7:22  

Yeah, tires, you know, maintenance on the trailer raising the trailer tires. You know, those guys can do you know, so if they’re closer to Louisiana, you can get in there and get that stuff done better than having to get back to North or Salinas is the gist of it. And those two guys are running that terminal now down there. They’ve been with us a little over a year. Yeah, I think Dylan’s been here longer. I think he’s been here probably a year and a half. Okay. And then Caleb coming up on a year.

Mm year in August.

Jeremy Kellett  7:51  

A lot of potential for that place down. They’re gonna kill. Oh, yeah.

Scott Cowden  7:53  

Yes. Like Jason said, these two young guys we’ve got down there are very short. And they’re learning the ropes. We’re trying to spend some time down there and get them. I think over on Oxbow. We’re running right at 11 and on rain. We’re at 13 right now. So we’re, we are looking to add a few trucks on both of those jobs. So

Jeremy Kellett  8:15  

explain. So explain Oxbow and rain people that are listening, that they don’t know what that mean?

Jason Webb  8:23  

Yeah, so Oxbow and rain are two companies that they’re down there. And they’re calcining, coke, and Kasan and real fancy word for cooking coke. And so what it is they these refineries down there, a lot of it comes out of the shell refinery, they bring in this raw Coke, which is a byproduct for these refineries. And these companies Oxbow and rain, cook this coke, and then they sell it to their customer. And they use it for making steel. They use it to generate heat. And some applications, you know, there’s few different things they use

Jeremy Kellett  9:06  

this stuff. So, Oxbow is one company. Yes, rain is another company, but they do the same thing.

Scott Cowden  9:12  

Yes. So Oxbow was in Baton Rouge. And like Jason was saying, they bring in, we call it green coke. In the industry. That’s what it’s known for. It’s it is the raw material. It comes into watco terminals right there in Baton Rouge right down the road from Oxbow. So the greencoat comes in. They offload it off barges into our trucks. We truck it over to Oxbow and they’re like Jason was saying they basically cook this material and it dries it out. And then they turn around to sell it. We put it back on our trucks at Oxbow in Baton Rouge and truck it back to watco and it goes back onto barges and goes out bound from there. And then rain totally didn’t Frank customer is down in Norco, Louisiana. They get most of their green coke out of the shale refinery right there in Norco. And they’re doing basically the same thing except they’re running from Norco Louisiana to Gramercy Louisiana, or Norco Louisiana to Chalmette Louisiana. So it’s I do the same thing probably have a lot of the same customers but it’s it is two totally different jobs. Okay. No. Okay.

Jeremy Kellett  10:26  

So that the rain job down in Norco that that goes a little bit farther than

Jason Webb  10:33  

if we’re going to

Jeremy Kellett  10:34  

show man on the show, man. Hey, one of the things we forgot to mention was the Craig Tibideaux.

Scott Cowden  10:40  

Yep. Craig came on board with us when we got the contract it rain. I guess it’s going on five years now. And he was working for the company prior to us getting the contract and then we hired Cray, great guy. He’s been a great asset helped us a lot, you know, as far as the, the local work goes down there and no one people and and as a matter fact, Dylan and Caleb came from somebody that Craig knew, you know, he he referred them to us. And that’s where that’s where those two guys came from. So Greg didn’t work in the office. No, no, Craig works over at Norco at the shale refinery. But he worked for Oakley they worked for Oakley. Yep.

Jason Webb  11:22  

It’s kind of our eyes and ears there. You know if something’s going on. You know, if the if the Norco has a need, you know, they go to Craig. And then Craig, you know, realize that does and you know, he’s really in tune

Jeremy Kellett  11:38  

with the day to day. Oh, yeah. what their needs are day to day. You bet. Which he relates to Taylor. Yes, Dylan, and then they adjust accordingly. Yes. Okay. Did we ever say how many trucks to dinner?

Scott Cowden  11:50  

We’ve got 11. Yeah, we’ve got 11 on Oxbow right now and 13 on rain, and we’ve got a few few in the land, you know, come and so we’re looking to bump those numbers up by about two or three on each job. And I think that would put us right, right spot.

Jason Webb  12:07  

Yeah, we’d like to be running about 16 out of Baton Rouge deal Oxbow and then about 15 for rain, we feel like that’d be a good number, you know, and stuffs always changing guys, or, you know, move in and wanting to go on the road, or, you know, all sorts of things. So

Jeremy Kellett  12:25  

that lots of new guys coming in guys coming out. So well. The problem now is you’re having to fill those gaps with right, outside trucks. What do What does outside trucks need to know? If we’re having to pull them out to come in and fill in a day or two? On this job? What do they need to know? You know, cuz I can just imagine a guy that’s never been there before, and he’s been dispatched down, we need you to help out a couple days and run this coke. What does he need to expect? And what does what do we expect from him? on doing that job down there? Until we do we get it full? Yeah,

Jason Webb  13:05  

well, number one, we’re not asking him to move down there. You know, we’re just looking for some help for a couple of days. And we’ve got some guys have been really willing to come in and work a few days at a time or work a week at a time. And it’s been a big hill, you know, it’s got us where we are and where we’ve been able to get this almost field up and get a higher rate from our customers to pay our owner operators more. So you know, those guys, as much as the guys that are down there every day played a huge role in helping us getting us where we are. So you know, the main thing they need to know this when they get down there, it’s uh, your trucks will get dirty, and your trailers gonna get dirty. you’re hauling black Coke, all day long. In and out of a refinery go into a cow sign in facility. And it’s dirty job. You know, in on Knoxville, when there’s you pull out of the watco terminal, go into the oxbow terminal. And you’re pulling out on Airline Highway, which anybody who has been down there, it’s two lanes each way wide open. You know, all day long traffic. So, you know, it takes a lot of paying attention takes a lot of patience. When you turn off Airline Highway onto canal road or Brooklyn drive. It’s a rough, there’s railroad tracks, and we’ve been fighting this battle. Since we started, you cross several sets of railroad tracks. And it’s rough. You know, it’s constantly they’ve tried to temporary fix it and it’s just been an ongoing battle. The good news is we finally made some headway and we’re hoping starting as early as this weekend. Something’s gonna get done. But you know, it’s it’s just been it’s just part of the thing. You know, we’ve been fighting it for a while and It’s just a rough road. The roads are

Jeremy Kellett  15:01  

a little rough. Yeah, you got some black coke. You’re dealing with what you’re coming in. You’re coming into a place where you got a bunch of regulars?

Jason Webb  15:09  

Yeah. Oh, yeah. And that’s a good thing about this deal for a guy that’s coming in that doesn’t know we try to match them up with somebody kinda like we do Command orientation, you know, we try to match you with somebody to help you along if you need some help. We’ve got some really short guys down there to take care of business. And, you know, we try to match them with them. And we give them a heads up, hey, we’ve got some over the road guys coming over that aren’t in here every day. Help them out. And our guys have been real willing to help them as far as scaling in and scaling out and knowing what to do and how to load the trailer.

Jeremy Kellett  15:45  

Is this a in dump or Hopper operation contract?

Jason Webb  15:48  

Yes. No. So yeah, so there’s both ends, but I’ll start Oxbow. So on Knoxville, we were hauling green coke off a barge to Oxbow and that’s on the end up. And then we’re hauling a cow San cook coke from Oxbow to work Kob button and onboard and that’s going simultaneously all day long. And that’s on a hopper. So you got end up going one way and hoppers going the other way. Gotcha all day long from about 630 in the morning till five in the afternoon.

Jeremy Kellett  16:28  

And the hoppers are there rigged up? I know we had some special equipment. Yeah, for those guys, too. I mean, we put extra axle yep,

Jason Webb  16:35  

there trachsel hoppers. They’ve got vibrators on them to help get the coke out sometimes, you know, they can have issues getting it out. So that’s where the automatic remote Yep, they’ve got automatic doors that open and close. Guess what the tarps got roll the tarps to. Although those are automatic, yeah, they’re automatic domes, too. Okay.

Jeremy Kellett  16:58  

So a guy can he gets used to it, he know. It’d be pretty efficient. Because you’re doing me those loads in a day.

Scott Cowden  17:07  

12 to 18 is the most I’ve ever seen on that team. Real auto loads. Yeah.

Jason Webb  17:12  

On the greencoat 12 is a probably a good average number. And then, with the hoppers on the cows, I’m probably about 10 1011 loads. Okay.

Jeremy Kellett  17:21  

This is the this is all the oxbow the timing? Yeah, in Baton Rouge wrapped around the highway 61. Is it what it is? Yeah, yeah, well, seriously,

Scott Cowden  17:31  

I was 61, I would say the main thing, like Jason was saying, is getting with one of our guys that does it. Every day. When the over the road trucks get dispatched, they call into our reserve terminal and get instructions from Dylan or Caleb. And there’s a hole laid sounds like a pretty simple job, there’s, there’s really a whole lot of things that a guy needs to know going into it. And it’s we’ve got a big old list of dispatch procedure for this job. And I really don’t have time or think we need to go over all the details on it. But the main thing is, is pay attention to the details. Number one thing is be there on time to start and we’re talking about Oxbow or rain, it’s real big, the guys have to be their own time to start the job. And what time is it as I change over it Oxbow the trucks have to be there at 630 in the morning. So really, the guy needs to show up at six. And because more than likely he’s going to be hooking up to an Oxbow trailer. So he’s going to have to dolly his trailer down this is over the road guys, and hook up to an Oxbow trailer and he’ll have to go around do his pre trip trip and spec at that time, our trainer will show him how the automatic doors work, how the automatic tarp works, give him all the details of what the job is. And that takes some time. So if you show up at 630, you’re late. Yeah, so the trucks have to be ready to go to work at 630. And that’s that’s one of the biggest issues I think we’ve had. Is that rat J Yeah. Ours over the road trucks going in?

Jason Webb  19:11  

Well, you got to, you know, yes, it got to come in, over the road, you know, and come down and help us on this job. And, you know, they may have started three o’clock in the morning, you know, and didn’t have this on their mind that, hey, I’ve got to gotta be down here to do this job. Because they haven’t we have in total, you know, so, you know, a lot of times, you know, we’re fighting that, you know, and that’s where the communication comes back in, you know, yeah, Layton and dispatch know what you can do and when you can be there so we can, you know, be on time to soil the goal. I mean, the goal is to have regulars down there. Yeah, absolutely. Filled up high regulars. And

Jeremy Kellett  19:52  

you know, we had this two years ago. Yeah, we had a waiting list for these two jobs. The Oxbow job and the rain job we had a waiting list down there for those to do. And then everything that’s happened last two years has changed that up to where now we’re, we’re constantly advertising trying to get more guys down there, which we’re we’re gradually succeeding. Yeah, it’s just a hard time to find truck drivers right now. But we are getting that. And this is a good job to be on, especially now, with you guys really working hard at getting the right increase that we’ve done contracts going on. We’ve had this for five years and who knows how long we’ll have it but I’d say a long time because we’ve invested a whole lot into this place where

Scott Cowden  20:37  

we got a raise on the range can’t remember exactly what the percentage was, but it was a pretty good raise for the drivers they were all very happy with that. And starting April 1 on Oxbow we’ve got a really good raise on that and it’s it’s going to help a lot yeah, they’re gonna they were already making good money. The guys that are down there working it’s like Jason said, the normal schedule is for ON to OFF like you had mentioned earlier but the opportunity to work five on or six on if a guy really wants to make good money he’s opportunity is there you bet this job works 365 days a year, both of them never stopped and never stops. And we move a bunch of code just on just on the oxbow alone. And I think I’m jumping ahead. But

Jeremy Kellett  21:21  

what about the rain? We you know, we talked about the oxbow, what is the rain the same way as far as how many loads they get in a day and start in time? And or is that a little bit it

Jason Webb  21:31  

actually starts a little earlier, some depending on if if they’re going to grammar see if they’re going to show Matt You know, what they’re doing. Some of those guys started earlier is 334 in the morning, you know, and depending on where they go, they don’t get quite as many loads, if they’re going to grammar See, I think five loads a day, just about what they’re so you know, they’re not making as many loads, you know, the the pay is and the rate is adjusted for that is that all on him dumps

Jeremy Kellett  21:59  

the rain job that’s both that’s both tubes and

Scott Cowden  22:01  

up a smoker. And the the key thing there, Jason and Jeremy on the on the rain job. If you have trucks that show up late, it’s such a short haul. So you say if you had five or six trucks running it, if you’ve got guys that come in late we’ll the first guys that were there on time are already going to have their load delivered. And they’re going to be coming back in if you’ve got guys that are showing up late it bottlenecks everybody up so very important that the guys are there on time to start on time. That way it it works a lot smoother. You don’t a lot of times you don’t have trucks backing up on each other and that’s that’s definitely a key thing as far as details on the job I would say is his number one

Jeremy Kellett  22:45  

well it’s it’s my niche. This is kind of where things go into his local jobs, be home more make good money. I mean and this is it it’s just sitting in the

Jason Webb  22:57  

Yeah, if you if you live you know on this Oxbow Do you live around Baton Rouge I mean this is I would think what you’re looking for Yeah,

Jeremy Kellett  23:05  

the majority of the guys live there now I know we’ve had a couple guys move in bring a camper and set up camp out here and do it just because it’s a good dedicated job they make a lot of money and I don’t know I would have to live they probably don’t burn as much fuel now, which is a plus I don’t know

Scott Cowden  23:24  

if they do or not. But no I don’t I wouldn’t think so either. And and both jobs do pay a fuel surcharge. Yeah, a good fuel surcharge. So with the fuels going up their their pay is going up. So that’s that’s definitely a good thing there. You’re not locked in on a rate and you know what fuel goes up? You’re gonna you’re gonna see the benefits of the fuel surcharge.

Jeremy Kellett  23:43  

I mean, these guys I didn’t look at two chicks, but I mean, I tell you well above three grand a week. Yeah, I

Jason Webb  23:49  

would say pretty confident that I’m talking about Renee bring home yeah, after your fuel. Oh, you’re all you deductions. And that’s work. Yes, sir.

Jeremy Kellett  23:59  

That’s probably that’s probably not killing it. That’s not now. Where would I

Jason Webb  24:04  

now that probably working five days. Okay. Is pretty safe average?

Scott Cowden  24:10  

I mean, I’ve seen some chicks over four. Yeah, you know when between four or five and that’s like you said that’s probably not working for days own that’s probably working five or six but yeah, like I said the opportunity is there if you want to make some more money you definitely can you bet.

Jeremy Kellett  24:24  

I mean, it’s just there’s more good workers man as much as they want to legally. Yeah. Because they still got to keep the the LDS and, you know, logging everything correct to route just because it’s local, it’s not exempt from anything is to go to do it. Right. So

Jason Webb  24:39  

yeah. So one of the requirements I don’t know if we’ve hit on this yet, you know, you’ve got to have you know, it’s a hopper and a dump. So you’re going to have a wet get, you know them because you’re there’ll be you know, and we’ve got it to where, you know the guys that pull hoppers mostly pull hoppers and guys are pulled down for the most part pool das but there’s some back For so you get, you know, we’re looking for guys are gonna be able to pull boats, you know, and you’re getting you’re getting paid by the ton. So obviously the larger the truck the better. We’ve even got some decaf they’ve got some day capture and encouraged, I kept, yeah, you know, if you live there, you know, if you live in that part of the world, you know, daycare would work.

Jeremy Kellett  25:20  

Yeah, this is good. And I probably shouldn’t say this, but we’ve taken a few older trucks down there to some pre emission trucks to work that job to that we’ve leased on to just do that, you know, so that’s an option too, for some guys out there that, you know, are interested in that they need to definitely let us know what kind of truck they got. Or if they will go get a daycare. I mean, it’ll work that if you live, however long, I mean, how far away you’re you want to drive or commute. I mean, it’s just like an everyday job.

Jason Webb  25:51  

So yeah, so we’ve talked about, you know, having to have a white kid, neither do is, you know, if you’re going to work down here, you’ve got to be on your A game all the time. You know, safety is a big deal down there, you know, near misses, you know, they’re real big on that, you know, it’s, it really goes everywhere, but this, it’s really hot. And at both these jobs that you, you’ve got to have all your PPE on all the time, you’ve got to follow speed limits. You know, and there’s not a whole lot of tolerance here. You know, we’ve had guys that weren’t in there, before that were speeding, they got a warning. And that was it. You know, next time it happened, they were out. You know, we don’t want to see that happen. You know, so it didn’t happen much. But you know, it’s really important that you’re conscious of that, you know, that you’re paying attention, you can’t be dragged around talking on the phone all day, you know, you’ve got too much going on. You know, we need guys down there that are locked in and are

Jeremy Kellett  26:56  

there to serve the customer. We want to, you know, abide by the rules. Absolutely. And do it right. And yeah, great opportunity to make some good money, even extra money if they want to know a lot over the road guys, i Brother run miles traveled down the road, but this is a great opportunity to make some make some good money in one day, two days, three days.

Jason Webb  27:16  

And we and we’ve got and we were down there a few weeks ago and took a lot of those guys out it. It worked docsvault job force now. And you know, same deal of rain, we’ve got a lot of good, you know, dedicated guys that are that when it sound work it sound to work. Yeah, they’re gonna take care of it, you know, and, and I just, you know, the reason we’re here, and the reason we’re getting a higher rate, and we’ve got work is because of what they’re doing. You know, it’s nothing that we’re doing in here. You know, it’s those guys have made it happen.

Jeremy Kellett  27:49  

Yeah. So, and they’re, you know, our owner operators are good about spolin customer. Yeah. And then, in keeping us in the, my guests look real, make us look real good, you know, Glacier do that. And that’s what it takes when you get a job like that. And you’ve done it for a long time. And there’s guys, you’re exactly right, Weber’s guys down there. They’ve done it for a long time. And they are the backbone of that thing. And we’re only just, you know, a couple trucks at each place away from being full. Yeah. You know, and hopefully, that’ll happen here pretty soon. And we go back to the way it was two years ago, it was a waiting list of you know, whose own necks down there because it says basically, with his writing crease, and, and then fixing things down here making the job a lot better. I think it’s gonna be really good. Oh, yeah. When it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, one of the best things is it’s a great base. A great, I don’t know what you call it nucleus for that reserved terminal been to grow on? You know, because you got this now. But you know, there’s much more that Oh, yeah. To get, oh, it’s just a matter of let’s

Jason Webb  28:59  

get this right. And then what else can we do? That’s exactly right. Yeah. And dealing and Caleb, you know, they’re, they’re on board, right? You go home, and then guys are chomping at the bit, you know, they’re ready to get this right. And then, you know, when we’re down there a few weeks ago, we went and visited a few folks trying to get the ball rolling on some other stuff, and continue to do that. So, but it takes, you know, it takes good owner operators to do that. You know,

Jeremy Kellett  29:23  

yeah, and we’re always on the search form, but I think that would be a little easier to feel, you know, being that it’s a local job, and you can be home if you live in that area and make good money and, you know, give a little bit on the truck and even get a daycare. So, I mean, there’s some definitely we should we should be able to fill it up pretty quick. I would think so. And, and that way, you know, with road guys, you know, are not going down there a whole lot too, because it’s kind of risky. You know, even sending somebody in there not knowing what they’re doing. That’d be like me going back into dispatch now. I’ve missed some stuff up right off the bat before Yeah. Good Old Days. Anything else you guys like to add? I think we’ve covered everything except Khaldun was going cover the crawl fees bow.

Scott Cowden  30:08  

Yes. So when I think Jason, you went down last year for Yeah,

Jason Webb  30:12  

we had a crawfish boil down there last year and had a pretty good turnout. You know, it’s kind of a last minute last year. So you know, we tried to get a little ahead of it this year and get a good turnout. And we’re looking forward to it. So

Scott Cowden  30:24  

yeah, I believe it’s April the 20th. We’re going to do it probably will be there at five but it’ll probably kick off around six and go until all the curl food Yeah, oh, my guess Greg Tibideaux is going to be the cook cry? Or what are you doing a master of the crawfish

Jason Webb  30:44  

master do know, yeah, has got it down to a art. He’s got a couple buddies down here. And they’ve got these tables. You know, we just built just for this. And I mean, it’s like a professional setup,

Jeremy Kellett  30:59  

is gonna be a good deal. So it’s gonna be at the terminal.

Jason Webb  31:04  

It’ll be at the terminal. We’ll set up right there and one of the wash bays. And we’ll have a little bit more details for his time and everything but who’s invited

Scott Cowden  31:12  

everybody? Anybody in everybody? Please give us a call if you’re coming? Yeah. Okay. Make sure we get

Jason Webb  31:17  

enough code. Make sure we got enough. Neff, crawfish. So

Jeremy Kellett  31:20  

but just want one evening afterward. Yeah, at the facility,

Scott Cowden  31:24  

all of our, all of our owner operators are invited back coming through if you’re over the road, or if you’re local, you’re invited, and anybody that’s watching this podcast, if you’re going to come just give us a call. Yeah, you know, we’ve been talking to some guys down there that are possibly looking at coming on board with us on one of these jobs. And if you’re if you’re seeing this, come on over, talk to him a great time to talk to us and talk to some of our guys that are on the jobs. You know, if you’re looking at possibly won’t really sell the perfect time to Yeah, they’ll talk to us.

Jeremy Kellett  31:57  

Yeah, and if they are interested, if there is somebody interested in doing it, they can call us we’ll get them in touch with those guys down there. You know, we’ve had a lot of the guys we’ve leased on to do their job either one of those jobs done or we’ve had them go ride with them a day and go rod with the guy day and see how you like yeah, check it out. lay eyes on Yeah, yeah. So you’ll know whether it’s something that you’re going to like doing or not instead of making all the investment because you do have to come to North Little Rock, go through orientation, all that kind of stuff and you wait to put on and get you back down here to do it. But anyway, great job, man. I’m looking forward to the crawfish boil now you got me hungry. But uh you know, I think we covered a lot of good stuff for a lot of our listeners to give some more detail about that job that a lot of people didn’t even know we had. And we’ve had it for years and also the facility down reserve that we always you know, we’re doing business out of and got a lot of high hopes for it. So hopefully we continue to grow it and look at the next next big thing dinner. Thanks, guys appreciate y’all doing this for me knocking this podcast out and giving more information. And as always, I appreciate all you listeners out there and you guys that watch us every every week or listen to us every week while you’re driving down the road. Just we want you to know we appreciate all Oakley owner operators and all truck drivers in general. Be sure to tune in to the next one. Every Wednesday, we come out with a new one. And let us know if you guys things you want to hear us talk about you get questions you can always send them to me. Go up your office and talk to me appreciate y’all. Thanks for listening. We’ll talk to you next week. Thanks for listening to this episode with Oakley podcast, trucking, business and family. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to rate or review the show in the podcast platform of your choice and share it with a friend. We love hearing from our audience. So if you’ve got a question, comment or just want to say hello, head over to our website, the Oakley podcast comm and click the leave a comment button. We’ll get you a response soon and may even share some of the best ones here on the show. We’ll be back with a fresh episode very soon. Thanks for listening.