03: CARES Act & Tax Implications with Todd Amen

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Oakley Podcast! 

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Todd Amen, Founder, President and CEO of American Truck Business Services (ATBS). ATBS is the largest owner-operator business services provider in the United States and has served nearly 200,000 owner-operators. Todd and his brothers sold their trucking and logistics company in 1998 and subsequently started ATBS. Their charter is to help owner-operators make more money and pay less taxes.

Todd and Jeremy talk about tax implications of COVID-19 and what the CARES act means for owner-operators. Together, they discuss: 

  • Updates on Tax Return Deadlines 
  • CARES Act: What does it mean for owner-operators? (4:30) 
  • Payroll Protection Program: How do I apply this for my business (9:57)
  • How To Apply for the Program (16:40) 

This is a huge benefit for owner-operators that Oakley drivers can take advantage of in light of the COVID-19 virus. There are a ton of implications, and following Todd’s advice can save you real money in your business this year. 

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